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I've been researching to get a tummy tuck, BBL and...

I've been researching to get a tummy tuck, BBL and Lipo with Dr. Duran in March of 2017. I'm excited about this journey. Duran's dolls look so realistic and I heard that she's a sweetheart n will make u feel very comfortable while in DR. I've also been watching YouTube videos about the procedures as well as dolls who have the Duran experience n it's helped a lot.

Any NY dolls?

Where did u guys get massages in NY?

Wish pics

I have a booty I just need it to sit up nice like my Trini Gal ????

This is an updated BMI chart ladies. Your BMI has to be 35 or below. Thought I should share.

Weight loss b4 surgery

Hello ladies my weight started at 233 and I'm 5ft 11inches, I've been doing a no starch diet for the past 19 days n on day 13 (I believe) I lost 7 pounds! My ideal weight I want b4 surgery is 200 pounds. If your looking to lose weight u should try it. No starch or sugar just meat fruits and vegetables. No red meat!!


After all of my research i see that i will be spending at least $9000 with the cost of RH, surgery, flight and other things needed and im perfectly fine with that! Im changing my date to July because my children will be out of school and i will have so much help! i look forward to sharing my journey and post before and after pics as soon as i secure my date.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

It was very hard to get in contact with Diran but I finally did through Surgicoordinator on IG and Whatsapp

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