Putting my Plastic Surgery journey on hold for Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

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After stalking several members for a while, I...

After stalking several members for a while, I decided to start my journey to repair my post baby body. I emailed Dr. Tania Medina de Garcia with pictures to see what the damage would be for a whole new me.

I'm wanting a TT,BBL, full lipo, and also would like my implants removed and breasts lifted. I understand all of this may not be possible in one sx.

I started out as a 34 b/c at about 145 lbs. I'm now 200 and carrying around 38DDDs or bigger(I can't find bras that fit correctly). I had originally considered a lift with a smaller implant but I miss the days of sleeping on my stomach without having to hold my chest off of the bed. At this point it would be refreshing to not feel something inside of me 20+ times a day.

I don't have major issues with my implants, though I have dealt with back, neck, and shoulder pain since getting my BA and having a child and gaining weight only makes me want to get this weight off of my chest even more!

Quote from Medina!

So I had received a quote yesterday!!! It was in my junk mail :( Being that i'm an impatient person, I had decided to message Dr Medina on WhatsApp, thinking i would get a faster response. Before she even sent me the 2nd quote after our talk, I noticed the original one in my junk mail. Here's what she said I need:

After see your pictures I understand I can improve your body with the following:

" Tummy tuck, Liposuction on back, flanks, waist and with or without lipoinyection to Buttock (BBL) + Breast lift with implant exchange"

After years of implants, I want them gone! I want a natural breast with a lift. Even if it means a small, yet perky breast. I messaged her back, asking if this would be possible. I'm waiting for a response.

She also said I need to lose weight but didn't say how much :-/

In the search for a doctor

I read a great review for DR O a while back so I requested a quote for surgery. Fast forward a few weeks and I received and odd email that I almost deleted but I decided to look up browards website and realized that they have Dr O listed as working there.

So without hesitation, I requested a quote and starting searching for ore reviews. I'll start by saying that I didn't really understand the quote because it says 3500 for full price or 3900 for half a surgery??!

Need more sleep!

Where do I start? I've been stalking this site for a while. Now that I've been interviewing doctors, I feel like not only am I on this site more, but I'm now searching doctors on IG and Facebook. This is hard to do during the day with a one year old whose favorite word is Mom. So once he goes to sleep, I spend the next 4 hours or so on my laptop, either doing classwork or researching for surgery. By the time the morning rolls around, I'm so tired that I drag butt all day and I'm finding it really hard to make healthy food choices when I'm tired and grouchy. Any tips to shutting down at night or making weight loss easier? I'm open to anything girls! Good luck to everyone and sleep tight!
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