28yr Old mom of 2 prepping for mommy makeover

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Hello All, I am in the process of saving for Sx....

Hello All,
I am in the process of saving for Sx. I haven't received a quote but I'm saving 8K for my Sx. I plan to use BellaVita as my POC for my Sx since they coordinate everything for you. Any & all advice regarding the process what to do to prepare and what to bring is welcome and appreciated.

wish pic comments and questions

So after looking at a bunch of profiles and wish pics I have actually found one that I consider to be attainable for my body type. I am hoping that post Sx I will have a similar figure. I feel I deserve to modify my body to the shape I see fit as I have given birth to two children. I only hope my husband and I do not have any urges for more babies once I complete my Sx. I am only 28 though but who knows time will tell. My goal is to have a successful surgery and beautiful god fearing, hot mom, hot naval nurse officer, and a beautiful confident woman and wife. Life is too short to live unhappily so I am doing what I feel will make me more confident in myself. I hope to meet some wonderful people during this journey. I am enjoying sharing my story as well reading the stories of others. I do have a question for those that have already had their Sx can you do autologous donation for transfusion if you come earlier than your scheduled Sx date and if so haw far in advance would you have to go to Dr in order to do it. Well I look forward to hearing your stories and feedback ladies. Ttyl

Researching and contacting doctors

There seems to be a lot of difficulty in reaching certain doctors especially if your date isn't in the immediate future (6 months or so) but I am not letting it discourage me. A friend of mine has told me to get my surgery here in the states and pay for the piece of mind and I am weighing all options. On the contrary I do like the silhouette that the ethnic doctors are capable of producing so time will tell. I have been following a few ladies stories that had their procedures with Dra. Fragoso Baez and I have contacted her via email. I contacted Duran 3 times and still I haven't received a response yet. I haven't used Bella Vita yet as I wanted to see if I could contact the doctor on my own first so when I get closer to my date which is about a year away and once I am set on a surgeon if I select Duran then I will contact bella vita as I know they can get in contact with the ladies at CIPLA and book everything quickly and efficiently. If anyone has any stories regarding these two doctors recently I would love to read you stories as I am big on reviews and safety. I read a review that talked about registering my trip with STEP which is a part of the American embassy that works with the country your traveling to so I will register with them when I book my flight. I have also been checking credentials as I want a board certified plastic surgeon operating on me not just any random medical doctor because all doctors can do surgery but a plastic surgeon is a specialist and continuously received the latest updates regarding surgery and going under the knife is serious so i gotta be sure. So yea, this is where I am in my journey. I do hope to get some feed back from y'all and as September 2015 rolls around I hope to talk to and meet some great people that are on similar journeys. I will update soon.

Mixes feelings

So I recently contacted Duran and she said I must lose 25lbs before my quote. Sucks but I need to be healthy. Right now I'm 5 feet 4 inches 190lbs so I have to come down to 175 before I can get a quote. I had my labs drawn and my hemo is already good. 13.7 and I don't take any supplements but I still plan to prepare my body since I have heard your hemo drops when you fly to DR. I also talked to my pcp and he is not ok with me traveling to have surgery. He is even willing to work with me with my weight loss so that I can be healthy enough dor a tt or lipo in the states. Idk what I am going to do. In a sense I really want ro go to DR and get lipo and a bbl but I also trust my pcp. Plus I am wondering what the long-term results will be of this decision. I read so much about women receiving attention they dont want after these surgeries. While I want ro get my body back I am also more reserved than out there plus I plan to join the navy so I am wondering if the surgery will complicate things for me or make me a target for sexual harassment. I know I am thinkning logically but I wonder if I am over thinking. Plus I do wonder in 10 or 15 years how in will feel about having a fatty . Idk I am a bit confused maybe I just want lipo and I need to do some serious squats. Decisions decisions.
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