Dr. Duran!! BA W/BL, TT, Full Lipo, BBL W/Fat Grafting- Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi Everyone! I've been back and forth on this site...

Hi Everyone! I've been back and forth on this site for a few yrs now. I've been team Yily for a while now, however with all the recent negative reviews I'm nervous now. Having my 1st child took a big toll on my body and my second one even more so. I'm 4"7 and about 158 pounds (the heaviest I've ever been!)
I have read a lot of different reviews from different girls on here with different Dr.'s, even here in the states. I just LOVE, LOVE the results of Yily, and Duran!! I want a bbl, bl, ba, lipo and fat grafting?! I don't know if this is over kill. I'm unsure weather or not I should also lose some weight 1st?

Waiting for my quotes!!

Soo, I got up enough courage to take pictures and send them out. I am currently
waiting on quotes from Yily, Duran, and Baez. I can't seem to find Cabral's email or a way of contacting him online. Does anyone know how to? I know my body is a hot mess but I will put up my pictures anyways!


So, it's amazing I emailed her last night and then at 2:30am. (I just wanted to make sure that my email went through as I had a gmail and a hotmail email for her. ) I just got my email today 02/09/14 @ 10:42AM! It only took her a few hours! So I guess what everyone says is right, Sunday's are the best days to get a hold of her!
I have been working on losing weight. Which she told me I should lose 20 pounds, and I agree!
I will try and post my quote!

Duran's Quote!

Hola Kimberly
Es importante que bajes de peso para poder abarcar las areas que quieres trabajarte y por tu salud
Pierde al menos 20 libras.
Requisitos MBI debajo de 34, hemoglobina sobre 13 en EU y estar saludable en general
Si puedo hacer lipo bbl, tt y bl mi precio us6,700
Si fuera lipo, bbl y tt us4,800
Si fuera solo mamas us3,000
Aqui te dejo la información general, puedes llamar mañana a mi oficina y ponerte de acuerdo con mi asistente para la cita
Aqui te dejo la informacion general:
No debes traer medicamentos es solo para que tengas una idea, aqui usted compra todo y no se arriesga a traer lo que no quiero, o necesita.

Medication before surgery:
i like To know hemoglobin level if It is possible If not You can use a month before: Iron with ácido folico and vitamin C and B12 (only It before surgery)
Use 2 days before surgery antibacterial soap for take shower like dermiscrub liquid soap.

After surgery You'll need:

-fraxiparina o mexaprin
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
-hierro (Iron)
Vitamina C, B12
Proteína (ensure)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema)

toallas sanitarias (pad)
Franela o t sirt cotton (blanco, white)
Toallitas húmedas (wipes)
Ropa cómoda (confortable clothes)

This price includes:

•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 or us150 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is around $150 USD

The patient is responsible for reserving their flight and stay. I recommend that my patients stay at a recovery house to ensure they are receiving the proper care during their recovery. Please reserve your stay and send me the details of your choice upon confirmation of surgery. You will need to be here for at least 10 days

Angela’s Recovery House
+1 809-595-3109
Jazmine RH +1809 916-3543 and 1809531-2988
Soraya RH 1809 856-2002

Real recovery Armonia

Karleigh Harris

If you would like to secure your date for surgery, please send a us250 deposit
Bank Account (for deposit, You can transfer money from Citibank To my bank Banreservas) not electronic transfer please (it is personaly from bank to bank in us money)
Banco de reservas República Dominicana.
200 02 092 000588 4
Agustina Hilario Duran
ABA 021000089

Please note: This deposit is non-refundable unless due to medical or emergency purposes, which then must be accompanied by proper documentation.

Our airport is located in the city of Santo Domingo and is called Las Americas International Airport (SDQ).
These are the airlines that provide commercial flights from there United States:
· American Airlines

· Continental Airlines

· Delta Airlines

· Spirit Airlines (Cheap)

· Jet Blue (Cheap)

Please send me an email once you have sent the deposit so that I can confirm and secure your date. Also provide me with your flight information and recovery house details once you have them so that I am able to ensure you have everything you need for your stay.

Thank you,

Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA)
137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
(809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212,

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Dra Hilario Durán


So, I've been on RS all day! I don't know if I should put my deposit down for Duran or wait for other quotes. I really want to have my sx this summer while my kids are on summer break. Dates are filling up fast as we know it, and my son's bday is Aug. 07.. I'm thinking some time after that?. Unless i find a date for June or early July that someone canceled. My spouse isn't thrilled at the idea of me having sx, let alone in another country. I would love for him or my mom to come along, but everyone is always all talk. I really don't want to go alone, but if I need to I will.
I wish I could have the waist Yily gives with Duran's booty skillz, lol. I'm thinking of buying a phone card so my phone bill isn't too crazy! I guess I will see if I get any quotes back from anyone else this week. I Love, Love, Duran's work. I would love to get the works done, but realistically, maybe I should just do tt, bbl, and lipo for now. I can wait for Bl and Ba and get it done at Vanity with Dr. Jonthan Fischer. I'm thinking expenses to take someone with me would be my responsibility as well. My mom is a message therapist so that would work in my favor. However, I'm pretty sure she would only be able to take a week off. I plan on staying 2 weeks. Decisions, decisions!

Looking for a Buddy!

If anyone is going to DR. for sx in the summer and needs a buddy let me know! I haven't placed a deposit down yet. I was trying to see if anyone else would get back to me but I Love Duran's work and I know she will get me where I want to be. Ladies, let me know! I'm excited!

Looking for a June or July date with Duran!

Hey Ladies, I'm looking for a date in June or July. If anyone wants to cancel or if you find an earlier date and need to give up a summer date up, I'm here!

Got my date! YAY!!

So I called early this morning and BAM! I'm Set to go 08/28/14!! I'm sure they had a sooner Appt. But this is what works best for me. Now it's time to start buying supplies and getting my iron up. I was thinking of buying one of those Hemo Monitors. Anywho, Im really excited! Dr. Duran is the only one that has replied back to me.
I sent emails to
I'm happy with my choice as she was one of my top choices. It was between Duran and Yily.

Quote from Dr. Yily!!

Thank you for contacting the office of Dra. Yily de los Santos.

We appreciate your inquiry and have prepared the quote below based on the information you have provided us. We have also included relevant information on the requested procedures and as well as important things you should know before and after surgery. Please read through the email and feel free to reach out to us should you require additional information. We look forward to help you achieve your dream body. Kindly note all prices quoted throughout this email are in US dollars. The quote is valid for 6 months. Quotes are not negotiable. This pricing is effective January 2014.

Please read this message entirely before asking questions, as you may already find the answer in the information provided below.

1. Removing areas, such as the armpits, from the Liposuction procedure DOES NOT change the quote.
2. You cannot substitute one area for another.
3. Liposuction is REQUIRED to do a BBL. That is how the fat is obtained to do the grafting.
4. Below is the individual pricing for additional surgeries you may want to add to your quote. They are only listed so you can be aware of the price and customize your quote.
5. This quote also contains avail surgery dates and how to book your surgery. Please read the entire quote.
6. We do not offer group discount.

Quote Total: $3,500
The above quote total includes the following procedures:
· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits (not arms), flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Additional surgeries. Add to the base quote above only if you want them.
· Liposuction of arms $300 additional
· Liposuction of inner thighs $300 additional
· Liposuction of chin $200 additional
· Breast Augmentation $1000 additional
· Breast Reduction/Lift $700 additional
· Breast Augmentation w/Lift $1200 additional
· Tummy Tuck $1000 additional
The above prices are valid if you add them to the quote above.

Also included in the quote total are the following:
? One compression garment (distributed by SILIMED)
? EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist
? Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)
? Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Optional Costs:
? Lymphatic massages $31 each session (10 sessions suggested)
? Additional garment $140
? Compression sleeves for your arms $60
? Compression Socks $20
? Blood Transfusion $250
? Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present within the first 30 days after surgery. $150

Where to stay:
We recommend you stay at Upscale Recovery House, San Souci’s Luxury Recovery House.
Website: www.UpscaleRH.com
Email address: Reservations@UpscaleRH.com
Triple Room is $75 per night per person
Double Room is $85 per night per person
Visit the website to see what’s included.

Booking a date for surgery:
Select the date you would like to have surgery. Send us an email with the date you have selected and your full name. We will advise if the date is available, if not we will provide you with options. We recommend you plan your date accordingly, allowing yourself to remain in the country for two weeks. If you cannot stay two weeks, you must stay for minimum of 10 days so we can guarantee that you leave without risk. Please take into account the procedures you want to have. The more procedures you have, the longer you should stay.

In order to confirm and guarantee your surgery date, you must secure your date with a deposit of $300(NON-REFUNDABLE). A deposit via bank wire is required as a show of good faith that you are serious about having surgery. In the past we have scheduled patients for surgery who did not show up. We apologize we cannot guarantee a surgery date without a deposit. Verbal confirmation a date is available for surgery does not guarantee you that date. Surgeries are scheduled on first come basis when the deposit is made. Once your deposit is made please send me an email with a photo attached of the wire transfer confirmation. The deposit date and amount must be visible. I will respond to your email confirming your date is guaranteed. You must provide proof of your wire confirmation on the day of your surgery. If you do not provide proof the amount will not be deducted from your surgery fee.

Your wire transfer MUST include the following info:
Patient’s Full name & Date of surgery

Send deposit from your bank (if you do not have a bank account search online on how to wire money internationally)

Wire Transfer Information:
Banco de Reservas de la República Dominicana
Recipient: First name: Yily Lastname: De Los Santos
Account Number: 200-02-280-001088-7
Swift Code: BRRDDOSD
Office: San Soucí
Address: Naval 27 de Febrero
City: Los Mameyes.
Zip Code: 11603
Phone: 809-788-9696

What to bring:
? You will need to provide identification with a photo in order to complete your admission. (Government issued ID, Passport or Driver’s License)
? You need to bring loose clothes. Example maxi dress, sweats, button down shirt, etc.
? T-Shirt/tank top to wear under your garment.
? Box of baby wipes
? Kotex (menstrual pads). Thick ones. (To be placed under your garment to provide cushion)
? Socks

The following medications will be prescribed to you after surgery. The costs of these medications are not included in your quote total. You may purchase these medications at any local pharmacy here for approximately $250 or in your country. Please note some medications and/or doses may not be available in your country without a prescription.
? HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days.
This medication is prescribed to prevent blood clots.
? CLAVULIN (CLAVULANIC ACID AND AMOXICILINE) 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days.
This medication is an antibiotic prescribed to combat infection.
? RONEX: Take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours, then at 4th day
Take 1 every 8 hours for 10 days.
? FINITACID (ESOMEPRAZOL) 40 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days.
This medication is prescribed to combat heartburn and acid reflux
? FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.
This medication is commonly known as IRON. It is prescribed to combat iron deficiency.
? THROMBOCID OR ARNICA CREAM: Apply on the operated area 2 times a day for 10 days.
This cream is prescribed to combat bruising and swelling.
? VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
? FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.

Before Surgery:
? Your Hemoglobin Level must be no less than 12.7. Start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate (Iron), folic acid & vitamin C approx. 3 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery date. No prospective patient will be operated on if their hemoglobin level is not at least 12.7
? Your Body Mass Index (BMI) needs to be below 35. So the anesthesiologist can work with you.
? Pre-operative test will be completed at our clinic either the day before your surgery or the morning of your surgery. We will not under any circumstances accept pre-operative test results conducted outside of our clinic.
? It is recommended you visit a cardiologist prior to your scheduled surgery date. You want to ensure you take every measure to ensure you are in good health before your surgery. The tests you want to have done are an EKG & radiography.
? It is also recommended you have blood work done prior to scheduled surgery date. Again you want to ensure you are healthy enough to have surgery. The tests you want to have done are Creatinine, Glucose, full blood count & Hematocrit.
? Stop smoking and/or taking drugs.
? It is recommended you have a doctor or nurse available in your country to drain your liquids if needed upon your return.

About the procedures:
The day of surgery
You have to fast the day of surgery so don't eat or drink anything but water. You have to be in the clinic at 7 am, you’ll have the test done, the consultation with me and then the surgery. One of my assistant will be with me to translate and for a better communication.

After surgery
I will give you instructions and recommendations for your recovery. You will stay 1 night in the clinic. You have to wear the garment for 3 months and can’t spend more than 45 minutes a day without it during these months.

We usually use continuous epidural block. Although some patients prefer general anesthesia, it is at the discretion of the anesthesiologist. He is a trusted professional and knows what anesthesia is the best for each patient.

Breast Augmentation
The implants are placed under the muscle. The stitches are absorbable; they do not need to be removed. I do not transfer fat to breast because of the issue of breast cancer.

Tummy tuck
The tummy tuck scar/incision is 4cm from the pubic line. I use stitches that dissolve, so they do not have to be removed. I cannot tell you how many inches your waist will be reduced as that is dependent on your diastasis and the separation of your muscles. This will be determined during surgery. Your abdomen muscles will be repaired as part of this procedure. You will have a drain after surgery that will collect excess fluid. This drain will be removed in 7-14 days, depending on your recovery. Please note it is recommended you wait at least 1 year to get pregnant after having this procedure.

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)
This procedure entails grafting fat from other areas of your body and injecting it into your buttocks. I cannot determine how much fat I can graft before surgery. The amount of fat injected in the buttocks will depend on how much fat your buttocks can accept and your hip size. The fat will be injected in all directions as long as it does not compress the sciatic nerve. Too much fat injected in the buttocks can cause necrosis or form abscesses. This mainly occurs when the patient does not have proper post-op care. After having a BBL you CAN sit on your butt and sleep on your back.

Important notice about BBLs: Most of the butts in the “wish pics” that some of my patients send me are made of PMMA. I do not use PMMA. Due to a high infection rate, I do not use butt implants. I solely do fat grafting and inject the fat in the buttock. I will always try to give my patients their desired results, but we have to be aware that there are limits when injecting fat.

Additional Info:

? The name of the airport is Aeropuerto de las Americas located on Av. Las Americas.
? Airport Code: SDQ

Transportation to the clinic
? If you stay at a Recovery House, they will pick you up from the airport and take you to the clinic.
? If you want to go to the clinic by yourself , the address is:
Av. Pedro Henriquez Urena 137 between Av. Abraham Lincoln and Av. Tiradentes. Suite 208

I can only schedule you for an appointment once you have sent in your $300 deposit. See available dates below. Once you send your deposit, send us an email with a clear copy showing your name and the amount. Tell us what date you want to confirm and we will add you to the calendar and send you confirmation. Appointments will not be scheduled without a deposit.

Available Dates for 2014:
Feb is full. No more appointments.
March 13, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27 and 31 – This is all that is left for March.
Every Monday thru Friday in April 1-30 is available, except the 7th, 14th, 17th & 18th. These 4 dates are NOT avail.
May 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12-16, 19-23 & 26-30
No appoints avail Aug 20 – Sept 21
Oct – Dec mostly every Monday – Friday are avail

Thank you

2014-02-08 19:46 GMT-05:00 Kimberly Torres :
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Dra Yily De Los Santos
Cirujana Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva

Trying to reconfirm My Date.

So with these dates filling up fast! I wanted to reconfirm my appt. of course I got the hang ups, and ringing and ringing. I'm just nervous as I totally for got to ask the girls name that took down my name and quote price last week so I'm freaking out. lol I just want to make sure everything goes ok. I'm also confused as when sending the deposit from BOA they ask if this is a business or personal acct we are sending the money to. I want to make sure I do this right so I've been trying to get a hold of them to ask them. Does anyone else know? Thanks! I'm just going to do it through my bank as I've heard you have to open an acct with citi bank if you want to send it like the instructions. Anyways you lovely ladies have a great morning!!

Angela's RH

So, I called and set up my stay at Angela's rh. She's so nice and answered all of my questions. She said she would take care of me, not to worry. I asked about bringing someone and if I needed to. She made me feel comfortable in doing this thing solo. I'm doing this either way, Family member, buddy or nothing.
She asked if the Dr. Told me to take vitamins so my hemo was good for sx date. I'm totally excited!!

No support

My mom and bf don't want me to go to DR to get my sx. My bf is just not for plastic surgery period. We just got into an argument about it because he thinks I'm going to flaunt my self everywhere. I just want to feel confident again. My boobs sag, and my tummy is blah. Even if I lose weight it will be wrinkly because of all my stretch marks. My butt, well, I don't have one, but I do not have to get it. To be honest its a plus because I've always wanted a bigger butt. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Like I want something bad. I just want to feel good in my own skin again. Is that Too much to ask for?
Anyways I bought vitamins from cvs yesterday. They had bogo on vitamins so I saved money.

Re-Confirmed My Appt!!

So I called this morning just to reconfirm my appt. and it did take me about 10 calls later but I did speak with someone. YAY!! SO, I knew I was confirmed but I had to reconfirm before I went through the trouble of buying my plane ticket. I've bought some supplies, but I'm trying to focus on my plane ticket and my passport for now. I have so much time that I can build my supplies little by little in the next few months.

Diaz Doll?? My Quote!!

i saw your pics, can do a great job on your body!! The quote for:
1- tummy tuck + lipo + bbl + breast lift/implants is 6500 dollars
2- breast lift/implants is 3200 dollars
These quotes includes: blood work, x-ray, ekg, cardiovascular evaluation, anesthesiologist, surgical procedure, one night clinic (breast only is ambulatory), garment, bra, massages and follow up. I can make a package incluning 10 days stay, transportation from-to airport and pos op meds for 1000 dollars extra. The payment is cash only. Have to save a date with a 500 dollars deposit to our Bank of America account # 898054962186 or by western union to Manuel de Jesus Diaz Guzman, address: ave. pedro henriquez urena 137, santo domingo, republica dominicana. When do deposit send me a pic or copy of the receipt for confirmation. Any question don't hesitate to ask..
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