26 Yr Divorcee with 2 Kids by C-section...ready to Feel Sexy Again. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello all, I've been stalking real self for months...

Hello all, I've been stalking real self for months after a friend of mines suggested it. I'm n love with before and afters! I have contacted several doctors and am interested in 2 so far; Dra Medina & Dr. Manon (both in the Dominican r Republic). I'm looking to have surgery on Dec. 8th...any suggestions about doctors? BTW I live in Chicago, I'll.

Changed date

Hello dolls I put my security deposit down, and changed my date to March 11th...I'm sooo excited I put in for my passport, and have been buying my items needed, does any post op dolls have any suggestions on what to bring?

Date was changed to March 10th!

Time is approaching and I'm ecstatic!...I have all my supplies, my flight tickets, paid for the RH (which is Dream Barbie...Gianna Colombo), and I dropped lbs but not enough...I want to lose at least 20 more, which is possible if I work really hard....I'm so tired of this fat apron plus I'm excited to just feel like I look good in my clothes again...

8 days until my flight to the Dr 9 til showtime!!!

Ladies Ladies Ladies!!! When I say this is taking over my life...lmao, I just can't wait! I have everything packed and ready...only thing I need to buy is 1 more night gown (I found those old-skool grannies nightgowns with the buttons and pockets hehehe), benadryl (because I heard lipo makes u itch), purabsorb (iron), and antibacterial itch spray. That's it and that's honestly 1 trip to Walmart. I'm so ready...my weight is currently 235.4 and I'm 5'9, so I'm under 35 bmi I just hope I can get everything I want. I'm still going for the MMO (Tummy tuck, breast lift (no implant), and lipo to the back and flanks), but Manon gives free lipo to chin, arms, and thighs if your hemo is good. I'm so excited it's the only event I'm looking forward to right now. My mom surprised me with a trip to the Bahamas last year so I am going in June and hopefully will look good and feel somewhat myself by the middle of June.....Come on March 10th I'm ready!

Just some wish pics

More wish pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I've been on whatsapp speaking back and forth with Diana, who responds within 24 hrs. Getting questions answered is key and so far I'm happy.

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