31 Mom of Five Ready to Get Back to Good - Dominican Republic

I used to be a bigger girl but I committed myself...

I used to be a bigger girl but I committed myself to eating super clean and working out daily. Went from a 36DDD and a size 12-14 to a 32C and a size 3-4. I can't believe after five kids I can finally take this step! My oldest is 12 my youngest is 3. I studied a lot. Like for years. And I am confident in DR. Mejia and he seems to really care about the health and wellness of his patients. Plus his work comes out amazing. I am happy with my choice and January 20th 2017 is the start of my whole new life. I feel beautiful now. I just want to enhance what I have got. Take care of the separation of my abdominal muscles. I fully plan on getting a tattoo on the tummy tuck scar after it heals. I do tend to scar lightly so here's to hoping these do too! I got my appendix out and I had a c section both scars don't bother me at all. A majority of my stretch marks are below my belly button so I am glad that most of them will be gone. I want to fill up the emptiness that is my breasts. Very excited to see what's hiding underneath all this mommy tummy.

Hemo update

I have a 12.3 hemoglobin count and I am hoping for a 14 or better in 9 weeks! Taking liquid iron, folic acid and vitamin B complex along with Vitamin C to boost levels. Just figured I would let people know that MILK IS AN IRON BLOCKER. Cottage cheese and fruit is my favorite breakfast and I didn't know the iron I was taking with it wouldn't be absorbed as well as if I took it with something else. My mom is a nurse and told me that piece of info and I figured I would share.

Flying day!

I put all my money in envelopes and wrote how much is in them and who they go to or what they are for. Packed everything in a carryon so I don't have to worry about losing my bag. So excited to get this party started!!!


This clinic is pretty modern. The outside is gorgeous. I got cleared for all surgeries, my hemo was above 13. I am going under in an hour and a half just wanted to update you lovely RealSelfer's. Met Mejia yesterday, and I have to say, I was so impressed. He isn't one to rush through things. He took his time talking to me explaining everything. Scoured over my paperwork from my doctor and was happy with what he saw. He has a warm, inviting personality. I am staying at Princess recovery house and so far so good there. Moses and Israel have been driving me. Team Mejia is very well coordinated and kind. I am confident I made the right choice. He is a smart, talented man with my safety on his mind.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have yet to head down there but the assistant is very helpful and answers all my questions quickly and clearly. Love Lefny!

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