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Originally Dr. Miami was my first and only...

Originally Dr. Miami was my first and only choice!!! I was obsessed..!!!!!! After waiting for a year and a half and paying my deposit with him, I realized that I could NOT pay him 17,000 for a mommy makeover. So I started doing other research and remembered my friend went to the DR and her results were great so I reached out to her. She gave me Janet information, and after communication with her back and forth for days I made a big girl decision... I MADE MY DEPOSIT!!! I'm overjoyed, I feel like this has been something I've wanted to do for years and I will no longer listen to anyone else. I'm going to get the body I deserved to have!!! 36 days and counting!!!

5 days and counting

Holy crap I'm 5 days away!!!! My heart pounds faster and faster when I even think about getting marked and walking into the operating room. The fact that I'm going to another country to get cosmetic surgery makes me feel selfish and slightly depressed..... What if something goes wrong... Ughhhhh!!! Lord I ask that you to cover Dr. Lima's hands with your blood and bring me back home safe and sound (and fine) ??
Anywho I started packing and purchasing items today. I still have things to get but I'm trying not to spent a thousand dollars on supplies. However I still want to be prepared!! You all send positive energy and prayers up for me....

I leave tomorrow!!!!

Still don't feel real!!! My bags are packed... All my items are purchased... Money in hand... Passport in hand, but this still can't be real... This ugly fat stomach, these rolls, and not to mention my breast that I hate, have held me back from a lot of things!!! To even think it's someone out there to change it doesn't seem real!!! I'm praying that all goes well and I see a big difference!!! Here's a few more before pictures... (I gained 4 more pounds purposely though)

I made it!!!

After all the dreaming, praying, stalking real self... Tomorrow is the big day. Let's just talk about Janet and this beautiful recovery home. So if you look at my picture you'll see I'm NOT a dirty person and I'm actually a germaphobic woman. I can't eat at anyone house, I don't travel without bleach, and I can't drink out of anyone cup. But I did that all here today and I didn't want to throw up bc this house is sooooo clean and well kept. It's inviting and I honestly feel like I'm at home. Her staff is amazing despite the fact they don't speak much English they made sure i was comfortable, the brought me endless juice, water, and food!! Janet husband picked me up from the airport and I've felt like family every since. Surgery is in the morning. My blood count is perfect and I'm all ready to go!!! See you all on the flat side!!!!

5 Days Post Op

Man these last 5 days were much harder that I could have ever imagined!!! Without the help of my roommates, Janet (recovery house owner), and Anna (our 24 hour maid/ nurse) I would have literally lost my mind!!! My tummy tuck no pain, my breast lift no pain, implants no pain, that lipo is HELL. PURE HELL!!! My back is three times its normal size. Anyway the recovery house is everything.... I don't know why anyone else wouldn't have this place as an option for surgery!!! The ppl here are amazing. Breakfast and medicine every morning on time, lunch at 12 every day, dinner at 6. No one will eat without you, endless fruits, water, and juice. Laundry done daily, massages daily, pharmacy bringing anything you need, Anna mop and clean my room and bathroom daily. She also change my bed sheets every day. The masseuse cleans my wounds everyday, Anna wash my garment while Im in the massage room, it actually seems unreal how amazing everyone is. I've even offered to help clean. They care so much I almost feel like I don't know what I'm going to do when I get home. In the states you have your surgery and they send you right home. Here they keep you in the clinic over night with a nurse who sleeps in the room with you. Although she spoke little English she ensure that I was good and I had water, soup or any medicine that I needed. l mean what more could you ask for. I'm so grateful that I followed my heart with this one. Pray that the rest of my recovery is smooth sailing.

Today makes 20 days out of surgery!!!

18 days post op.... Healing nicely but the pain is still a lot. I expected to go back to work by the 12th which would have been 2 weeks post op... Yeah right. I'm still not back at work. The pain was a lot worse than I imagine. I'm extremely extremely pleased with my body still ready for the swollen to end so I can see my final results!!!

Close up of my breast!!!!

I completely forgot to share a close up photo of my breast!!! All I can say is I'm soooooo in love!!!!!! (By the way I have scar guard polish around my scar if you can see the peeling.)


22 days post op

Still can't believe this is my body....

I'm so blessed to have chosen so wisely... My surgeon is my life saver!!!!!

3 weeks post op!!!

5 weeks post op

I am officially 5 weeks. Still swollen but I love my results!!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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