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So, i've been doing research for a few months now....

So, i've been doing research for a few months now. Finally decided to go with dr robles. Originally I was set on going with "dr miami" but after my friend recommended dr robles, and dr miami never called for my scheduled consultation -__- it was an easier decision. I would never have thought to go out the country to do these procedures because I would just be too scared but after doing research and hearing about my friends experience as well as seeing how amazing she looks im sold. I started taking this juice that they recommended and I have to get a cbc test before I fly out but with gods will by the 22nd of april I shall be on the journey back to the old me.

the count down begins

I'm so nervous about my surgery, Thank god for my 5 month year old daughter that keeps me preoccupied for most of the day because its all I can think since I sent the deposit. I don't know if I mentioned that already, but if I didn't, yes they did ask for a 300 dollar deposit to hold my date. I haven't booked my flight yet because I didn't take my cbc test but in the next two weeks that should be done. I have been ordering a few items online for the trip though. i got the vitamedica recovery program, the rose oil, the compression stockings with holes for the toes. I think I will also be taking some ensure drinks or boost shakes because I know a lot of girls mention it being very difficult to eat or the lack of appetite after and I know its super important to get nutrition while healing. Not to mention I tend to get very constipated when out of the country because I just can't tolerate the food.
Lucky i barely used my stool softeners when I had my C-section because I still have the whole bottle and my friend suggested I take them two days before I take my flight.
I'm super grateful I won't be going alone. I've been reading so many post from women that go alone and it seems that they have a much harder time because they are depressed and miss home on top of the very painful healing process. I think I'm more scared of the experience in the recovery house. I know its going to hurt. I'm mentally preparing myself for that but because its out the country and I've seen some post ( not a lot, but still) from women that had a terrible experience with the staff that worries me more than anything. i don't have many doubts about the doctors ability to make me look good because as I mentioned before my friend went to her and looks great but she didn't stay in the recovery house she stood with family. I'm contemplating getting a hotel so my husband and I are more comfortable but than I'm wondering what happens if something goes wrong. Well I'll email them and see what their opinion is.

this is probably going to be the second most emotional experience in my life, after having my daughter. I've never spent more than 72 hrs away from her and to be away for almost two weeks is going to be devastating to me. She's my only child and although many people disagree with my husband and my decision she will stay an only child which is why I decided to get the procedure so quickly after having her. I'll be going back to work and school when she's one and I really just want to be able to look and feel like I use to as quickly as possible. call me superficial but a big part of feeling good for me is feeling sexy. I use to get picked on as a child because I was chubby then I hit puberty lost all the weight and after that was obsessed with never being chubby again. But as we all know its much easier to stay skinny when you are already skinny. I've been dieting since i gave birth and doing work outs here and there but because of my c-section i lift the way i use to and lets be honest, when you have a new baby its rare that you have a moment for yourself and when you do the gym is def not the first thing on your mind. Plus, I was told to fix my hernia (outty belly button) I would have to have surgery basically no amount of working out would repair it. So here I am. Thats my story lol

I look forward to updating more but thats all for now.

cbc test done, vitamins just came in

So I sent my Cbc test to the doc and everything is looking good to go for the surgery. My level was 12.7 and I believe it has to be over 12.3 to get the okay. She just told me to keep taking my vitamins.
I also just received my vitamedica recovery program. It was 95 dollars with free shipping took about 4 days to get here. I'm suppose to start 2 weeks before the surgery and will have to stop taking all my other supplements when I do. There are very specific instructions for taking them but honestly I can't remember all of them so I'm going to have to read through it again when it comes time to take them.

Now i just have to book my flight and buy all my supplies. My husband found some pretty good prices for round trip so that should be done by this weekend. I'll be staying there for exactly 10 days so I'll be coming back may 2nd.

I'm so ready for this to be done with. I'm very anxious. I've been dieting and i feel like I'm getting fatter :(. I'm still 162 but my stomach looks more bloated I hope that means I'm getting my period because I wouldn't want to get it later in the month and have to worry about it messing with surgery.

So I've been reading all these reviews on RH and it seems the best one is Virgina's. I asked Laura if she could book me to stay at that one but she totally ignored my request in her reply. So I asked again in my next email. Hopefully she does it. She does have a tendency of ignoring some of my questions when she replies.

Thats all the update I have for now!

flight booked!

So every day it becomes a little more real to me. I'm one step to closer to fitting in all the beautiful new clothes I bought before I got pregnant!!! My husband booked our flights today. We'll be leaving a day earlier because we couldn't find any decent priced flights for the day before the surgery that got us there before 7pm. I emailed Laura our itinerary and asked if she had any openings for thursday instead of wednesday because i rather not be there a whole day just waiting. My husband thinks its good because then we'll at least enjoy a day there without me being uncomfortable but I rather just get it over with. So we'll see what she says.

I bought some more supplies today. Here's a list of what I have so far:
1. Gauze
2. Surgical tape
3. Alcohol
4. Saline wound wash spray
5. dial soap
6. travel size tooth paste, shampoo, mouth wash, etc ...
7. Robe
8. extra strength tylenol
9. two tablets of oxI that my bro gave me from his knee surgery (just in case the second day is as bad as everyone says it is)
10. vitamins
11. gloves,
12. Q-tips
13. hand sanitizer
14. body wipes
15. stool softners (from c-section)
16. pad and panty liners

i think mainly whats left is comfortable clothes, compression stockings, the rose oil and some rags so I can wipe myself down. I read that they don't allow you to take showers because the water isn't pure and they don't want you to get infected. I'll def make sure to get my hair nails and toes done before I go and also shave so I don't look like such a hot mess if I can't do it over there. Ive been getting laser hair removal treatments i wonder if I should let them know that. hmm

Anyways its late. I'll update if anything pops up that i feel is worth talking about.

Almost a month away..

So I got my travel info emailed to me last week. Lauren sent all the numbers I need and told me while will be picking me up from the airport. She also booked Virginia's recovery house for my husband and I to stay at. It still doesn't feel real yet but I know it's coming fast. Im excited but I'm also a little stressed because I've been having all sort of issues with my studio and part of me feels so guilty for using my savings for this instead of just using it to move into a bigger place. Oh well the money is spent so I'll just have to grind after I heal.

I bought some dresses and got the rest of the stuff I needed. Just have to pick up my luggage from storage. I just can't wait to get this over with!

Anyways not much more to update. I'll post more if anything comes to mind.

1 month away

Officially one month from my departure date! I'm excited but still feeling a little nervous. Not about the recovery house anymore because I feel pretty confident that I chose a good one based on all the reviews and pictures I saw. Now I'm just thinking about leaving my baby girl and also when I come back trying to heal when I know she needs constant attention. My mother in law offered to help and but she also works so there will be a few hours that I will be on my own with her. I asked my sisters also but I just feel like such a burden. I really want to make sure that my scar heals nicely. That shit is going to be huge and I don't want it to be uglier than it already is. I really hope she can make it as low as my c section incision. Anyway, I'm still drinking my juices and taking my vitamin c and my prenatals. In two weeks I'll start my vitamedica. I'll update when I do and let you guys know if it makes me sick or has any side effects.


Here's the recovery package I bought. 95 dollars and free shipping. Hope it's worth it.

Wish pic

This iss my friend who recommended me to Dr Robles. She's 3 years post op, same age as me, with one child from a c section. She's now 123 lbs but she's shorter and weighed 140 when she did her TT, bbl, and Lipo. She also waited a year after her child to do the procedure but now eats healthy and goes to the gym 3 times a week to keep the weight off.

More Wish pics

pics I found on self that are close to what I would like.

15 days left!

Sheesh, so time is flying way faster than expected. I'm a little nervous but way more excited just to get it over with. I think I've read enough to mentally prepare myself for the experience but than again you never know. So the 7th I will be starting my vita medica vitamins. The instructions say that it's easier to start off with a small dosage to avoid the side effects. So I'll start with 1 pill of each supplement and than increase to the 3 pills of each each additional day I start taking it. My friend suggested to take the stool softener the day before I leave so I'm fed gonna follow that. I just need to pick up a funnel so I don't pee all over myself when I'm unable to sit on the toliet :/. I'm going to make sure that I clean the shit out of my house before I leave so I don't have to worry about that when I come back.
So bad news from Laura. She told me that no men are allowed at Virginia's RH :(. She's going to book another one for us hopefully it's just as nice with good employees.
That's all for now. I'll update again soon.

One week left

I can't even believe that next week I'll be on my way to dr to get this done. It's unreal. I've been having all sorts of dreams and day dreams about it. I'm almost all packed just have to organize and check that I didn't forget anything next week. I'm now 159 lbs. I didn't lose much, probably because the closer I get to the surgery the less effort I'm putting in :(. Not because I don't want to but I think I'm anxious and it's causing me to grave sweets and things that I had cut off up until last weekend. I'm really sad about leaving my daughter. I've just been spending every moment with her. I gotta remember us just 10 days and it will probably go quickly.
I'm nervous about traveling with all the money on me but I don't want to pay any extra fees by using a card so I'm just gonna pray and my husband will hold it because he's way more confidant than I am.
As for what I packed I got everything on the list on posted on my other update. I'm just now trying to narrow down what to bring for clothes. I don't want to bring too many dresses because I'll probably be indoors most days. Maybe 5 dresses and a pair of sweats. I've been taking my vitamins, man do they make you gassy! I mean really sticky, I can't even deal. But besides that no side effects since I started slowly. It does make your urine very yellow so I have to drink lots of water. Oh and I had to cancel my Brazilian laser hair appointment this month because most doctors say it's safer to not have any of that done right before a surgery since it's near the same area.
Anyways that's all the update for now. I'll be writing again soon tho!!

In santo Domingo

So first thing is they didn't send anyone to pick me up like they said they would. Luckily for me my husbands best friend lives out here and picked us up. I called them and they were willing to send someone but they def drop the ball on that. I'm on my way to the clinic now. Hopefully the rest of the experience goes better.

Blood work done

So it's been a okay experience so far. Besides the fact that they didn't pick me up at the airport as they promised and also the fact that Laura the women I had been dealing with all these months not being there to welcome me and do all the paper work with me, there isn't too much to complain about.
So I got to the clinic around 5pm. When we got there the receptionist had no idea why I was there but she spoke a little bit of english and called someone else from Dr Robles office since Laura was not there. They sent me to the second floor to wait for a doctor Gonzalez. The whole time I was trying to reach Laura cuz I was a little upset about the whole airport stuff, and it being unorganized as well as her not being there and not telling me. She finally answered me through what's app text and told me she had teeth pulled and her mouth was swollen so she couldn't pick up and that everything will be well taken care of by Gonzalez. No apology or anything but whatever I was just glad that I wasn't alone because I could imagine how scary it would have been.

So on the second level there were many different offices with different doctors names on them and a few people waiting near the different offices. Gonzalez was with another patient so we waited for maybe 30 minutes. Finally it was our turn. She introduced herself as doctor Gonzalez, but she didn't look like a doctor to me. She looked like she was 22 years, tiny, pretty, and had to be 6 or 7 months pregnant. Both my husband and I went in she asked what was I having done then pulled out the paper work. There were 3 consent forms and I read through all of them. She was very patient, answered all my questions. Then we were off to take blood. After the blood she took the payment of 105 dollars for that blood work to be done and said it would be deducted from the total later. Then off to X-ray. The women who does the x-Ray does not speak English FYI. I understood most of what she was saying just something's I had to use common sense for or it would take me a second to figure out. They do expect you to know Spanish which at first I was like wtf how ya don't know English but that's super arrogant to say when this is their country. I mean they could easily say why my dumb ass came here to do something as major as this not knowing much Spanish. Lol
Anyways the guy who did the ekg was nice and did speak English well. The women who took blood doesn't but she didn't really need to speak much. The way they take blood is very old school but she made sure to put gloves on and pull out a new stuff.
They let my 2 friends and husband even a company through the process.
After everything we went back to her office and she wrote the price after deducting athe stuff I paid for and adding my husbands stay as well as the insurance that is mandatory. The stay at the recovery house is 55 dollars a night. The total for everything came to 5495. I didn't get to see the doctor cuz she was in surgery still. But today I should be getting a call from Gonzalez for when I should come in to see her and then she'll tell me what time is my surgery Tomorrow.
So for now I'm just killing time. I stood at my friends house, and he's planning to take us to the beach until we get the call. Honestly it's scary out here. I would never travel alone to do this or even to just vacation. My friend tells us not to leave the windows open with her phone close to it cuz they could run up and snatch it lol. He doesn't stop at red lights in the night cuz they can rob you. We went out to eat yesterday night and we were sitting on the patio and a few people will beg for money some were persistent but he said don't do it cuz then more will come.
Point being don't go traveling around if you decide to come here alone or even with a SX buddies and aren't from here.

Honestly, I'm just ready to be back home with my baby. I FaceTime with her and my mother in law and I got so emotional. If it wasn't for my husband being here I would not be able to do this. I just miss her so much and it's only been a day.
Anyways here some pics. I'm try a take pics of everything and give as many details as possibly because I want you ladies to know as much as possible before you decide to do it.

I'll update again after I see the doctor.


No pictures

so I have picture but can't post them because of the wifi.
But here's my update. So I was suppose to receive a call from the office but got tired of waiting. I called and asked for Gonzalez, she wasn't there they put me on with Tervarez. Apparently I have a urine infection. When were they going to tell me? Who knows. Lucky I called them because I have to go pick up the antibiotics now and then at 2:30 meet with doctor Robles. Overall not enjoying the experience but then again maybe it would be more organize had I stayed in a recovery house for these first few day. Idk I'm trying to be positive. It's not like they are rude or anything it's just what you have to expect when you go out the country to do something like this. Thank god for my husbands best friend because he's been the one communicated with them and driving us around.

So with gods will tomorrow will be the day. I'll try to post pics when I can if not I'll post them when I'm back in New York. Good luck to anyone that's going through all of this also.

Can't sleep

It's 3am and in a just 3 hrs I have to be at the clinic to get driven over to dr Robles at another hospital because they will not be doing my surgery at the clinic because they are doing renovation on the OR there and even though the Or is finished Dr Robles doesn't want her patients to be the first in there with the new stuff. I'm grateful for that.
Anyways, yesterday I had to text Laura on what's app because dealing with everyone else was giving me a headache and making me nervous. She got in contact with Tavarez and then finally Tavarez called me and told me what time to be at the clinic today. I was suppose to see Dr Robles yesterday but I guess she had too many surgeries and follow ups that she didn't have time so I'll be seeing her right before the surgery.
I just took a sip of water by accident. Totally forgot I can't drink anything. Lucky it was just a sip so I should be fine.

Anyways not much more to say. I'll post as soon as I can.

1 day post op

last night and this morning was very hard. Im feeling better than I was but still very uncomfortable and swollen. I have a few pics but I'll post them tomorrow since Im going to try and get some rest now


More pictures (before)

Pictures of the hospital where the surgery was performed. Not at the main clinic

More pictures

Post op 1 and 2 recap

So, like everyone else has mentioned in their review the 1st night post op along with the second day post op are hell. When u first come out you don't feel much so your good but as you lay in the same position all day and all night by the next day your are in a whole lot of pain and discomfort. On top of that your tired but can't sleep, not hungry but ur body is drained so you need food. They don't even want you to drink water because you may still throw it up which I did but in my case I needed the water. I drank a whole bottle before they knew it and I felt so much better. But everyone is different. I was dying to get off my butt cuz it was hurting so much. The Lipo def does hurt the most. My back and butt are still killing me now. All the staff are nice and try to be as helpful as possible but many of them do not speak English. Gonzalez (who is also doctor), is doctor Robles assistant. She's the one who would come in every few hours to put a cream on my back and incision in the morning and ask how I'm doing. Towards the night we had a doctor named Paola taking care of me. She spoke English and was also very nice. There was a couch in the room where my husband slept. There was a small TV that did have English TV.
The nurses would come in every few hours to empty my drain and my pee. You'll have a folly in you so you don't have to get up and pee the first day at all.
Okay let me rewind to the actual surgery tho. I had one girl ahead of me that was doing just Lipo. She had done everything else (tummy tuck, bbl) last year. Hers was fast because before I knew it they were rolling me into the OR. The anistigologist was very nice she hooked me up to the Iv and tried her best to speak English for me. I did not get a blue pill that everyone talks about. I was wide awake during surgery. I was out of it but I remember almost everything about the first part of the surergy which is the Lipo and bbl. I was vomiting my stomach acid and the anistigologist was wiping it away for me. Then she gave me a needle to help. She stood with me the whole time which was comforting.sl she was Rubbing my head and asking if I was okay and even came to check on me later that day which she def didn't have to do. I couldn't feel any pain just pressure because of the epidural of course but by time they flipped me over to do the tummy tuck I was knocking out. Thank god for that. Before I knew it I was in bed in my room with my husband.
Okay so would I recommend someone to do this? Simple answer no way! This shit is no joke and doing it in another country is even crazier, especially if you don't speak Spanish (which lucky for me I do speak a little but not enough to have full conversations, just enough to to ask for what I need or want though and also to understand what they are saying). I know at some point this will all be a bad memory and i will look the way I want to but if I could do it all again knowing what I know now maybe I would do it but I wouldn't go out the country to do it. Not because the doctor is not great cuz u see her work it's awesome but because when u are doing something as scary as this it helps to have piece of mind and for you to be comfortable as possible. The standard of health care here is obviously way behind that of the United States, the rooms are old and busted. The nurses are sloppy not purposely but just because that's just how it is. One nurse would bring this dirty ass pee bucket and put it at the end of the bed where my feet were and drain not only my blood but my pee into it. I felt disgusted. My husband almost threw up. Then she would dump it into the toilet not flush and not clean the thing out or the blood she left on the floor. It was a mess. So even though I think doctor Robles is a safe doctor to go to and she probably does better work than a lot of doctors in the states I would still reccomend staying close to home and getting it done where you will be as comfortable as you can be when you having something as major as this to your body.

On another note. I'm finally in the recovery house. It's called Maria's recovery house. It's very nice and very clean. I have a private nurse taking care of me and the food is delicious. It's just 2 blocks away from the hospital too. There's only three rooms here. Two other girls are in each of the other rooms. Maria is very nice but doesn't stay here during the night, Just the nurse does. My nurse is also very nice and helpful. Her name is eyvett. She doesn't speak much English but she understands some things and the rest I just say in Spanish. She's not on her phone the whole time she's with you and she actually does what she should be doing unlike what I've heard from other patients about their nurses.
I'm going to post some pics of the house now. I'll update again later tonight or Tmm.

Still post op day 2 (Sunday)

It's noon and I just got back into my faja. They took it off me to wash it but my nurse just wiped me down and put it back on. Man, I've never smelled like this in my life. Lol seriously i didn't think I could smell like this but I feel better now that she wiped me. Anyone that is set to have surgery bring tons of wipes. I listened to one review that said don't bring tons of wipes because they use wash clothes and water but I regret it. My nurse said the wipes are the best things to use. The water here is not good and can make u very sick with infection. The wipes are what they will use to wash your incision with so you want to have plenty. Also bring thick pads or diapers not the thin ones I brought. -_- they aren't for your vigina they use them to put under the faja to add compression. Also, I didn't buy a compression board before I got here so I need to buy one now. It helps to flatten your stomach after your swelling goes down. Bring extra cash for iron shots. My hemo was 14 when I left but I still needed 4 of them after surgery and its 20 dollars a piece and u will need extra money for medicines to take to the recovery house. The ensures are really great to bring also it's what gave me life when i couldn't eat anything the day after surgery. I was so dizzy and pale but after they gave me the ensure I had more strength to walk. I drink one in the morning and the night with my medicines. There's a lot of medication. I can't keep track. My husband and nurse give me what I'm suppose to take when I'm suppose to take them.
Im drinking fresh pineApple juice now. Got tired of water and they say it helps with bruising so I'm doing what ever I have to do. I'm taking little walks between the room n kitchen to givens myself some exercise n my butt a break. Anyways, I'm going to watch a movie and in a few lunch should be ready. It smells so good it's making my feel hungry finally then after I'll get the massages. The other girls already got there's and they were screaming like someone was killing them so I'm not looking forward to that but I know it will help a lot. I'll update again Tmm.

3 days post op

feeling a little better each day but it's still an emotional roller coaster for me. Just not being able to wipe my butt myself or get up with out my drain opening leaking frustrates me but the recovery is still coming along.
I got another massage today on my back. Edge drained more fluid from my back and will be coming later today to do my front (ouch)! Each massage is 30 dollars so bring lots of money with you because the massages are very necessary. I'm going to see dr Robles in a few minutes and I'm hoping to hear good news on the way everything is looking. I also hope she says I can get a new faja because this one is loose and right now the only reason it's tight is because my nurse put foam all around me to fill it in. I have one but it's still too small and I really need one that's going to lift my booty cuz I've been sitting on it so much because of the tummy tuck. This is why many docs suggest doing the separate but of course I didn't listen. Anyways marias recovery House has been great. They clean everything so well and the nurses help you with everything. The nurse here today is Estelle she's so sweet. She just did my hair and helped me dress for my appointment. The women who cooks and cleans is the bomb. Makes fresh juices (for bruising) and cooks 3 meals, of our choice a day. I def did not come as prepared as I thought so I had Estelle order supplies from the pharmacy and I'm going to the beauty supply store after my appointment to get some hair ties which I forgot to bring :-(.

My incision looks cool but my stomach is still very swollen. I'm not sure how many cc's im draining at this point but I do notice each day it seems a little less which is great. Two of the girls here left so the place is pretty quiet.

Oh yea they do wash your clothes at this recovery house if you ask FYI. But the first few days you be in your faja with no panties or bra. Just a tank top or t shirt under. Ladies don't forget your butt pillow I have a foam on but it's not think enough the other 2 girls swear by the bbl pillow and another says the bobby is fine so either of those I guess will be more helpful that the small one I bought.

Heading out now. Feel free to ask any questions you want.

Random pics


Day 4 Post op

I saw the doctor yesterday and she says everything looks good. She was mad that the nurses at the recovery house put foam in my faja and said that it could have damaged my skin so for now on just follow her orders. Also, I thought she had given the okay to get massages apparently that was not true. The nurse Eyvett charges for them so maybe she just wanted to make extra cash either way I did feel that it made me more comfortable so the doc said if it's been fine for me okay but nothing to aggressive and def do not touch my stomach.
Today I'm very swollen and had a rough night because of all the swelling and fluid build up. I could not find a comfortable position and my Lipo areas were burning. I still wish I had a smaller faja to compress the swelling but doctor Robles said when I come back to see her in 3 days (Thursday) I will be able to get a new one. She said getting a tighter faja before its time can cause you to have weird imprints and a bad shape. As far as results still not seeing anything worth all this pain and discomfort. To be perfectly honest no review can prepare you for what you experience during this process because it's much harder than it sounds. I don't understand how women come back for round 2 and 3. I would never do this again and if I knew what I know now I probably wouldn't have gotten it done at all. I would have just fixed my belly button and worked my ass off. Because this is so much harder than dieting and working out. Im sure I won't regret it when I'm looking good and feeling better but no matter how good I look I will still say this is a extreme choice for a person to make and it should be the last option not the first. My mother in law wants to do this but I told her just do the tummy tuck on its own because doing both procedures is hell. She has extra skin that she can't get rid of so I totally understand why she still wants to do it but the Lipo can wait. Anyways. I'm counting the days until I'm home. Can't wait to see my daughters face. To anyone that is going through this i pray for the fastest recovery possible and for anyone that is deciding to do this please just do your research and be patient. Don't rush into it, make sure you have lots of money saved and people to help you. Don't go through this alone.

I'll update again when I see the doctor.

More pics

Day 6 post op

don't let anyone tell you, you didn't earn your body lol because you will. I'm feeling a lot better today. My drain basically has nothing coming out of it but a little bit of yellow fluid. I've been drinking like 7 bottles of water on top of the pineapple juice so I believe that's the reason. The nurse says she will be very surprised if my drain doesn't come out Tomorrow. Which is awesome because I did not want to leave with it. I did not see doctor Robles today but I will Tmm for sure. I'm still in the same faja and it's annoying because they have to stuff me with pads for it to fit me snug and add compression to my body but I'm not having much pain besides the soreness from the bruises so that's good. I'm standing a lot straighter but Robles says to still bend over just so the muscles and skin can stay secure better. I've been getting massages everyday on my back where the Lipo was done. Eyvett does such a good job and they are actually only 15 dollars per massage so I'm taking full advantage. Marias recovery house has made this trip so much better and has made me feel like it was worth it. They taken great care of me and even my husband. It's clean, they are all very nice and the meals are good. Estelle and eyvett speak decent English and Maria is sweet and professional and keeps in contact with my doctor for me. She has three recovery houses total and I hear the other two are more modern. So if your looking for a good one check their Instagram out.

So my result are looking better each day. My back has no rows and my butt has more projection even tho I have been sitting on it a lot. And my stomach is much flatter even though it's still swollen.

Here are more pics from today.

7 days post op

So as I'm writing this I'm waiting for Laura to confirm a time for my appointment today. I've had to text them and hassle them to get an appointment and to find out the time that I will be seeing her because if you don't call or text them they will not call or text you at all. Taravez reads my messages and doesn't ever write back until I text Laura than I guess Laura reaches out to her and she sends me a one worded answer. Laura at least acts like she cares about how you are doing but I have yet to meet her. Anyways, anyone thinking about going to Robles good luck because it's a hit or miss. You may have a great experience with her team like some women who have written reviews or u may have a bad one. They aren't consistent and I think they take more patients than they can handle. Don't get me wrong Robles does wonderful work and she's nice but I have not seen her for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Gonzalez, Tavarez, and Laura are all nice but they have to divide their time between god knows how many girls. So it really depends on the care you wish to have during this process. There are girls here in my recovery house that have seen their doctors every 2 days and have been able to reach their doctors at all times of the day and they look great. Also, they have better looking clinics, as well as better nurses and hospital rooms. They showed me pictures of the rooms and waiting area and it's more modern and newer than that of which I had to stay in. Laura says they are working on improving the post op care and communication so hopefully the next batch of girls have a better experience with them.

New faja alert!

got a tighter faja today, thank god! I am so swollen and I couldnt take it anymore. The doctor said to wait to put a tighter one on but I could not wait anymore. The swelling is unbearable and when u have no compression you feel everything. I'm wearing a large because my thighs are too big for the medium but I'm okay with that because I don't want too much compression on my stomach anyways. Just enough to to keep the swelling is fine. I still have my drain because she wants to take it out Sunday so we'll see if she actually does or if I end up going home with it. :/. So far I like what I see but I still gave the doctor a bad review because of the experience I had with her team.

Here are some pictures.

Conversations with Laura and Tavarez( Robles assistant. )

More bullshit

so even though Laura, dr Gonzalez and dr Robles all reassured me On Friday that they would be working the weekend and the holiday. Now they are telling me that they are not working. So Tmm I leave and I still have my drain in and don't have any clearance paper to take with me to the airport. I was told they give you hell at the airport if you don't bring that paper and still have your drain in. One girl said they brought her into a room and made her take off her faja and everything. So I told Gonzalez I don't care if she sees me today just as long as I have that paper tomorrow before my flight. At this point I don't care that I have to leave with my drain because I'm still draining about 100 cc of fluid which is a little bit but still more than you want to have before taking you drain out. So I rather wait and not risk having that fluid build up inside of me. ladies please know what you are getting yourself into with this doctor. Results are great, yes but the bullshit you have to deal with is not okay. You are paying good money and should expect to be treated as priority from your doctor and their team. I have no reason to lie and that is why I post so many pictures so you see it for yourself. All the great reviews for Robles you see here are from 2 or 3 years ago when she obviously cared about customer service. It is not the same as it was and I've had girls for round 2 here tell me that it has changed a lot. Doctor Gonzalez and Laura are the only two to seem to care about you and are very sweet but still it's too much of a headache to be chancing people down for your follow up appointments and then to only see doctor Robles for 5 mins and Gonzalez is doing all the work. Mind you this girl is pregnant. But anyways. Here's the text from today.

After taking off the new faja

my body looks a lot better after wearing the tighter faja. I'm still swollen but not as much as I was in that loose faja.

Day 10 post op- going home!!

In 2 hours the drivers will be here to pick my husband and me up! Thank you Jesus! This has been an emotional experience. I'm feeling a lot better today. I don't have too much pain, just some aches on the right side where my drain is and soreness. But I got my last massage this morning she did both my back and my stomach (since the doctor said it was okay to do my stomach yesterday). I did end up saying Robles yesterday (for a bout a minute :/) but I was more happy to see doctor Gonzalez. Doctor Gonzalez is the one who changed the dressings on my all incision's and told me what to do for post op care. She also told me how to take the drain out. Doctor Robles came an hour after doctor Gonzalez finished cleaning/ checking me and the other 5 girls there. She basically just looked at what she did and said u are fine.

Post op care is basically cleaning the incision every 3 days with alcohol and applying neosporin then taping the sides up so that the scar doesn't raise and putting guaze in the middle part than taping over that.
Same for the the belly button (alcohol, neosporin and guaze over then tape it).

No showers until the drain is out. The drain comes out when I'm 50cc's or less within a 24 hr period for at least 2 days straight.

To take it out I need to snip the stitch with a strial scissor then hold my stomach and pull slowly. (I'll be having my friend that's a nurse do that). Then cover it with a gauze and wait until the hole has been closed 3 days before u take a shower to avoid water entering your body and causing any infections. (I'll post that when I do it)

I still can't believe that I went through all this. It's very surreal. I wouldn't reccomend this to anyone but if you really want it just make sure to do as much research. On the doctor and also the recovery team because it does matter.

The last few days at the recovery house were okay. I take back the great review I gave because they really started to slack off towards the end unfortunately. Also, I noticed that they didn't treat everyone with the same care. I met some really nice girls and unfortunately the nurses were not making sure they were getting their meds and not helping them with stuff that they are paid to do. They stopped giving us the menu 3 days ago and started making what ever they wanted for the whole house which was unhealthy stuff like fried chicken and lasagne. I also found two shots of iron that I was suppose to receive during my stay hidden in my draw that they did not give. I had to start keeping track of my meds myself cuz I noticed that each of the nurses, when changing shifts, would not tell each other what I had taken and I was taking double of some meds that I wasn't suppose to. So some meds finished before it was suppose to. Thank god I haven't had any complications and caught on. They were all nice to me but the other girls experienced attitudes when they asked questions and or made request for things that are advertised on their Instagram page.

But all in all I guess I didn't have the worst experience but it was a stressful journey to say the less.

I'm so excited to see my daughter and be in New York. I know I have a long recovery ahead of me but I'm glad that this stage of it is over. I promise to continue posting the journey for anyone who may be reading this and is planning to do the same procedures or go to the same doctor.

Quick update

so I'm home and happy to be here and be with my daughter and my family but it's hard too because I feel eager to get back to my routine and can't yet. I'm not suppose to be picking my daughter up but that doesn't stop me from trying. I know very bad. I opened my stitch just a little bit in the middle. Luckily I have been able to reach doctor Robles and her staff. I know surprising. But I'm glad because I also had a blood clot in my drain and nothing was coming out so I had to send pictures to her about that too. I removed the clot but I'm still not draining anything so I think tonight I'll pull it out. Anyways, truth be told I'm still not feeling all this was worth it yet and I'm suffering from guilt and depression because of not being able to hold my daughter but it helps that I have help from my sister and mother in law and my husband of course has been so supportive. Just can't wait to be posting a more positive update for you all. Here's a pics of the opening . The doc said just clean it every two days and change the dressing and apply neosporin. Oh and she said stop moving around too much!! Lol so I'll have to really take it easy

More pics

still swollen. Had to change my garment back to the old one because the new one was too tight and with the drain still in it was leaving marks imprinted in my sides because I'm still pretty swollen.

13 days post op

so I took my drain out this morning! Man it feels good not to have that thing hanging around. There was literally nothing coming out for two days so I really hope that fluid doesn't build up now that it's out. It didn't hurt just felt weird. It came out very quick. I thought it would be like like a straw with one hole but there's holes all over that tube. So after I went and got my first massage over here in the states. The place is call Alma's velvet healing massage on melrose ave in the bx. They have 10 massages for 500 dollars. I was so swollen from wearing that loose garment and it felt great to be massaged. They do your whole body and for your stomach and back they use the sono machine. I feel a lot better expect for the stinging where my stitches are open a little. I'm pretty sure more of the scab came off but I'm gonna clean and check it out after my nap. Here are some pics of my body this morning and the drain after I pulled it out.

Officially two weeks post op.

Feeling a lot better today. Barely no pain just soreness near my under arms. My drain hole is basically closed so Tmm morning I'll be taking my first shower in 14 days! I have another massage appointment Tmm. I'm Still walking hunched so I don't make my scar stretch. I'm hoping to keep it as thin as possible. But here's some pics. Of the incision and my front and back.

After My first shower!

still swollen but I thought you guys would like to see how the incision and belly button is coming along. Doctor Robles is def great at her tummy tucks. I love how low it is and the belly button looks pretty natural so far. Really can't wait until the swelling goes away and the incision is healed so I can start scar treatment. I stepped on the scale and i'm still 160 but I hope to loose about 15 lbs over the next 6 months to a year. Well in off to my next massage. I have lumps near my arms where the Lipo was done so I can't wait for her to rub those bad boys out.

17 days post op

feeling a lot better today. Yesterday was a bad day. I had terrible shooting pains and aches in my stomach and I felt like I was getting sick from it because then I got a horrible headache and just felt like shit the whole day. I was so scared that I was gonna get a fever and that something was wrong I started popping Motrin every 4 hrs and up'd my vitamin c dosage. I wasn't drinking enough water and the truth is ever since I got back I haven't been eating right or drinking enough water so I gotta get back on track and start drinking my juices and making sure I have a high protein diet again. Anyways I feel a lot better today. The swelling went down a lot. It does get a lot worse towards the night unfortunately but I'm hopefully that each day it will get less and less each day because today my body looks pretty good. I have new pics for you guys. Also soon I'm going to post an updated list of what I thought was needed for the trip just in case anyone is leaving soon and would like some suggestions. So here they are the pics.


Incision day 19

Almost all the scabs are gone but all the stitched haven't de-solved yet. Anyone know how long it's gonna be before they all de-solve?

Post op day 20

Got my third massage today and boy it felt great. I walked in there hunched and looking like a granny and left walking straight and feeling amazing. I was able to put my belly board on today with my faja. They say it helps flatten the belly so hopefully it works. Here's some pics.

3 weeks post op

Feeling a whole lot better. No pain, just a little soreness in my lower back and stomach from the swelling. The swelling has gotten a lot better, although it still gets worse in the night. I'm not all the way straight but basically almost there. I notice the more I stand straight the wider my scar gets unfortunately so i still try to hunch a little where it's not too noticeable. Here's some pics

Almost a month post op

So this Friday I will be one month post op. Everyday my daily activities are getting a little easier to do. I started picking up my daughter on the weekend although my doctor instructed against it. I just been listening to my body. I feel like I've been fine as long i just pick her up to take her from point A to B and not for long periods of time. I don't have pain and the soreness is also subsiding each day. The swelling has improved and each day gets better. My stitches still stick out from my incision and they itch like crazy but the incisions do seem to be healing fine. I do still get pretty tired after taking a walk or doing anything where I'm standing for a long period of time. I updated my review of dr Robles because since I've been back she has been very responsive when I text her and email her with questions regarding post op care so I felt it was only right. I haven't had any complications (knock on wood) and can now appreciate my results a lot more with most of the swelling gone. I've also starting wearing my scar away strips with the okay from Robles. She told me to keep the gauze on my belly button and I asked if it was okay to wear a waist trainer while I washed my faja but she said no, not yet. Just in case anyone wondered about that. Here are some new pics.

Quick update.

Friday I made 1 month post op. Still recovering and not feeling normal yet. I still have soreness all over my back and my stomach is still hard and has shooting pains every now and then but it's an improvement for sure. No complication, luckily. I did have to go get some un dissolved stitches removed at an urgent care. Besides that not much to report. Here's some picks.

This week I'll be 7 weeks post op

So I'm feeling a lot better. No complications, thank you Jesus! Almost all the soreness is gone. The swelling has improved but still gets pretty bad after any activity. I also still have itching, which is super annoying towards the night. I can lay straight now but I still keep my legs elevated and sleep upwards most of the time just to make sure my scar stays as thin as possible. I'm walking straight and I'm now in a small faja (woohoo) the lady that does my massages says I can fit a xs tho :). The faja really makes everything look better and lifts ur booty.

My scar is almost all healed also. It has that reddish look to it now. I still have been lifting my daughter and even the carriage sometime but I always pay for it right after because I get really swollen and have aches so if you don't have to I don't suggest it. Doctor Robles says that I shouldn't be jogging or doing any excercise until the 3rd or 4th month post op :(. She still has been pretty good with replying to my questions on whatapp which is nice. I've still been getting the massages once a week I have 2 left. Anyone in the bx or in Manhattan that doesn't mind traveling to the bx this place really does a good job. I always feel so good after I leave there.

Besides that there's not much to respond. I'm feeling good about my results besides when I'm super swollen. I've been giving myself massages every morning after I shower and that usually helps circulation. Also, I've applied scar away strips to my incision but it caused me to get irration so now I just use them on my Lipo incision and use bio oil and the rose mosquet oil for the txt. Once it's fully healed than I'll apply the strips again.

My butt looks so nice in a maxi dress now. Even better than before I had my daughter because the faja makes it so perfect and round. I get a lot of compliments on my shape and even my massage lady says that my body look so natural and she's seen a lot of work but this is by far the best. That makes me feel glad and a little better about dealing with what I went through over there in DR. Here are some pics. Some are from last week and some from this week.

Belly button close up

2 months post op

Here's some 2 months photos.

9 weeks 3 days

11 weeks post op.. I think

So I believe I'm 11 weeks post op. It's so insane how now the whole ordeal feels like a distant memory. Life is pretty much back to normal. I'm able to do pretty much everything I did before the surgery. I do still get very swollen after activity, I've actually been experience an increase in the swelling lately too. I'm not sure if it's because it's extremely hot or what heat those days but it an get very uncomfortable even with the faja on. What I do to help relieve myself is insert my foam board to add compression. I'm now in a small faja but will probably need to get an extra small.

Also, my sides (not sure what's the technical name for that part of the body but the sides of my torso) are very tender still. My whole back and sides,where I got the Lipo, still each pretty much the whole day. I also get random pains under my arms where the lipo was done from time to time. With all that said its all manageable pain and discomfort.

I've been working out even tho I know my doc doesn't approve. Nothing to crazy just light cardio, legs and arms with very light weights.

I have one massage left for my recovery. I thinks that's another reason why I have been so swollen lately. I haven't gotten a massage in a few weeks. Those massages really are everything and if u can't afford them when u get your surgery you are in store for a lot of discomfort. Ive been so busy I haven't had time to get my last one but I will next week because I need it bad.

Besides that nothing else to report. Here are some pics. Keep in mind I was very swollen in some pics. Also, my scar for some reason looks a lot darker in these pics.

Almost 3 months

Still swollen but it's hot today so I'm going out without my faja hopefully i don't pay for it too bad later. Here's some pics. I still have the marks of the faja and I'm still very tender on the sides of my torso and my lower back. The itching has gotten better.

Almost 4 months post op

Hey guys, here's a quick update on my recovery. Last night I went out for the first time dince I had my baby. It was great. I felt so good and it showed. My stomach was still swollen but not enough where anyone noticed. I think the swelling just made my body look more realistic and natural but I'm still hoping that my stomach will get a little flatter. Because even when I sit I have a little bump. Even with that said my confidence is back I think I look great and I'm totally satisfied even if this is my end look. I just can't wait for the scar to lighten up. It's still in the red phase. My stomach is slowing getting its feeling back. It feels how your mouth feels when u just got it numb for a cavity to be filled. I can feel when my daughter kicks me (which she does often :/) and it hurts but it still feels soft of numb. My sides are not as tender. But my abs Still feel tight and get shooting pains when I do certain things. Sometimes I feel like I might rip my ab repair when I do stuff. The other day I had sexy and my stomach started hurting cuz we were going just a little to rough. It's annoying af but it's the price you pay for beauty I guess. I've lost a total of 12 lbs since surgery. I'm hoping to lose more but it's hard because I haven't been dieting the way i was in the beginning. I am more active tho. Since my daughter started walking I've gotten a lot more of my strength back. I'm assuming once I start working and going to school I'll be good. As for my butt I think it looks good. It's nice and round and realistic. I'm glad I didn't go so big because I already get enough attention with this one and It's hard enough trying to find stuff to fit my hips and butt now. Anyways here's a pic from last night. I post more pics soon.

Almost 5 months

So it's almost 5 months since I had surgery and lately I've been having a lot of aches and pains. Not to mention my stomach is constantly swollen. I'm very active and my daughter is 21 lbs anow so I hope it's just due to lifting her. It's really been annoying me lately though. The tightness in my upper abs anytime I do something straining like running or bending and picking things up is frustrating. The pain is bearable I just was hoping that I would be feeling completely normal by now. The swelling can get really bad and even thought I lost 10 lbs since the surgery I feel like my stomach is not as flat as it was in the very beginning. I've read Doctor comments about it possibly being because I still have fat. I haven't been eating the greatest but I def don't go crazy eating either. I think it could also be that I just pushed myself too fast after the surgery. I may have torn some muscle repair. It's still pretty flat. Nobody but me notices of course. when I hold my stomach in the abs look more define like in the beginning so I'm thinking maybe if I lose more weight it will be even flatter. I still like the way I look in clothes but I will say my belly button and scar have been disappointing to me too lately. I was hoping the redness would go away by now. And because my daughter constantly kicks me there the scar has risen a little in the very middle. Sometimes I still get sad about my body not looking how it use to before my baby but I just have to get over it. Also, the Lipo scars are still showing a little on my back. One of them is a lot more noticeable than the other two. I keep applying bio oil but I don't know if it will help because it made an indentation into my skin. My skin is pretty tight too. The sides of my torsos and under my arms feel so weird because the skin is so tight. Anyways, just wanted to wish anyone that's soon to be on the flat side. Just remember it's a long recovery and things can be a little up and down for a while but slowly it gets better. Just have realistic ideas of how you want to look because we are our worst critics and we always will find something we can improve.

Here's some new pics
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