29 , 3 Kids Looking to get BA W/BL, TT, Lipo, and BBL - Dominican Republic

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He Barbies! I am new to this site and I am...

He Barbies! I am new to this site and I am contemplating getting surgery this coming year around March or so. I have done some research and Love Yily, and Duran's work. I have spoken to Abreu as well and he recommended me not doing the implants and lift at the same time as the rest. But my Breast and Tummy are the 2 areas that concern me the most, I was mostly getting the but lift because I know it would look better and since I would be getting sx I thought I might as well look how I want to, and not come back with regrets. Just wondering where they would get the fat from if I do TT Lipo and BA w/ Lift now and go back later to do the BL. Idk. I'm stuck I definetly need to get SX after 3 kids and the last one being a C-Section. I have hated my body ever since I had my first child. Now my family is complete 2 girls and a boy, I have my Tubes tied and I want to b happy with myself again. So we will see where this journey takes me.

Quote from Yily!!!

So ladies, i finally got my quote back from Yily. To have sx with her(BA w/ BL , TT, Lipo, BBL) and 10 days in a RH plus pain meds. She quoted $6,900. Im excited just to hear back but as I am reading the email it explains the procedures what to expect. Medications taken. Health info, and reservation info. I was getting a little nervous to feel that this is really going to happen. I am not planning to go until beginning of 2016, but it will come before you know it.

Pre op photos and wish pics

Side Photos

you can see how my stomach sticks out. can barely see a butt. and my boobs are droopy.
This is the heaviest I have been in my life. It's very depressing. Hoping the Dr. can work miracles for me. Since I am not having any more kids. It is time to focus on myself and being happy too.
Most Doctors I have spoken to will not do all of the procedures that I wan at one time. my biggest concern is my stomach of course. next is my boobs. but most want to only do TT, Lipo and BBL not BA w/ Lift. I was basically only going to do the BBl cause I know it would look a lot better. but getting a lift is more important to me. Only thing I was thinking is if I ever decide to go get the BBL after this procedure. Where will they get the fat from?? what a dilemma. Decisions Decisions........

Does anyone have any updates on Duran?

Does anyone have any updates on Duran? I haven't heard back from her after receiving my quote. Bu have heard she will be off in September.

Still deciding

So I'm stuck between Duran and Medina. I love Duran's work and I know she can make me into my "dream Barbie". But I like how Medina answers all my questions and gets back to me within 24 hours. She also uses Gummy Bear implants which I want. They both quoted about the same price. just not sure what all included in duran's quote. I wish she would have something typed up in general to let everyone know what is include and what to expect like Yily does in hers.

Hemo Results!!

So I talked to my PCP about the results of my blood test and everything looks great and Hemo is at 13.2!!! I'm super excited! one thing off my mind just taking vitamins to keep it up

Decisions Decisions

So I received the information to send deposit to Duran after having to call her office twice. lol Now I just have to make my final decision and figure out what Dr i'm going to take. Also I wanted to schedule surgery the last week of February or beginning of March. Only thing is my Birthday is March 6th and I kind of wanted to be back for then to be with my family. but I really want to make sure my taxes come in before I go so I want to be safe and plan for the last week of February the 22nd. but the whole month of February is Carnaval and independence day is the 27th. so I'm worried things are gonna be crazy down there. I'm not sure what to do


So I'm stuck with trying to get the FMLA papers filled out from my work. I have tried to email Duran a few times with no response except to know she did receive it and will respond as soon as they can. well I think you can find a minute or 2 in the past 3 weeks. uggh so frustrating. Its things like this that are going to make me switch dr's I refuse to pay $200 to a consultant. Duran is expensive enough the way it is lol. someone help!!!

Sx Date Scheduled!!

Hey Dolls,
So I finally got to schedule my surgery date with Dra. Duran. My date is April 11th. it sucks that its so much further away than I was expecting, but it was the first available now.
at least it gives me time for my passport to come in and gather my supplies and some extra cash.
dra dy

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