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I am an active person and I workout as much 5x a...

I am an active person and I workout as much 5x a week. But we mommies know that you can do 1,000 sit ups and that extra skin isn't going anywhere. I had recently consulted with Dr. Cortes, but some of his bad reviews really scare me. I am know looking into Dra. Duran in DR. Her results are amazing and other than her being hard to get in contact with the reviews are really good. I am scared to go to a different country to have this done but her results are amazing and with half the price of what I would spend here.

I see that Duran does a tummy tuck and BBl at the same time! Whoa I thought this couldn't be done??? Are there any ladies out there that have had a TT and BBL done at the same time?

Looks Like I will be a Yily Barbie soon!

After debating on Duran and Yily and still be so scared to do this!! I am thinking I am going with Yily. At first my gut was with Duran but after reading some bad reviews IDK although they all docs have good and bad things!!! It just seems like Duran is so overbooked and that scares me. I received a very informative quote and email from Yily's office. So far it looks she is the winner. I will continue to research. I would like to hear some good comments about Yily from you dolls.

Duran replied and she is such a sweetheart!!!!!

ok so after debating and thinking I should go with Yily.... I've made my decision based on extensive research and results that I am having my surgery with Dra. Duran. She actually responded to me within 24 hours and I was able to have a conversation with her via email. After some of the Yily bad reviews I decided to wait and see if Duran replied. My gut says go with her and so I am. Putting it all in Gods hands and scheduling a date on Tuesday as instructed by Dra. Duran.

**if you are trying to get a response from Duran don't send multiple emails just send one and keep replying to that same email. Also send pics of you and your info on the email Age, weight, height, any any medical problems. Also send an email on Friday mornings or Sundays***

Good luck Dolls

High Class Recovery house

Has any dolls used this RH? I really like where they are located. Is it really by the beach? How was the cafe?

Thank you dolls!

It's about to get real!!! Sending despoit this weekend!

So after all the stalking of a lot of the DR doctors and debating between Duran and Yily.... I am 100% sure I will be a Duran Doll in 2016. Deposit will be made this weekend and now the waiting begins. I seriously can not wait to look amazing and I know that Dra. Duran can give what I want. I do not want a huge booty because i already have a booty but i just need some filling in the right areas. haha I need my waist snatched. I have been wearing a waist trainer for the past year and it has helped me a lot in the mid-section. Measurements as of now are 34-32-41. I need big and perky boobies!!! Hurry up April 2016!

Cabral is slaying those bodies!!

Why did I even look at his profile...goodness!!! Those Cabral barbies are coming out with banging bodies. All this just leaves me so confused and now I don't know what to do. Duran and Cabral are both amazing surgeons. My husband thinks I am crazy that I am even considering Cabral. I know those deaths weren't all his doing. Ugh! Anyone else in this situation? I am ready to put this deposit down for Duran, but I keep going back to Cabral.

OK NO MORE changing DURAN it is!

So after so much debate on which doctor...Cabral or Duran??? I am sticking with Duran. Her boobies have improved a lot so she is the doctor for me. I am hoping the date of April 12 is open and I can call Tuesday and set up the date with her office. The plane tickets are $100 cheaper right now so I def want to hurry and book my flight. Going to start buying and ordering items needed this weekend. Things like sanitary pads, wee wee pads, neosporin you can find at the Dollar Tree why the need to spend so much. I found the arnica pills and cream online at Walgreens for less than $6 each. The vitamins are buy one get one free at Walgreens. You'll need for pre op and post op so why not get two for the price of one. I am so excited and I can not wait.

Any dolls stayed at Real Tropical Recovery House?

So I have decided on this recovery house. Price is reasonable and it's next to the beach!!! A vacation and surgery all in one trip!! Can't wait.....HURRY UP APRIL!

Help!!! Tania Medina does some nice work. They're more natural!!! Oh dear

So I have been looking at Dra. Medina's work om IG and SnapChat. She does some nice work. It's more of a natural look and not so vixen which is what I am really wanting. So now I have contacted her and got a response within hours! Sucks that I have already sent my deposit to Duran and I can't even get a response from her or anyone at her office to confirm my date. I AM GOING to give Duran a few more days to respond and if not I will demand my money back and go with Tania. I have thought about the lack of communication for post op if something were to go wrong with Duran. I would never get a hold of anyone post op. Dra. Medina seems so professional and her work is pretty damn good. So now I am in a situation lose my deposit with Duran and go with Medina or wait around for Duran to answer with a date. All of Medina's reviews are really good too. UGH!!! Why do I have to change my mind so much lol.

33 Y/o Mom of 3 in Need of Dra. Medina's Magic Hands TT, BBL, BA and Lift

I was very amazed with Dra Medina's work that she posts on snapchat. She only does 2-3 patients a day and that makes me feel at ease. I had chosen Dra. Duran and even paid my deposit but after not being able to contact her to confirm my date i was looking elsewhere. I have been following Dra. Medina for a while and after seeing all the other docs do a very vixen look... Medina's results have a more natural outcome. I love her communication it makes me feel at ease to know that I can contact her easily post op. I am willing to lose my deposit with Duran and just put it in god's hands. Plus Medina's quote includes the Recovery House which is saving me over $1000.

Soon to be a Medina Barbie!!!

So I canceled my deposit with Duran since I can never get a hold of anyone. I am impressed with Dra. Medina's work and I know I chose the perfect PS. Deposit is going to be done this weekend and the countdown begins! Super excited and anxious. I am hoping Dra. Medina can do all procedures in one surgery. I am going to start my vitamin regimen this week.

Passport is here!!!!

It's real now! Got my passport this weekend and now just waiting on my vitamins. Next thing on the list is to purchase my flight. Time is gonna fly I am trying to get everything done by end of February. Excitement is taking over

My Home Recovery aka My Home Caregivers and Recovery House is the RH included in Medina's quote.

I couldn't find much about this RH on here. I googled it and found a Facebook and IG for it and the reviews look good!!! Great that I don't have to deal with it separately and it's all included. If you are looking for it look under My Home Caregivers and Recovery House.

So it looks like my mom has decided to join the BBL gang.

My mom had planned to come with me to DR for my surgery. I am paying for all her expenses. So, she decides she might as well get a bbl while down there. I love my momma!!! She is going to look amazing. I have surgery on April 13 and she will have it on April 14th. We are going to be coming back looking like a million bucks!!! Woohooo

Tropical Recovery House is what I have decided on!

So after research and prices I have chosen to stay Tropical Recovery House. It's about $300 cheaper than My Home. Love the location and Esther is such a sweetheart. Reviews are great also.


I have sat down and wrote down every single expense and this includes paying for my mom's flight and stay.

Surgery: $6,000
Recovery house & Transportation: $1,820
Flight: $934
Insurance: $150
Massages: $250 for 10
2nd stage faja: $140
Comp stockings: $35
Vitamins and Arnica: $40
Mis items: $30
Extra cash: $500

Total: $9,899

Not too bad for a FULL MOMMY MAKEOVER. Here in the states I had got quotes from Dr. Miami for $17,895 and Dr. Cortes in Houston for $16,000 with no BBL. I might have missed a few dollars somewhere but overall the expenses aren't too bad. Super excited!

Flight Purchased!! One month and one week away! Starting vitamins today

Purchased flight for mom and me. Also, I started my vitamins on Monday. Taking Vit C and Iron in the a.m. with glass of orange juice and B12 and Folic Acid afternoon with lunch. Stopped all alcoholic beverages and eating as healthy as possible. I started working out again just because I won't be able to work out after surgery for a few months. My husband complains on why I working out if I am getting surgery. He doesn't understand that working out is my stress reliever and plus these legs and arms need to stay toned...... I want to look the best I can look after Medina works her magic. It's getting closer and surgery is all I think about.

I need Suggestions on foods or shakes to take ti build my hemo up??? HELP!

Dolls I need some suggestions on anything other than vitamins or pills to help my hemo!! I started taking my iron daily. That's the only thing Medina told me to take. I take it along with Vitamin C. I had a bad allergic reaction to B-12. So I need to find foods that will help build up my hemo. I need suggestions from vet dolls so I know it works. Please help. I googled a few things but if anyone knows of anything else please let me know!

So close! So ready! So anxious!

Hi dolls!!!! I'm just a few days away until I leave to DR. And 4 days away from my surgery. I didn't have a chance to get my hemo checked this past week so I'm praying it will be higher than last time. I've been eating so good these past two weeks and taking my iron pills with vitamin C daily. My ultimate goal is a full mommy makeover so hoping to get a tummy tuck, breast lift w/implants and if possible lipo and bbl. My priority is tummy tuck and breast lift w/implants. The lipo and bbl can wait for round 2. My health comes first. I have a good feeling though.

I'm going to miss my kids so much so I've been an emotional mess lately. They don't make it an easier by reminding me everyday that'll I'll be leaving them soon. :-(

This luggage is packed to the max. Full of stuff and I know that even though that thing is maxed out I will forget a very important thing. Lol.
I cannot sleep tonight. I have a busy day ahead tomorrow and I should be asleep by now. But I just can't stop thinking about how amazing I'm going to look. I'm even going to buy me a nice mirror to put in my bedroom so I can take plenty of selfies. Haha.

Pre op pics

I used to weigh 195 after my 3 rd child. Through diet and exercise I went down to 154 current weight. It seems like the past year I can't tighten my body the way I'd like to. So I'm hoping Medina can help me get that figure I'm looking for. Snatched waist and nice boobies. My booty could use a little pick me up. Can't wait!!!!

So I'm here at the clinic

I made it to the flat side!! I wasn't able to get the works done my hemo was 12.6 and needed to be 13.8 I was so disappointed but my safety is first. Medina is very picky about the hemo being perfect. I got tummy tuck /w muscle repair , Lipo on back sides, legs and small bbl. I m in love with my new waist even though I'm a little swollen. The boobies will have to wait. Ladies be ready to feel very sore!!! Not so much pain but it feels like you got into a fight with a ram. Lol. I needed two bags of blood I am very weak and they can't do the blood transfusion until my fever goes down. I will write. Review on both medina and Tropical Deluxe recovery home. They have been very nice and the food is great. Be ready to pay top price for anything because I do believe they take advantage of us. Everything so far has been good until I got a fever. Each bag was $200 and I need 2, so there went another $400. Ugh but can I do. Medina did agree to reimburse me for my boo yes since she couldn't go them about $1000 back. But I swear with the blood and the extra night I have to stay here at Cecillip that reimbursement is looking less and less. Well it's ok my health comes first.

I'm finally back at the recovery house

So after having a high fever but no infection I'm back at the RH. Medina is an amazing doctor that truly cares about each and every patient. She even brought us some flowers after we got out of surgery. What doctor does that? She personally went and checked on us twice and even changed my bandages on my tummy tuck. She gave me the body I have dreamed of. Today is 2 days post op and I'm very swollen. Tomorrow I get my massage and I'm hoping some of these swelling goes down. The main pain and discomfort is on my booty and back. But girls let me tell you that Medina took all that back fat off!!!! No more bra fat. Victoria secret here I come.

I am back at home and feeling better!

The swelling has gone down so much, thank GOD! I came back to work and my booty isn't liking it. I try to stand up as much as I can. My boppy pillow goes everywhere with me. This booty isn't about to disappear on me. haha. I am going to do a FULL review on Medina and Tropical Deluxe Recovery Home. Overall my experience was good so far no major complications. Just follow your PS instructions!!! So now I can't wait to be fully recover and back to my workout routine. I feel so weak I need my Zumba and weight sessions at the gym. But at least my tummy is FLAT!

Dra. Medina Review

Medina and her staff have been very helpful since day one. Always answered any questions I had.

Ok, mom and I were scheduled for labs on Tuesday April 12 and I was supposed to have surgery on April 13 and my mom on April 14. Labs went well and didn't take too long. After labs we met with Loren one of Medina's assistants to go over costs, sign paperwork and pay up. Loren right away told me that if my hemo wasn't good enough I wouldn't be able to get all things done. I was ok with that but I was praying that my hemo came back good. After signing paperwork and paying her she stepped out and came back in after about 2 minutes. She asked my mom what her hemo was before she left the states and told us her hemo was good but then turned and told me mine wasn't. No explanation of how low my hemo was or nothing. I asked her then since I wouldn't be able to get all things done would I be reimbursed for what I don't get done and she said yes. I just didn't like how an assistant comes to tell me that it can't be done. I asked her if I could talk to Medina about my choices and she said Medina was in surgery until 3pm it was 12pm. So then we decided to just leave and I would talk to her in the morning about my choices. I really wanted my boobs and tummy tuck. Lipo and BBL could wait. So off we went and headed back to the RH. BTW We stayed at Tropical Deluxe not at My Home Recovery. It was about 6pm when we get a whatsup from one of the other assistants that my mom needed a ct scan done and if we could go to meet the neurologist at 7pm and asking my mom if she could have surgery the next day after my surgery. My mom wasn't prepared for surgery the next day...mentally. It's not like we have our own car to drive around in. We couldn't get the driver to take us in time so then my mom had to go to a local hospital to get the ct scan at 8pm we had no idea what we were doing and that was another $100. Ugh! Ok so we went got it done and went to bed hungry because we can't eat after 10pm the night before surgery. Mom was getting surgery done the next day too!

We got up at 3am to be at Cecilip at 5am for my surgery to be at 6am. We get there and we were asked by one of the nurses if we had our Xrays. Huh?? We never had xrays done and we weren't told about getting them done. We asked Loren before we left if that was all she said yes we can leave never did she mention xrays. Ugh! Medina came right away and took care of everything got her personal driver to take us to get xrays. In less than an hour we were back. So my surgery was delayed to 12pm. No big deal just wish the assistants were a little more alert and organized.

I talked to Medina about my options after we got back from xrays. At first I told her I wanted just a tummy tuck and breasts no lipo and no bbl. But she suggested I get tummy tuck, lipo and a little bbl. She said my body would look better contoured with the tt and lipo together. I think I made the right choice. I will just get me some good Victoria Secret bras for now.

So around 11:30am I took the blue bill and next thing I know I woke up during surgery while they were doing lipo on my back. I didn't feel anything but i could hear Medina talking with her team. I woke up again when I heard her snapchatting me saying "look at this beautiful butt and little waist" I was so happy I knocked out again. lol

After surgery I woke up when they were bringing my mom in the room after her surgery. I really felt no pain at that time. Later on that evening I started feeling a little discomfort but nothing painful. The next day is when the pain came and the shortness of breath. The doctor told me it was normal from the muscle repair. I started feeling a little hot and sure enough I had a fever and Medina came in to tell me I would need a blood transfusion. I really didn't want it but I was very weak and pale. I had to stay another night there at Cecilip and I was discharged the next morning. Medina's Team came in with a beautiful Orchid plant and a cute shirt with her logo. That was very nice of her to do. Take the time to show appreciation.

The 3rd day was the worst!!! Pain, discomfort and swell hell!!!! I was so depressed and frustrated. I looked worse than I did before surgery. My back and ass connected from all the swelling in my back. So i had a massage done every day and OMG it's pretty painful when you are so swollen and sore. It wasn't until my 1st post op appt w/Medina that my swelling was down (5 days post op). I was walking a lot better but Medina told me I still had to walk hunched over. So I did and my back didn't like it one bit. I hate my stage two faja!! It's so uncomfortable. Yes it makes my body look amazing but I still hate it. lol.

Would I recommend Medina .....? YES 100% I am in love with my results and I am only 15 days post op which means it will only get better. I am not going back to her for my boobs I plan on doing those here or Mexico.

Future dolls just remember to stay positive. Be ready physically and emotionally. I missed my family like crazy while I was gone. Be ready for lots of discomfort.

Thank God everything went smoothly! It's so worth it!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Medina is hands down the best!! She is an amazing person and surgeon. I would recommend 100%! Communication was easy with her and she answered all my questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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