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I have been skinny majority of my childhood. Then...

I have been skinny majority of my childhood. Then I had sex towards my senior year and BAM my body looked amazing. I was 125 lbs with a 34 C cup and a hour glass figure. Thennnn the next year (19 yrs old) I became pregnant with my 1st child. Amazing pregnancy but horrible delivery. Gaining almost 50lbs weighed 172lbs at delivery. Fast forward 7 years baby #2 comes along. I am now 180lbs pre pregnancy weight. Again another easy pregnancy, and that was an amazing delivery, BUT i was now 220lbs!!!! 40lbs with this pregnancy wasn't too bad... Until it wouldn't come off!! At the age of 28 I was now 215lbs with no gut full of human and my abs wouldn't stick back together. I be came soon depressed because i would work out every day for 2 hours a day eat as clean as possible and drink all this water. NOTHING happened. I was toned but still fat. Until around Dec 2015, i dropped a lot of stressors and the weight came down. As of June 2016 I am now 188lbs. BUTTTT i still don't like what i see in the mirror. I look good in clothes but I want to look good naked too!

Since 2012 I have stalked this site lol. Until 2014 they made me get a profile to see all the amazing results pictures. I know that's so sad lol. Any who I commend you all!!! This takes some strong willed mental and emotional courage and strength to go through what y'all have.

I'm ready to start my journey, i'm looking at surgeons in the Dominican Republic. So if anyone wants to share their stories or tag me in them I would really appreciate it. I just don't know where to go or start.


My body as of July 1st. I have the frame, I just need to sculpting. It's not enough to diet and exercise on the world. ???? I just want to look and feel good on my own skin.

Quotes and Dates

So i'm not sure if this is normal or not but I was approached by a 3rd party saying they are a scheduler for the Dr.'s I was interested in. In my gut i didn't trust it but I proceeded anyways. I picked 3 Dr's of my choice and was quoted prices for the procedures but the prices i was quoted were 1 to 2 though dollars more than what I saw posted on this site by other women. The prices were ONLY for the surgery and not including the RH or transportation.

I finally went with my gut feeling and reached out to the Dr.'s via Real Self DIRECTLY. TOTAL MIND BLOWN. With in 48 I had the quotes with and with out the recovery houses and transportation, and lets just say they were WAYYYYY cheap and they were including the RH. I I'm not sure what's the deal with the 3rd parties, but I would say always goto through this site to speak to the Dr. of your choice.

I am still on the hunt for a Dr. I can decide between Diaz or Mallol. They both do AMAZING work. The dates I'm looking into are the end of November/early December. I'm trying to get a sx buddy or one of my friends or family to go with me. I have taking daily vitamins, folic acid, and iron to build my immune system. I know it's a huge start but I believe in preparing my mind and body.
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