25 Years Old, Single Mom of 2 in Need of the Works! - Dominican Republic, DO

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I never was happy with my body, I felt like I...

I never was happy with my body, I felt like I lacked something here and there. Never had a big booty and always felt square in the hips. And my breast were never "perky". So you can imagine after 2 kids I'm definitely not happy. I know theres potential under the extra skin and fat that never came off after having my girls. I'm 25, 5' 7" 204 lbs. I want to get to 165 for surgery but I know I have to work really hard for it. It will also help set a healthy lifestyle to maintain my new look so why not?!.
My mother and aunt had surgery with Dr.Lima-Mejia in the past 2 years and they have nothing but good things to say. So I decided to get in contact with the doctor and sent him my pictures of my front, back and side view. He quickly replied in minutes! He recommended lipo of the flanks, back and stomach, tummy tuck, and breast lift with augmentation and I agreed. I want to get lipo of my shoulders and arms but I thought I would wait to see if I could lose some weight. My surgery is set for January 12th 2017. I haven't decided if Ill be staying in a RH or with family. Im traveling with my mom and kids so it might be too much for my mom and grandma to watch the kids and take care of me. Im considering the RH just to have the experience and socialize with women who are going through the same thing. Also the RH might be more prepared for any complications. I heard great things about Janets home but I heard theres one thats beach front and I want to look into that. I want to be at peace and have a great relaxing start to a new life. And being around my kids and family isnt how Im picturing it lol If you ladies have any tips on anything Ive mentioned let me know!

As far as the Dr goes,
When we were going back and forth in emails he was very sweet and answered all my questions. I hear he is a high ranking officer in the military and is a very religious man. I think that makes him a very reserved person and maybe thats why he doesnt have pics up? Not sure the exact reason why he doesnt have before and after pictures but if I can get my mom and aunt to cough some up I will post them for you ladies!

115 days to go! I need advice!

That's a little under 4 months but it's is surely approaching much quicker than I had anticipated. I have my days where I think I don't need the surgery but I promised myself I'm going to do it..... Soo now I have to start preparing for surgery and my travel right? I don't know what to start purchasing for my travel and recovery while at DR. And I've read a lot of you take supplements to prep for surgery. If anyone can give me some advice or can direct me to a rs sisters page that has all the info I would really appreciate it because now I can't find anything I'm referring to.


Purchased my flight and moved up surgery to 1/4/17!

So the tickets were much cheaper all of a sudden the first week of January so I contacted Dr. Lima and asked if we can move up the date to January 4th. He said of course! So I bought my flight united airlines heading out 1/1 at 11:55pm and arriving 1/2 at 5am. He asked I be there 2 days before. And now I have to look at recovery homes because my mom is the only person available to watch my girls. If anyone has any recommendations let me know! I heard of Janet's but just wanted to hear what you ladies suggest. :)
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