32 Year Old wife with 3 Kids - Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been researching to get a tummy tuck, BBL and...

I've been researching to get a tummy tuck, BBL and Lipo with Dr. Duran in March of 2017. I'm excited about this journey. Duran's dolls look so realistic and I heard that she's a sweetheart n will make u feel very comfortable while in DR. I've also been watching YouTube videos about the procedures as well as dolls who have the Duran experience n it's helped a lot.

Any NY dolls?

Where did u guys get massages in NY?

Wish pics

I have a booty I just need it to sit up nice like my Trini Gal ????

This is an updated BMI chart ladies. Your BMI has to be 35 or below. Thought I should share.

Weight loss b4 surgery

Hello ladies my weight started at 233 and I'm 5ft 11inches, I've been doing a no starch diet for the past 19 days n on day 13 (I believe) I lost 7 pounds! My ideal weight I want b4 surgery is 200 pounds. If your looking to lose weight u should try it. No starch or sugar just meat fruits and vegetables. No red meat!!


After all of my research i see that i will be spending at least $9000 with the cost of RH, surgery, flight and other things needed and im perfectly fine with that! Im changing my date to July because my children will be out of school and i will have so much help! i look forward to sharing my journey and post before and after pics as soon as i secure my date.

Changing my doctor!

I'm changing my Doctor to Dra Robles. Her team is very prompt and detailed about the procedures, where as Duran, she never responds till days later nor break things down for u. I have to get comfortable with this change but I know I will love my results. Guess I have to change my name now lol

Paradise Recovery house

Has anyone stayed at Paradise RH? I see that Dra Robles is affiliated with them but I can't seem to find many reviews. If anyone knows anything about them please keep me posted. Thanks dolls!

Got my quote!!

I got my quote from Robles n her assistant Ariana is the bomb! She answers every single question I have and responds right away like we are buddy's! I'm looking toward to this journey! Hello July 2017 n my upgraded body ????????????????????????

Weight loss

After my 3rd child I gained 40 pounds. I started at 239 pounds, I weighed myself yesterday and now I'm 226. I haven't been dieting or working out since last month but come July I want to be 200 so my outcome can be perfect! I'm excited!!

Date confirmed!!

Let the countdown begin! I put my deposit for Robles last week so it's official! I'll b a Robles diva July 11, 2017!! I'm gonna start my vitamins now although it's 7 months away. U could never b too prepared! I'm excited!!!

Faja size chart!

Make sure u get the correct size because u don't want a fupa ladies. Add foam for compression to ya vagina to avoid it.

This is me now

33 Year Old Wife, Mother of 3. TT, Liposuction, BBL and Muscle Repair

Robles's divas are so natural looking and I'm looking forward to her
magic. I'm excited! I've heard that she is very stern when it comes to
blood work and her clients health so I plan on being 100% b4 I get to
her. I'm really looking forward to this change I'm about to make. Invest
in yourself ladies.

Robles doll 7/11/17

It's going down, I leave Sunday to DR for surgery! I'm excited n trust my doctor!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Robles team is on point with any questions or concerns I may have unlike these other doctors. Her assistant Adriana helps me tons. Any questions I have she answers and there's no language barrier either which makes me even more comfortable with her. I can't wait!

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