29 Year old BBL -Evolution MD- Mirmair, FL DR. ZAYA

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I have started going through the steps of starting...

I have started going through the steps of starting my journey in to the wok of BBL and liposuction with Dr. Walkiris Robles. I have connected her and received a response with in two days. I submitted nude pictures for the consultation. I was told because of my stomach and the possible stretched out skin i may need a tummy tuck to look snatch. i will update with my current pictures before. i am about to complete the deposit process and want to know if i can get any guidance or help from previous patients of Dr. Robles. i would also like to put my deposit for April. Is anyone else going there during that time and needs a buddy.

Before pictures

So here are my before pictures. I am looking to have the surgery to feel like myself again. I told a couple of my friends and my mom. No one understands my want and need for this surgery. I keep getting the gym answer.

Change of plans

I am now going to evolution MDIn Miramir, Florida. I looked and had consultation with over Ten doctors and I think they can achieve my goals with out a tummy tuck the best.

Picture update -two months to go

This is a update on my pictures and wish pictures. I been dreaming of having a small waist for two years. I had a baby and she changes my body completely. I use to have no waist and alittle butt and now I'm just wide.


I am so close to my surgery day I have about 1 1/2 month to go. Everything is going wrong from me starting a new job and trying to figure out how to take off for 6 days for the surgery. I was suppose to go with a buddy but she hasn't even put her deposit down. then its how I want to look once the surgery is over. I want to have a snatched waist and a nice size butt. I also added fat transfer to my butts to even them out and make fuller from breast feeding twice. But I need to make sure my doctor can do that and I seen either fantastic pictures or not to my standards.

please help me on the supplies I should bring so I can get prepared correctly? please

Also does any one know of a recovery home or private nurse just in case I have to go completely alone in the Hollywood, Fl, Miramar or Desin, Fl area?

99 problem

I had this dumb great idea to go with a friend. Now I paid my deposit and she hasn't did a thing but waste mine and the coordinator time by not knowing what she wants and now complaining about everything. So now my buddy who was going to split the hotel bill isn't going at all. I found new inspiration wish pic

What's next

I am almost one month until my big day. Is there any other correspondence between the doctors office and the patient. I was told I needed to get blood work completed but are they going to email a referral for that. Like I'm so confused. Plus I am having a problem with taking off from
Work for the surgery. I will be there from Monday to Monday and I need leave for 6 days. I just started this job and don't have enough. Lord I need to find a way with out losing a lot of money.


It's about three weeks away. I still haven't got my referral for bloodwork. I talk to evolution md like two times and I was insured it would be emailed to me Monday. I understand they are busy but that's holding me up. I'm having issues with waiting for my money to cover it. I tired care credit and got denied. I'm at the finale weeks and it's all falling apart and I'm stress and now gaining more weight.


Well surgery is next Tuesday. I still didn't get cleared. I have maribel holding a room but we are all waiting for evolution md. I'm so nervous about everything and stressing out that I am gaining more weight


Surgery was on 5/17 with local anesthesia. It wasn't bad at all to me. I have a high pain level. The worst part is the massages. They are painful and they reopen the cuts every time to drain your body. I look a lot better it's been bout four days after surgery. My butt is larger. Will post pics once I get home

Almost two Month update

I can sit again. The itching is almost gone. This is my butt. I'll take pictures of my stomach later. I have been eating horribly and I stopped using the garments two weeks ago.

More pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

changed doctors to stay in the USA

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