32 Yrs Old , Four Kids Desperate Need of a Mommy Make Over!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been stalking this website for a yr, now! I...

I have been stalking this website for a yr, now! I have decided to create a profile!

Let me introduce myself, I am 32 yr married woman of four beautiful children. I rapidly gain weight through out my pregnancy! In my third pregnancy I ended (2006), weighing 347lbs!!! Omg !! I decided to have the gastric bypass surgery (2009)! I lost a whopping 180lbs ! Losing this weight and feeling more secure of myself, I became pregnant with my fourth child( 2011)!!! With this pregnancy I gained, I now weight 210lbs and my height is 5'6!

My skin is so sagging, my body is horrible!! Though, my husband doesn't complain and state he loves me for me !!! I am completely distasteful of my body!! It is nasty !! I am in Desperate need of a mommy makeover!! Or I rather be back 347lbs! At least my body was big and full!! Now it is saggy!! Ugh!!

I have decided to have my mommy makeover with the great ... Dra Tania Medina!!!

She stated that I would need 2 surgeries!In my first surgery , I would have a BBL , liposuction in back stomach and flaps and a tummy tuck with muscles repair ! This will cost me 5350$ including recovery home and meds!!

Surgery date

So I just received my schedule surgery date. I am officially scheduled for June 9, 2015!! I am super excited! !

B4 pics

Embarrassing!!! In hopes, I would have a good transformation after more weight loss and plastic surgery


So, I went to dr for a check up!! I came clean with my doctor! So I told her about going to the Dominican Republic for surgery! She was all for it and happy for my new beginning of life. She tested me for everything! ! She also did an EKG!!!
The EKG , unfortunately was abnormal! My Dr ,discover I have , what is called a left bundle branch block !! Oh no!!! I am so nervous! ! My Dr noted that I must see a Cardiologist immediately before going to surgery! ! I have a scheduled appointment for this Friday! I hope everything goes well! Has anyone else ever had an abnormal EKG and is healthy? ? Please ease my mind!!

My appt with cardiologist

Sorry for being MIA!! I went to cardiologist, everything went great!! He just recommend I do another stress test to insure !! I have a stress test on Tuesday !! Hope all is well !! Super stress! ! He states just because I have a left bundle branch block , I will b fine , my heart is still working at 99%.
That was refreshing to hear but one will wonder about that 1% . I have four children to care and a husband , who has no clue as to raise children, but to simply provide money! ! So nervous! !

Dra Tania Medina

OMG! ! THIS LADY IS AMAZING!! She is so caring !! I have been talking to her constantly about my situation! ! She stated safety is first !! To go have stress test and let her know! She will wait for me !! To know that she hasn't lost hope in me is amazing! !

#####TEAM MEDINA######


So I just got my results! ! I am cleared for surgery! !! However, my hemoglobin is 11.8 , Dr said to take three iron a day , she will re test me in two weeks!! A l so I was taking fish oil with iron she said that could have absorbed my iron intake!

I am super excited , now waiting on my lifesaver Dra Medina to give me a new date, in August! !

August surgery post here!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
I am officially rescheduled for August 5 with the amazing Dra Tania Medina!!
Are there any other ladies scheduled on or around me !! I would love to meet other as I will b traveling alone!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is very attentive and caring

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