31 Mom of Five Ready to Get Back to Good - Dominican Republic

I used to be a bigger girl but I committed myself...

I used to be a bigger girl but I committed myself to eating super clean and working out daily. Went from a 36DDD and a size 12-14 to a 32C and a size 3-4. I can't believe after five kids I can finally take this step! My oldest is 12 my youngest is 3. I studied a lot. Like for years. And I am confident in DR. Mejia and he seems to really care about the health and wellness of his patients. Plus his work comes out amazing. I am happy with my choice and January 20th 2017 is the start of my whole new life. I feel beautiful now. I just want to enhance what I have got. Take care of the separation of my abdominal muscles. I fully plan on getting a tattoo on the tummy tuck scar after it heals. I do tend to scar lightly so here's to hoping these do too! I got my appendix out and I had a c section both scars don't bother me at all. A majority of my stretch marks are below my belly button so I am glad that most of them will be gone. I want to fill up the emptiness that is my breasts. Very excited to see what's hiding underneath all this mommy tummy.

Hemo update

I have a 12.3 hemoglobin count and I am hoping for a 14 or better in 9 weeks! Taking liquid iron, folic acid and vitamin B complex along with Vitamin C to boost levels. Just figured I would let people know that MILK IS AN IRON BLOCKER. Cottage cheese and fruit is my favorite breakfast and I didn't know the iron I was taking with it wouldn't be absorbed as well as if I took it with something else. My mom is a nurse and told me that piece of info and I figured I would share.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have yet to head down there but the assistant is very helpful and answers all my questions quickly and clearly. Love Lefny!

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