It's almost time to see the me I used to be.

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I'm 31 and have 5 kids between the ages of 4 and...

I'm 31 and have 5 kids between the ages of 4 and 15. I've wanted to get a mommy makeover for several years to restore my confidence, self esteem, and self image. Before having my oldest, I was a model, and miss the beautiful skin I had. I gained way to much weight in my first 2 pregnancies, and because of depression in my marriages, I still retained much weight. I was steady at 250 pounds for a long time. Once I got out of my destructive relationships and found happiness with myself and my children, the weight began to fall off. Unfortunately I am left with many stretch marks (covering all regions of my body), and lose excess skin, primarily the belly region. For years I had been venting to my best friend that I wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery to restore my youthful body appearance. Now he is my fiance and suggested that I go ahead and go through with it. He says he loves me and thinks I'm sexy as I am, but that he wants me to feel the same way; self confidence will only make me that much more sexy in his eyes. So here I am, researching the surgeries and doctors to finally go through with the surgery.

Researching the doctors

In my extensive research of the procedures and results, I've decided to go with a tummy tuck, liposculpture, breast augmentation, with a Brazilian boots lift. I've asked for consultations with several Dominican doctors for quotes. Dr. Robles has quoted $6300, Dr. Pizzoglio $8300, and Dr. Disla $5500. Still looking though. I'm not looking for the cheapest doctor, but the one I feel will give me the results I am looking for. Must admit that I'm really nervous because I know I will be going to a foreign country alone.


A little detail I forgot to mention... my amazing fiance is coming home from Afghanistan this upcoming week! I'm so excited I can barely stand it! Right away we are remodeling the garage and making more room for the kids. My little gift to my best friend and love of my life: an airplane. No, not a remote controlled one. A real 1946 Aeronica Champ. It's dismantled and we get to put it back together once we pick it up, but he gets his lifelong dream. Then we will promptly hop a commercial flight to Florida for Sun 'n Fun before he has to return to duty. Sometime during all of this, I hope we can sit down and discuss my sx to figure out details of when and by what doctor. I am thinking more and more that Dr. Robles may be the one.

Finally reunited

So after a long separation, my love has come home. 3/18/2014

Finally decided.

I've finally picked Dra. Robles as my doctor, and I'm shooting for a surgery date of June 9th or 10th. I'm excited beyond words but nervous as hell too!

Barbie is all booked

I have my flight booked, and sent Laura the flight info. She emailed me back, excited that I'm going to be a Robles Barbie and told me I'll be with Virginia's recovery house. I've heard really wonderful things. I'm super excited. Just a couple of months!

Passport problems

So I went to get my passport, but my birth certificate has some water damage and they won't accept it. I have quickly ordered a new one (actually 2 copies) and expect it to be here by April 22. I'm seriously going that leaves me enough time to get my passport before I leave June 8th. Not what I needed after just returning from our Florida vacation to Sun 'n Fun (which was a blast). Bought a beautiful new sun dress today that I hope to take with me to the Dominican Republic too. Now I think I need to find a buddy staying at Virginia's recovery house while I'm there. Any takers?


So, I got my passport issues dealt with, and waiting for it to come in the mail any day now. I'm about ¾ packed, even though it's still 5 weeks away. I'm ready to go do this already! I'm scared to be going alone, and feeling alone. It'll be the longest I've been away from everyone in my family in over a decade (17 days). Even though I am confident in my decision to have the surgery, and my choice of doctor, I still worry that it won't turn out how I imagine my body to be afterward. And even though I am doing this for ME, I hope my hubby likes the new body. My children aren't thrilled about it either; they think I won't look like mommy anymore. Especially my 4yo! He keeps telling me I'm not allowed to cut off my tummy. Lol Anyway, I'm still super excited and want to get this done and on my road to recovery.

Time to lose weight

I've also been gaining weight inexplicably the last couple of weeks. I can't seem to wear any of my jeans anymore. Wtf? I HAVE to lose some of this before the surgery. Time is ticking... Think I'll start with a colon cleanse this week. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Exactly 1 month before departure

I got my passport yesterday, and a month from today I board my plane for Santo Domingo. I am SO excited, and still really nervous about the pain. I've been looking at more success stories of Robles' Barbies, and praying I have beautiful results like them. I also got a 2 piece bathing suit yesterday that I'll take with me, both as inspiration for me and to show her about where I'd like the incision so it can be concealed in my suit. I absolutely cannot wait to have a bikini body again! Hoping my hubby has a renewed "interest" in me too. Have y'all had successes with catching your partner's attention again? Not that I don't have his attention, but it would be nice to have him "notice" me a little more. How long after surgery before feeling up to resuming normal sexual activity? Alright, I'm ready to get this show on the road!... How do I fast forward? Lol


We have gone from counting months, to weeks, and now days. Fifteen day until I become Frankenstein (as hubby puts it). Getting really nervous now, kinda scared, really excited. Been going through a "nesting" phase, trying to get everything cleaned around the house, and finish all unfinished projects. I know NOTHING is going to get done around the house for a long while, so I'm doing what I can now. Think I'll hire a maid for a few weeks too.

One week to go

Next Tuesday is my big bay. I'm super scared. I'm ecstatic too though. It's been over 16 years since I've been happy with my belly, and about 7 years since I had nice boobs, never had a booty to speak of. I really really wish someone was going with me. I'm already going through an emotional coaster, I can only imagine what it'll be like while I'm there, in misery, alone. My hubby is being super supportive through my ups and downs. I'm post a few more pre pictures soon, then post-op next week.

Very last pre-op photos

Just started my cycle too, so I'm like a bloated sea cow.

It's time

I'm all marked and suited up. Waiting now; should be any time now.

Update time

So here I am ladies! Had my surgery on the 9th (a day ahead of schedule) and it went well. I guess my hemoglobin was really good since I was able to get all my work done. Dr Robles is great. I think a lot of women who have complaints are forgetting the cultural differences; same as at the recovery house. This is not what we're accustomed to in the states, and some of it may seem a bit archaic, but this is another world, so to speak. The people are wonderful, the food is delicious (most of the time), and this is a tropical island for crying out loud. If you decide this is for you, keep an open mind.
Surgery: To begin, there is a lot of waiting. Then you get the magic blue pill that everyone talks about. Wait a little longer and you're taken back to the OR where you get your IV and go sleepy. I will say that I did wake up during surgery (back lipo). My Spanish got real good, real quick! It didn't "hurt" per se, but it's very unnerving. I was put back out, and didn't wake up until well after it was done. When you wake up, it feels like a train wreck! A few rubdowns and you're sent to your recovery house.
Virginia's Recovery House: The women here are all wonderful! There is a little bit of a language barrier, but not like what I've heard at other houses that don't have anyone who speaks English. Every two hours you get a rubdown with the gel, drains are emptied regularly, meals are prepared 3 times a day. Make sure you bring extra money. It is likely you may need iron shots, oxygen treatments, another IV, or even late-night ice cream! Bring extra money! Everyone is complaining by day 4 or 5 that they want to go home. I'm certainly no exception! Make sure your airline tickets are able to be changed as needed! I wish I had brought more Arnica gel and A&D. Oh, and so many women are saying "if I knew then what I know now, I never would have done it!" Please keep this in mind! You need to be completely prepared for this, do not do it if there is even a shadow of a doubt. This is not for the faint of heart! Make sure you are 100% sure this is what you want for YOU; don't do it for someone else. I think this is why I don't have many complaints; I was ready! As I think of more advice, I'll post it. Good luck ladies.

Gotta go

Ok, so I planned on staying until the 25th to give myself plenty of recovery time, but I just can't do it! I am so homesick! I'm spent the extra money and changed my flight for Saturday the 21st. I was trying for Friday, but couldn't find anything, so this is it. Everything is going fine, the women here are wonderful, the food is edible, but I miss my family so much. Looking forward to getting some quality time in with my soon-to-be husband and my kiddos.

10 days post

So this morning I did everything myself. Bathed, changed, did my lotion, you name it. I feel stupid being proud of that, but I've been pretty useless since the surgery. I've had two massages so far, and let me tell you they hurt. Upside: they help progress the healing process. I am so ready to go home!

Looking and feeling pretty good


So, I have a lot to update, but it'll have to be in segments.
So far, I love the results! I know I'm still healing, I'm still swollen in the back and sides. Apparently I'm not do good at waiting patiently for the end result. I can't wait to see what I'm really going to look like. The swelling makes me feel like an over stuffed teddy bear. My TT incision did open up a little and I'm pretty disappointed about that, but I'll try to work on reducing the appearance of the scar the best I can. Some of my "dissolving" sutures didn't dissolve, and oh boy did they hurt, so I took out what I could, and had my fiancee take the rest out. The front drain site still looks funky as hell! I wish it would hurry up and heal already! I'm still waking up feeling very still every morning, but I try to stay relatively active during the day. I fatigue extremely easy now; even a trip to go grocery shopping or run errands wears me out to the point of exhaustion. I haven't been wearing my faja like I should, but it's so uncomfortable! I have a friend who worked for a surgeon that recommended Leonisa garments, so I ordered a couple last week. They should be in this week. They were very affordable! If I like them, I'll share more info, and links to the ones I purchased. For now, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight Dolls!

Not the results I was expecting

So I didn't expect to come out of this procedure being a size 3 or anything, but I was expecting to be smaller than I already was. I'm not. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bummed out by that. I'm not disappointed in my results though. I don't cringe when I look in a mirror now, or strip down to climb in bed with my fiance. I keep waiting and hoping to see the swelling magically disappear one day, but no such luck. Makes me wonder if it even is swollen, or just what's left of my jelly rolls. The boobs look great! Couldn't be happier with them, I don't think. I like having a booty now, but again, I'm kinda disappointed that I'm still somewhere around a size 11 or 13, maybe bigger. I guess I was expecting to be smaller and see the results immediately. However, I have gained something far better! I've regained confidence. I do feel better about myself. I still don't think that I'm sexy or anything, but I'm comfortable in my own skin. And before the surgery I wouldn't buy clothes if they were bigger than a 9 because I just didn't want to face the fact that I've gained that much weight. But now, I'm ok with it. I measure to decide what I need to buy so I'm not going myself am injustice wearing too small clothes. It isn't so bad, I suppose. It'll be even better one I can work on fitness too.

39 days post and feeling good

Yesterday I went clothes shopping with my teenager and had a blast. We tried on everything in Kohls and Rue 21. Reluctantly, I bought clothes that show my belly for the first time since I was 14. Even my mother said they were cute and that I should show off my tummy. Yesterday was also the first time I looked at before and after pictures side by side... Wow! Definitely not complaining.

engagement photos!

Since I have the new bod and the new ring, had to get the engagement photos done, with much protest from him. But here they are.

Two years later

It's been a long time since my last update. Here it is. The tt scar is still very prominent, but that doesn't bother me. My only complaint is the tissue around the left implant has changed in a way that the implant has shifted and looks "off". It definitely is making me self conscience of it when I'm naked, even in front of my husband. It isn't noticeable in a bathing suit. Still happy with the results. I don't think the boob thing is the doctor's fault. Photos to follow.

2year photos

Here they are

33 1/2 months later, no regrets!

What can I say? This was probably the best investment in myself I have ever made! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look in the mirror and feel glad that I did this for ME! Dra. Robles did a phenomenal job. It has been nearly three years since the surgery and I look and feel better than ever. I've lost even more weight any I'm motivated to keep the pounds off so that I don't end up back where I started. Now I'm a grandma, and get mistaken as my kids' sister.  The picture is from almost a year ago, and I've put on my ten pounds of winter weight, plus I had spinal cord surgery that has caused decreased activity level, but I'm recovering so the weight is starting to fall off again.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Robles is an artist! She did a great job sculpting my whole body. Some of the logistics of payment and scheduling, etc. could be improved. Overall, very happy.

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