30 Something with 2 Under 2. Tired of the Square I Have Become - Dominican Republic

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Going for TT with muscle repair+ BBL+ lipo...

Going for TT with muscle repair+ BBL+ lipo sculpture back waist and flanks. I dont exoect to become Jessica Rabbit but anxious to have a waist that is smaller than my chest and hips. I have been contemplating for years and I am finally ready to move forward. After reviewing many doctors, Dr Mejia is my final choice.

picking a recovery house

So, it's going down in less than 2 months. I am likely going to stayvat dreambody diva rh and was wondering if anyone has stayed there recently and if it's a good choice. Oh and this boppy pillow dolls keep mentioning, does it have to be that brand as I have a nursing pillow with one side that is more firm than the other and figured I'd bring that instead. Good Lord I have tons of questions. Can anyone suggest little things i should bring to make my stay as pleasant as possible. And how does tipping work. Do I tip the RH aids, driver..? If yes, when and how much. Btw do y'all recommend single or double room. I would think the privacy of a single room would be good but also boring. I'm going bananas!

A month and 3 days to go

CBC came back hemo is at 13 ????but still trying to get to 14. Rh is booked (dreambody diva) and suddenly not so anxious just excited. I think know my family and those that matter support my decision helped a great deal. Lost 8lbs only 7 more to reach my target. Everything seems to be falling into place. I was wondering if anyone could help me with knowing who to by the right size stage 1 and 2 faja? I mean how will I know what size I will be. I expect inflammation but that still doesn't do much to help with size picking. Oh and for comfy shoes anyobe have a suggestions? Any suggestions about what to bring would be grately appreciated.

Dr Mejia and his team are Godsend

He is honest, caring and has your best interest at heart. I am currently less than 24hrs post o.o and in a lot less pain than I expected. Cecilio is clean and modern with the most respectful staff.

1st post op visit+ massage

Lord have mercy, am I ever sore. But very pleased with my results. Getting on that Pineapple diet with lots of water.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far I have only dealt with the doctor assistant and she is awesome. Quick with replies and very helpful

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