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I've been researching overseas surgery for 4 years...

I've been researching overseas surgery for 4 years now. I was stuck on Dr. Robles for all 4 years of overseas research until I came across Dr. Fatima Almonte. I'm in love with the results but overall her compassion for her patients. So I live in Las Vegas and everything is Glam n Glitz, that's where all the money (employment) is tied ; the world of beauty which is great when your young with big titts but... For those of us who drifted off from that world and decided to have love ? and family well ya end up like myself a bit overweight and mad (actually laughing out loud). But there's a cure for that!
I'm interested in Dr. Almonte and getting a T.T, breast aug,and full lipo. She was so sweet it took awhile to get a response by email ???? but overall she was very informative and knowledgeable to all concerns.

Any Dolls going to DR in March?

Im so sad that my December plans for surgery is canceled. According to my husband "surgery and Christmas in the same month just aint happening" o it looks like Ill be planning for March 2015.
In the meanwhile Ive been stuck on Dr. Robles for the last 4-5 years, then I came across Dr. Fatima, she also does amazing work and shows derail to her patients body. Although their work is very similar, I do feel as though Dr. Robles is a pure "sculptor", a little difference $$ wise but overall both surgeons are fabulous.
Dr Robles it is!!
Anyone traveling to the DR in March? If so please let me know maybe we can buddy up.

Recovery House

Anyone have any preferences to the best RH. Ive herd some horror stories regarding recovery houses and I certainly don't want to be another victim .
Help please, suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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