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I've decided to go with Dr. Lima for my mommy...

I've decided to go with Dr. Lima for my mommy makeover. I have been researching for some time now, and I feel he is the best doctor for my needs. I'm very nervous about traveling more than anything else. I will also be staying at Janet's recovery house.
I like the fact that Janet answer all my questions and was very thorough. She made me feel very comfortable about having my procedure.

The Countdown has begun

So I have 23 days until I leave for DR. I am so ready for my transformation to take place.

7 days until I leave

I only have 7 days left until I leave for Santo Domingo. I am so excited. I will be staying at Janet Deschamps recovery house. Dr. Lima is performing my surgery. I have gotten all the supplies needed which are white tees (wife beaters) baby wipes, female wipes, maxi pads, arnica cream, and maxi dresses. I feel like I don't have enough stuff, but I was assured that was all I needed. I still need some flip flops, but I think I should be able to find some there. Keep me in your prayers.

Before PICS

Here are my before Pics

Feeling a little emotional

Okay having a moment... I know this may seem freaky to some of you, but I'm writing letters to my kids, in the event (Lord please don't let this happen) but if something happens. I want my kids to know I love them. This is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I pray that God allows me to make it back home safely, and that my kids never have to read my thoughts.

Travel Day!!

Today is finally here! As I type I am on the plane heading to DR! I'm so excited. My Sx is on Tuesday. I will update you with pics soon!

I'm finally in DR

Hi ladies. I arrived and it has been an absolute great experience thus far. Janet Deschamps picked me up on time and took me to the beach. I have toured her RH. Everything is clean, and organized. Janet has been an absolute doll. She has made sure I am comfortable with everything. I'm so excited. Tuesday is my surgery and I know now that I am in great hands. I would suggest Janet's recovery house to anyone.

Surgery Day!!

Today is finally here.. I'm at Dr. Lima's surgery center. Everything is going well thus far. I am very pleased with my decision to go with him. Stay tuned...

Day one post op

Hi ladies, sorry the delayed review, but yesterday was a busy day. My surgery was a success. I was 210lbs at start. They removed 5liters from my back, lipo, my thighs, fat transfer to my butt, breast lift with 325cc implant gummy bear silicone, tummytuck. I have had minimal pain, just a lot of soreness. I slept most of the night, and awoke feeling much better. Still sore, but I know everyday I will get better. Dr. Luis Lima, was so nice and respectful. His team was really good. Although we has a major language barrier, they made sure I had everything I need.


As promised here are my pictures. More to come

surgery day and post op day 1

More pics

Day four post op

Well ladies these last few days have been interesting. My hemo dropped to 9 after surgery, which isn't that bad, but I was still concerned. I have been taking the necessary vitamins needed to bring it up. My swelling increase tremendously day 2 & 3. I went for my first massage on Thursday and it helped, but that night I thought I was going to die. The fluid had built back up so much over the day, and I thought I was going to explode literally. Day 3 was the first time I cried. On Friday I went for my second massage, and the therapist removed a LOT of fluid. It was the most uncomfortable pleasure I had every experience. Afterwards, I felt so much better. Well it's 5a here, and as you can see I'm up again. Thankfully, I'm not in any major pain, but just a lot of soreness and discomfort. On the bright side my stitches are healing perfectly ;) later y'all.

The Best Day Ever

OMG, today has by far been the best day. I went for a massage, it was great. I got my hair done. I feel renewed and refreshed. I had to get my hair done twice, because I'm natural and it started to rain. So my hair went puff. Janet is the owner of the spa/salon and she said oh no, you have to get it done again. She suggested a keratin treatment and now I'm bone straight. I'm so happy. Now if this swelling would just go away..

1 month post op

hi everyone, I'm doing better. I'm still swollen and my belly button is healing kinda of weird to me, but all is well. The doc here in Texas said I'm doing great. Here are some pictures.

10 months post op

Sorry I haven't been on here in forever. All is well and I'm loving my curves. I've lost 30lbs so far. I've been working out and I love my results thus far.

Dr. Lima contact info

Here are both Dr. Lima and his assistant Janet contact information. In order to secure a date they require a deposit of $300. It is applied to your Sx.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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