32, Mommy of 2. Ready to Transform in to the Swan my Heart Desires. I Can Feel It in my Bones...IM READY! - Dominican Republic

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I'm on this site 24/7 it is so helpful! I've been...

I'm on this site 24/7 it is so helpful! I've been anticipating this journey for 2 years now. Due to funds, and major set backs. IT'S TIME! I've decided to do what makes me happy and not care what anyone thinks! It's real this time and I can feel it. As a mom and a wife I tend to cater to the needs of my family but often forget about me, but Feb. 23,2017 will change that and you all will be apart of my journey- IF YOU ASK ME I'M READY - Alicia keys voice

Robles vs Cabral (The KING WINS)

Before deciding on Cabral I wanted to go with Robles I was researching the both for about 2 whole years non stop. Even though Robles quotes include all services from transportation, recovery house( 10days) faja, meds ect. I didn't want to go with her just because the price is cheaper. I wanted to go with whom work I seem to love the most and whom I will be more satisfied with. Cabral quote only includes the surgery everything else is superset fee's. Based on both results for some reason Cabral's pics and results are more of what I want and that's satisfaction! I study his pics all the time and might I add he sure knows how to snatch a waist and bring out the pure sexiness that all women search and lone for. I can't complain about him and that's what sold me. Robles on the other hand (my opinion) she doesn't snatch as well and after her surgeries I noticed I see fupa's on some womens lower abdomen after about a 1 yr post op tummy tucks the tightness just isn't there and that's not what I want.

Communicating with Cabral for a quote 6/15-6/-16

Ugh I just can't wait to have my sx!
After this review I will post screen shots of Cabral and I conversation as well as you ladies will see pre op pics of my body :-/ this is hard for me but there isn't anyone as real as you ladies on this site (real self) you ladies are really helping me out thanks again! Lol any who back to receiving my qoute ! Cabral quoted me on the 16th for 4,900.00( which isn't bad) for Tummy Tuck, Lipo Sculpture ( arm pits, waist,) back) & BBL. I was thrilled because 2 years ago he quoted me with a much higher price. The price he quoted I can deal with but since I felt that was reasonable why not ask about a breast lift with no implants last time he suggested I get implants but it's some thing about the implants that scares me and I'm not knocking anyone with them it's just something I can go without. He said if I wanted breast it would be 5,500 which wasn't so bad but I didn't want to agree because I'm really scared of the pain and I just want to focus on my most insecure areas which is what I originally was quoted for. But strangely to days ago I asked him again about my breast lift and he suggested I wait a second round ! Ugh I really only want one round I can't afford to keep running back and forth to Dr and not only that I'm a wife and a mom of 2 with a full time job so a second round is not what I'm looking for in the future . I decided to just go with the flow and try and convince him to do my goods and hopefully agrees to both!

Contacting Cabral February 23, 2017 sx availability

Since my bday is on 2/9 I decided that my sx will be a gift to myself and not only that I just started a new job with requires personal leave with out pay to be approved only if you've been employed for 6 mths so since I started 6/6 of this month I will be able to request a personal leave for February 23 - March 23 and also this is perfect timing due to my anni being on 3/16 I wouldn't have to worry about taking an additional leave to chill with the hubby on our anni weekend so few just seems perfect as you ladies can see attached I contacted Cabral asking him if this date was available and he suggested me to email him. As I know his schedule is busy but for some reason he hasn't responded as of yet with approving my fen 23 sx date so now I'm a litte worried . I originally emailed him on the 23rd he didn't respond sooooo I emailed him again on the 24th. I am a patient person but today is the 26th and I still haven't received a email from him approving my date! Should I be worried?

Cabral suggest I wait a second round for my breast lift

Vitamins for Hemo levels while I wait !

So I went out and got all my vitamins that's needed for my Hemo level to be 13.0 or higher . I'm praying on the date of my sx my levels are great with no set backs. It's a little harder for me being a Vegetarian and Anemic so I decided to take extra measures to make sure everything is ok.
Dr. Hector Cabral

He is honest and won't put you in harms way. So far my experience with The King has been great when contacted via What's App he responds 24hrs or before after and anything he doesn't agree with or don't think it's safe he will tell you or even give other suggestions. Yes his responds can be very short , but keep in mind ladies he has multiple Dolls to respond to via What's App and Emails. So just like I had to tell myself I will tell you also, "BE PATIENT!"

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