30 Yrs Old Mom of Twins Hanging Everywhere! :( Dominican Republic, DO

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So, i'm still undecided if I should go with Dr....

So, i'm still undecided if I should go with Dr. Duran or Sr. Goico. They have both excellent reviews and I love their work. Duran is a little more exaggerated but it still look sexy af, while Goico's work is more on the natural side. Exaggerated, natural???? Mmmm... Decisions decisions
Any feedback about these 2 doctors will be greatly appreciated!

So I got in contact with Dr. Goico, but...

He texted me back just to let me know he was out of DR and the internet was not working properly wherever he was. I guess I'll have to keep waiting for him to respond. Probably after New Years. On the other hand, Dr. Duran contacted me the same day I sent her an email. She gave me the quote and now i have to make the deposit for her to set my date. I will wait a couple more weeks, if he doesn't respond then i will go with Dr. Duran.

To DR IT IS!!!!

So, I have been texting Dr. Goico and asking questions. He is the best! He always answers the same day every time I asked him something. The same goes to Karel, his assistant, she is amazing!!! very helpful and polite. He sent me my quote broken down and said that i changed my mind in any of the procedures when i got there he could always do a new quote. This ease my mind because I'm still nervous and undecided about my bbl, and is nice to see where is the money I'm paying going.
So I booked my surgery for July 20th. I'm so excited!!! I'm flying with my best friend. She's doing her MMO as well on the 21st. We got the 15% off as promised and got a questionnaire about medical history.
I'm very bad at updating these reviews but now that I already have my flight and my surgery date I will start to post more often!


Relax Recover House

So, I decided to go for Relax RH. One of the reasons I decided this RH is because is only 10 minutes from Dr. Goico's office. I don't want to be traveling to far from one place to other after my surgery, because i'm sure I will be in pain!
when I talked to Soraya, she was very nice and explained everything that was included with it. She also said that she only takes 4 patients for better care. I like the idea that It would be only 2 ppl I don't know in there besides me and my friend. Here are the texts.
Our quote is 85$ a day and includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, a/c, recliner beds, call bell, wifi, transportation from the airport to the clinic and to appointments. RH is closed to the mall, pharmacy, supermarket, banks, etc. is small and cozy, clean and peaceful.
The deposit is 85$. The only bad thing I found about this rh is that if you decide to share your room with your friend, you still have to pay $85. But I guess that's ok, as long as I feel confortable and is closed to Dr. Goico's clinic :)

Days are going sooo slow!

I can't wait to be done with this. I feel bad this will be the first time traveling to DR with my family and i wont be able to enjoy it. Oh weel. But i want to be done with this siegery already, to feel comfortable in my own skin again. *sighs*

Dr. G sisters dont post pictures :/

It really bothers me the fact that most Dr. Goico's patients write about their experience with him (it is very helpfu too, dont get me wrong) but dont post pictures of their outcome. Like, WHYYY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY???????? :(


So, I went to Dr. Goico on July 20th and is honestly one of the best decisions i had made in my life. He is very professional and his staff are in the same level. Karel, his assistant is a sweetheart and made me feel 24/7 comfortable and answered all my questions.
I met with him a day before for an evaluation and to discuss what procedures I wanted done and what procedures would he be able to do since my hemo was only 12. :/
I went to him with the idea of doing TT, BL w/out implants and lipo in my arms and back. Since he needed my hemo to be 13+ to be able to do all that procedure, he said he could only do TT, and some lipo. I felt dissapointed since I was taking good care of myself before going to DR, taking vitamins, doing beet and carrot juice, drinking protein shakes, etc. or at least i thought I was doing a good job. :( But he told me he could do BBL on me if I wanted to. It was not on my plans but then thinking about having a nice round butt didnt sound bad so I agreed to do BBL.
Everything went perfect! I couldnt have asked for anything better. I just remember taking the blue pill and shuaaaaaaaaaaa! when i opened my eyes i was a new person. No muffin top, no loose skin, tight ab muscle! I'm so so happy I chose Dr. G. He is so professional. I'm two weeks in NY already and everytime I whatssap him with a concern he always answers right away. I dont really feel like we are so many miles away from each other, so that makes me feel safer. He is so caring and sooooo handsomeeeeeee! lol which that is a plus.


I decided to stay at Relax Recovery House. The first impression you have is a small house that holds only 4 patients and is very cozzy. Soraya, the owner, was always very attentive and we had a beautiful relationship. My best friend and I decided first to stay for 3 days, but then noticing the care and attention we were having, we realized we wont have that at home so we decided to stay 3 more days :)
First, the bed is soooooo helpful. Its a mechanic bed that you can adjust it if you want to see or lay down etc etc. So you dont put so much pressure on your body when you try to get up or lay down. It was very helpful for me because I needed a position that wouldnt affect my BBL surgery. That bed was perfect. The ladies, Mily and the cook, are really nice. We would crack up all the time seeing them trying to communicate with the other two ladies who didnt speak Spanish. I would translate most of the time but it was nice to see they care about their patients and always tried to understand them and communicate with them. Mily helped us 4 all the time and made our stay much more comfortable and our recovery much more easier.
And the foodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! ay Dios mio DELICIOUS!!!!!! Every day was something different, healthy and delicious! They would wake us up with our medicine and a cup of water and after 5 minutes would bring our coffee. By 9am we were all having breakfast in the living room and at 1pm we would eat our lunch and by 4 snack, which would be a homemade fresh fruit juice, or fruit etc. and by 7pm we would have diner. We were never hungry and we could eat at any time if we felt like it. It was definitely worth the money. I think that part of my fast recovery was the way I was taken care that first week. I thank Soraya, and her ladies for doing such a wonderful job. I will deff go back to them when i go for my BL. I will deff go back home. :)


Dr. Luis Alejandro Fernandez Goico

He is a very attentive, kind person. He makes me feel confident that everything will go just fine and my outcome will be what I expected. For sure reason I feel safe with him, and that's how I wanted to feel before going under the knife.

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