31 Year Old Mother of 3 - Dominican Republic

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I have finally decided on the doctor for me, this...

I have finally decided on the doctor for me, this has not been easy and I have been researching for almost a year now. I decided to go with Dr Manon because his work is good and his prices were also great. Initially I was only going to get a TT with lipo and BBL but with the special Dr Manon had for the mommy makeover to add breast implants I couldn't pass it up. After breastfeeding 3 kids my boobs could use some help lol. I will try to update this as much as I can so everyone can follow my SX journey. I am excited to get my body back :)


Well certain things have come up and I needed to reschedule my surgery. Now I will be going in November and I'm so ready.

Flight booked

I booked my flight for Nov 12th I will arrive in the dr at midnight. I'm a little nervous about having sx the 13th so I Wil talk to the doc to see what's best bc they say u should wait atleast 24 hours. Another surgery buddy and I will rent an apartment, this will be her third round so she knows the ropes but I will also hire a private nurse. I'm getting bbl lipo and tt, I decided not to do breasts this time because a week after I return we are moving from Texas to the East Coast and I think recovery would be very hard with all of it at once. I will try to upload a pic of me now but this is my third to me trying with no luck.


I'm 5'7 176 lbs


im 5'7 176 lbs

Almost there

Hey ladies I'm in NY waiting for my final flight to Dominican :). I am staying at Gianna Columbo recovery house she has a great package deal with massages and also facials I want to feel pampered lol. My surgery it tomorrow afternoon


Hey ladies. I'm sorry It has taken me so long to update but my life has been hectic. So far I love my results but hate the swelling lol and I wish my butt was shaped a little better but it's better then what I bad before so I'm happy and blessed. I'm 5 weeks post op now

4 months PO

Sorry I haven't updated much, I am sad to say I will need a 2nd round. My stomach is not flat and it looks like I didn't have any work done. I wish I would have stuck to my decision to get only lip bbl and breast I didn't feel like I needed a tt but the doc said I did need MR so I went ahead with it. I regret it fully because I hate my scar and feel like I would have been flatter with just lipo. I have been in touch with Dr MaƱon and he said I just need another Rd of lipo and bbl so it's time to start planning. I am going to work out for a year and see if I can get better on my own though. I will update pics after this review because it keeps giving me an error and I have to rewrite this every time lol

Pics 4 months po


Ok I was wrong

I now know the importance of taking pictures, I found some before pictures and compared them with my afters and what was I even saying in my last post? I clearly look better then I did before surgery. Sometimes we women are so hard on ourselves and this is proof. I kept telling my husband I shouldn't have even had surgery it was a waste of money but just look at these photos
I look great and after my 2nd round I will be even better...

Updated pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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