29yrs Old, 4 Kids and Ready to Get This Extra Weight off. Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm so excited .. anticipated surgery in August ...

I'm so excited .. anticipated surgery in August 2015. I GOT MY QUOTE FROM DRA ALMONTE. . Tt, Lipo on waist, back , flanks armpits and a Bbl .. I wanted breast implants but she advised it would be too much at one time .. I need a surgery buddy! ... August 19th 2015. anyone !!? I just had my last son and I want my body back

I'm going crazy !

I really feel like I need someone to talk to who has experienced surgery with Dra Almonte.. I wanna make sure I have the right doctor .. I'm so confused right now .. all I want is a nice tummytuck scar and a good bellybutton .. I want a safe doctor to take their time on me ..


Should I keep Dra Almonte as my surgeon or keep researching .. can anyone tell me who they would refer me too based on my body shape .. ? Please help !

I'm ready to get the weight loss on the road !

okay so I'm super excited about my surgery!! But now the hard part begins.... I need to lose between 50 to 60 pounds before my surgery date in August 2015. I never really wanted to lose that much weight, but if it's safe for surgery I guess I have to! my husband really likes me thick ..but I think he'll like me more once I'm snatched! Time to get it right ..I also have a lot of work to do on my arms. I don't want huge arms with my new body ! anybody have any tricks up their sleeves? I need to target mainly my arms and legs...

I can't take this anymore!

I'm so in love with how things are turning out with Dra Almonte .. her assistant is absolutely amazing .. she is making me feel like I can stop my search for the perfect doctor .. she is who I am going too .. no doubt in my mind ... I'm going to pay my deposit tomorrow morning!

Starting my workout regimen!

I'm have 5 months to get it together ... I'll be losing 50lbs for safety reasons .. I love being power thick .. but my health is wayyy more important ! So today I walked (power walked ) my kids to School and back .. a total of 1 hour walking .. I'll do that 3 times a week ... along with 4 days at the gym ... my eating will change as well .. high protein low carbs ... fruit and vegetables daily ... about 1400 calories daily .. 1600 on cardio and leg day NO PROCESSED FOODS ! ... no eating past 730pm
..small meals though out the day ..
I'll also be working on my flexibility. .
I start all my vitamins as well .. I'LL POST PRE PICTURES AND MEASUREMENTS IN A BIT ..

I'm tired of hiding !

I'm ready to live life ! I'm 29 years old .. married with 4 children  .. ages 8,7,4 and 2months! I have always been bigger .. and I have always had a huge complex about my body since 7 years old ! It has caused me to miss out on soo many opportunities  in my childhood , teen and adult life .. I am very self conscious... I pass up so many things that could have made my life a whole lot better .. From singing  competitions , sports , prom, moving away to college with a full scholarship, good job opportunities, vacations! I've turned  down everything because I never felt pretty enough  .. I've always be curvy but where I lived that wasn't  the ideal shape  .. I was considered fat! Now that I'm done having all my children and  I am ready to enjoy my life! annnnnnd   this new shape that's taking over, just happens to be a lot like mine! I just need to have a little help getting  it where It should be ! I'm ready to trust the Dominican Republic!  I know they can make me beautiful  ! I'm on a weight loss journey  to get this baby weight off once again .. but after that Dra Almonte  will be performing  a TT Lipo BBl  on me  in August  2015 .. then round 2 for my BA and possible  Arm lift !    I'm really excited and I hope this is what I need to give me the confidence  that I have always wanted  ..

is it too early to take my supplements?

I'm 5 months pre op and I really do know if I should be going hard with all these vitamins just yet or should I?

Confused !

I really like Dra Almonte's tummy tucks but I'm now concerned she might not fill out my butt how I want it .. I don't wanna do two rounds ! What should I do ? Are there are other Dra's I should look into ? . Also I can't find a sx buddy ! I'm going in August 2015 .. anyone need a buddy maybe I can change me date

I've been Bullshitting !

I have my sx date set for August 17th .. I have my money .. I just have not been serious about losing weight .. I have 60lbs to lose in 2 months .. ummm not possible ! So I have to push my date back a month ! Any ladies going in September or October ? I need a buddy !?
Dra Fatima Almonte

So excited about choosing Dra Almonte as my surgeon .. I know she will do a good job ! 5 months until pre-op

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