30yo Mom-Tummy Tuck, BBL, BL, BA.

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Hey everyone! I have been a member for about 6...

Hey everyone! I have been a member for about 6 months. I just had a baby not long ago so now I'm working on losing weight so that I can get a tummy tuck and breast lift. I am currently looking at Dr. Duran in the DR, so any tips or advice are very welcome! I have about 40 pounds to lose but I am on track with that!

Duran Doll? DR

So I think I've settled on Duran.I know she is difficult to get ahold of, so any tips would be helpful! I'm a little scared to go to the Dominican Republic for sx but I have been researching the idea for quite some time and there are a lot of amazing before and after pictures on here and Instagram. I wont be looking to book a date until this comind winter, spring, but any advice or tips are so welcome!!!

Before and After Pictures?

I forgot to ask if anyone knows if you can delete pictures after you post them on realself? I want to post before and after pictures for anyone who wants to follow my sx journey, but I'm going to want to delete them a few months afterwards. I don't want them on the Internet forever. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advance!

Gary Ortega DR ? Anyone have info?

So I've been looking at Gary Ortega work. I have only seen a few pictures on his Instagram. I've heard a few girls say that he is safer and cleaner than Duran or yilly. Does anyone else have any reviews or info?

NOT going to the Dominican Republic!

So after a lot of research, I have decided against going to the Dominican Republic for sx. I have heard too many horror stories! Plus the fact that they don't monitor you while you are under, completely did it for me. It would be different if it wasn't such aggressive sx but since it is, there is even more of a need for monitoring and good after care. Anyway, I'm NOT JUDGING ANYONE WHO CHOOSES TO GO!....But it's just not for me. I just don't feel safe and I'm not going against my gut feeling. So I'm looking for a good PS in the states.

Do NOT go to Anthony Hansan in Miami!

While researching bbl ps in miami, I ran into this article. http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/mother-of-five-dies-after-brazilian-butt-lift-goes-wrong-6526473
I probably wouldn't go to anyone at vanity in miami! Just my opinion though! Not worth your life!

Ortega or Ghurani for TT, BL/BA, and BBL

So I'm looking forward to going with Ortega or Ghurani at Spectrum. Not sure which one yet. Any info on them would be great! I have a larger figure, who would do a better job?

It's been a while

Well it's been awhile... While trying to lose weight, I've been researching plastic surgeons. As far as weight goes, I finally found a great way of eating that works for me and I have been very successful at losing weight. I have probably another 15 pounds to lose before my BMI is at 30. I know that's not the requirement for every surgeon but for me, I wanted it 30 or below before I go into surgery. As far as a plastic surgeon, I had my mind set on Ortega but I recently read some pretty bad reviews, so I am leery. The other doctor that I've just recently started looking into is located in San Antonio, TX. His name is Dr. Gary Lawton. His work looks fantastic and he seems to have really good reviews. His prices aren't bad either. So as soon as I get the next 15 to 20 pounds off, I'll be going in for a consultation. If I am for sure going to go through with the surgery, then I'll start posting before pics.

Don't go with Dr. Llorente

Ladies, do your research!! Dr. Llorente is probably not a safe choice... Just came across this, plus several other similar links.
The work looks pretty but it's not worth your life. Plus, you never know if you will get tge results you see on Instagram!
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