27, 5 Kids, in Need of a Body Transformation - Dominican Republic, DO

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After searching Realself for months now, I have...

After searching Realself for months now, I have decided to create an account. Hello, I am 27. I have given birth to six kids. My second pregnancy I went into premature labor and was forced to have my baby 4 months early. That started my journey of c-sections. The baby did not live. However, I had four more children and 5 c-sections total since then. I enjoy being a mother to my five children, but the damage it has done to my body is depressing. 

Ever since I had my second child (11 years ago) I have been looking into plastic surgery. It just seem to be impossible. The prices that are offered in the US were just too pricey. With the procedures that I want, it would cost over $30,000. So plastic surgery just became a dream for me. Then, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. One of my close friends told me that they went to the DR and had lipo and BBL done by Dra. Baez. I instantly became an investigator. I started sending off emails. I sent in email to Baez, Duran, and Yily. I got a response back with a few days from Baez. The others never replied. This was in September 2013. I told her that I was interested in TT, BL,BBL, and LIPO. She sent her quote and informed me that I needed to lose weight and set a date for me of April 12. At the time that I sent my email I was 231, now I am 208 and still losing. I want to be at 175 by the time of my surgery. It takes a lot of work, but I am sure I can do it. 

So I started to tell my friends and family what I have decided to do. Of course, some are supportive, but then some have a lot of negative things to see. Either way, this is something that I am going to do, and this will make me feel happy with myself. My husband (father of all my children) and I are now separated. I want to get my sexy back and be confident in myself. At first, my older sister wasn't so supportive, but as I started showing her before and after pics, she started searching for herself. 

Now, I have a buddy and someone close to me that I can relate too. We will be going together and having the same surgeries done. She is scheduled with Baez the day after me. I am so happy to have her with me. We have been losing weight together and confiding in each other with our concerns and expectations. Her husband wasn't as supportive at first, but now he can't wait. As she has been searching she came across Disla. She instantly fell in love with her. They starting chatting like best friends. Disla gave immediate responses. I started looking into her work and LOVED IT!!! I emailed Disla, and just like my sister stated, she emails back immediately with more then one response and asked questions. She requested that I send her more pictures and gave me her opinion on what I need. She also as the earlier dates that we need. As both me and my sister have children in school and the start of spring break would be a great time. Now, we are comparing the two and leaning more towards Disla. I have never been away from my children more then a few days so I know that is going to be a huge challenge for me. Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Can't wait for my transformation. I will be posting my before pics soon. I am so excited!!


Hello All,
Just want to thank everyone for the support. I truly appreciate it. 61 more days to go and I am sooo excited. Weight loss is still a struggle, but I will get there. I would still love to have my thick frame, just want to lose some and tone the rest. I will be posting pics soon. Have been busy with work, children, and basketball games.

36 days til DR

April 7th is the day and we are going with Dra. Disla! So excited Thanks girls for your support. Good Luck everyone! I will keep everyone posted!!


Well it is now April 15th. My sister and I have moved our surgery dates til the end of May, which is quickly approaching. We didn't receive our passports back in time. I am just ready to get it all over with. Deposit is paid and we both have purchased everything we will need for the trip.
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