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I am looking to get a mommy makeover with Robles....

I am looking to get a mommy makeover with Robles. She did my lipo in 2014 and after having my last child, I am ready for my tummy tuck, bbl, and lipo. I am posting only to look for a travel buddy. Please let me know if anyone is going and when because my dates are flexible for June and July. I will be using her recovery house as well

Sx buddy

Ok I'm still trying to find a surgery buddy versus paying an arm and a leg for someone to go with me. This is harder than I thought but it's unsafe to travel alone!


Today I found a travel buddy, got my final quote , and locked in my recovery home with Da la Paz recovery home. I'm so excited I can barely stop thinking about it! I absolutely need an ass and these arms have to go!


Hey ladies I found white spaghetti strap t shirts at forever21 for $1.90


So today a few of the supplies I ordered came. The master lock is bigger than I thought , thank god! I know I still have a lot of stuff to gather but this is a start.


So apparently the time I picked for surgery is a bad time to be thinking about cheap flights! My buddy and I booked our ticket one way in hopes that the return ticket price will drop. But we did lock in our flight to DR. I've started my vitamins and I just keep thinking to myself I hope I can get all I want done. Robles assistant on what's app replies so quick and answers any and all questions; our recovery home as well. I recommend researching recovery homes before locking oneself in to an all inclusive package with your surgeon. I got the medication list and will get my meds here. I save 300 by not using Robles package and the recovery home is giving us three free massages.


So I found a new pcp and although she seems pretty supportive , I do not think she will prescribe my medication. I am in a limbo as I really only want to get my medication from here. I am not sure what to do. Any one in nyc whose pcp was very supportive and helped them during this process?


I got my blood work done. It's 11.9 I pray it's at 13 by July.... Any tips?

Pre op

Someone asked me if I was going to post pre op pics. I posted one before but here's on I took today... Take about unhappy! I can't wait for July

More pre op

Counting down

I finally booked by return flight today.. I suggest for everyone to get insurance on their flights! I also send Robles over 2g so far in advance which helps for people like me who can't keep money to save their life!
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