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After researching since January I have decided...

After researching since January I have decided that I am ready to have a full tummy tuck with lipo to the waist and flanks and hips along with a breast reduction and a lift. I am going to have the procedure completed by Dr. Tania Medina as her work looks really good and she has awesome reviews. I expect that I will have a successful surgery and my results will be what I have been waiting for for the last 20 years. A flat tight tummy and lighter breasts!

pieces of the puzzle

I have been really busy making sure that all things are coming together. I have my bags packed and ready.I still need to order three more things a stage two garment a urinal and some pads or chux!

wish pics

Trying to be realistic with my wish pics hoping that my wishes come true!! I have curves just need a lift and reduction and a flat tummy. I know that Dr. Medina will make sure that her work is diligent.

last of the supplies needed

Here is the last of the supplies needed. So glad Amazon has Sunday shipping in my area! I am just waiting on my biafine--that will arrive by Wednesday and then I can close up my bags!!! #16 days away!

hemo boost anyone?

I just made my first beet smoothie! I am trying to boost my hemo and replace vitamins with smoothies since I had to stop taking the multivitamins today! (2weeks before surgery). I also bought this nettle tea as I researched and found that this too helps to boost your hemo levels and you can enjoy 2-3 cups a day. Ladies please watch your caffine intake as this will lower your levels as well. I personally don't drink soda but I do drink coffee and I gave that up 10 days ago!


I went to my PCP and I was able to get some of the medication filled(antibiotics). I printed out the list of medications needed and asked for a prescription and my Dr. Had to look up the names first as they were not spelled the same in the DR. The script for DOLOTREN she had never heard of and she looked it up and it was a NSAID something like motrin or aleve. Not sure why Dr. Medina prescribed as those contribute to bleeding after surgery. I couldn't get a script for any other type of pain meds even after I told my physician that they were going to charge $250 for all meds in the DR! My Dr agreed that the meds don't cost that much. She then wished me the best of luck I got my blood drawn and said she would see me & my results in six weeks!

One week left!

I am going to be super busy this week finalizing everything that needs to be done before I leave on Friday! Dr. Medina emailed me some pics of her work and she said that she could not wait for me to be her next barbie/doll! I loved all of the pics of her work and I am glad that I chose her to complete my mom makeover! Dr. Medina also told me to send her any questions and concerns that I may have at this time and that she will answer all questions and concerns.

I have arrived!

I woke up really early this morning to prepare for my trip to the airport. I was really emotional and I knew it would hit me today of all days my mom's birthday. (She would have been 59 today). I have been praying continuously for strength and I made it to the DR with no problems. It was a very emotional flight. My nerves were bad and my tummy hurt a lot and I even used the bathroom a lot in the airport and on the aircraft. I never use the bathroom that much especially on a toilet away from home!!! Well the fight was good other than that went to get my visitors card and baggage and I met my driver. He was really nice and dropped me immediately at the recovery house that I will be staying at. As soon as I arrived it was time to eat and boy was I starving! I met some of the nurese and the owner of the home. I immediately got the WiFi working on my devices! I would recommended coming a day or two early prior to surgery if you can. I can actually relax before meeting the Dr. And having the procedure. So far the recovery house is really quiet which is good because you can relax in the environment.

checked in

Cecilip clinic room
I arrived at the Cecilip clinic at 6:30pm the evening before mt surgery. Very nice and contemporary decor. I ordered food because i was starving ate showered completed ekg and all consent paperwork . Im trying to relax. by watching basketball game. A nurse came in at 10 pm and hooked up my I. V. Now i am waiting for morning to. Arrive


Ok so surgery was Monday around 12:00pm. I remember being hooked up to the IV from Sunday and my Dr came into the room around 8:30am and marked me up. I did not get the breast reduction because my hemo had dropped. I really wanted a tummy tuck with back lipo anyway the breast reduction was added to the package. After being marked up I laid in the bed waiting and watching television. Another nurse came in and grace me a blue pill. I was relaxed and ready. I remember being wheeled into the operating room and being given the anesthesia via my IV. The new t thing I remember is seeing a bulk sheet over my face and all I could hear was music and people laughing and talking--- I couldn't even move but I could feel the tugging and pulling and a burning sensation under my breast. I then remember someone putting the mask over my face and I was out again.(YES I woke up during the procedure!) Later I remember someone saying finito and counting to 3 in Spanish as I was being transferred to the hospital bed and then back to my room to recover for the night. That evening I also remember being really really cold/ freezing teeth chattering and all. The Dr. Came in and asked if I would accept a blood transfusion because my hemo had dropped again and I lost blood during surgery. I told her yes and they hung the blood and turned the heat on and had given me another blanket. A nurse watched over me that night as I rested. I remember talking to my husband and telling him I was OK before I rested that evening. I woke up early around four thirty the next morning really hot asked the nurse if she could turn the air on and she cooled me down with a wash cloth. I was in pain but OK as I was still given and IV antibiotics and pain meds. I then got out of the bed and sat in a chair for just a short time breakfast arrived and I ate and watched television. The Dr came in with her assistant they removed the bandage took a quick picture and redressed the incision sight. I was happy about what I saw initially no more belly pouch but I could also tell there was a lot of nursing and stiches from the procedure.

Pre and post pictures

Here is a post op photo that I managed to take on Monday after the Dr came in to see me. I had lots of lipo to my back thighs flanks and waist. I am totally swollen and black and blue and extremely sore. Everything hurts! Please be prepared for the roughest days 1-3!!!!!!!!!! Also get used to the second skin faja that will be your new best friend! Quite an adjustment but hey -------beauty come with a price and no pain no gain ladies!!!!!!

Drain removal 15 days post op

My drain was draining fluid less than 50cc's and it was just over my two week mark. I monitor ed the drain for a few days prior and to be honest I was sick of it. My stomach was always tight and of course I was restricted with movement and a pulling sensation.
I woke up on the 15th day and decided it was time for the drain to GO!!! I researched on the internet a great article about removing a drain and I proceeded with the process. Make sure that you have all of your materials before you begin and if possible another pair of hands for assistance if needed. I put my rubber gloves on had my scissors and a bag for disposal--- I began to brace myself and pulled gently. To my surprise the drain tube was slowly coming out and all of a sudden I could feel how long the drain actually was because as I was pulling on my right side I felt pressure on my left side of my waist. I was nervous but continued to pray and pull and then I started to see little holes in the drain tube and I felt that I was getting closer to the end of the tubing. I continued to pull and pull and all of a sudden the drainage tube would not budge. I remembered from the article that tissue could have been healing around the tubing which would make it difficult and slightly painful to remove. I was determined to remove the drain without having to go to an emergency room or an urgent care facility so I continued to pray and pull! This time I had a more forceful pull and I felt a slight snap sound like a stitch may have popped ( on the inside)and the drain tubing was released and I pulled it out very easily. I am writing this to say that drain typically do not come out in10 days and should not be in over 14 days but everyone's body and healing process is different. Be prepared to be uncomfortable and be sure to wear your faja immediately after as you will need to cover with neosporin and a water proof bandage and also swelling will come immediately afterward. Please also monitor for fluid retention around the abdomen. My drain had a lot of tissue the deeper it was and I felt like it was not draining enough because it was clogged with tissues. I am in the process of going to have some fluid drained from my abdomen. I wear my faja faithfully but still after three days my stomach looks and feels like a water balloon in my right side.


When I left the operating room I was already in my stage 1 faja. I am not sure how they managed to squeeze me into a large since I have never worn a large anything!!! I know that it took at least two people to help get me into it and of course right after surgery you are numb to a lot of things so it did not feel uncomfortable. Let me be the first to tell you that you have to learn how to breath with it on and yes you will fill pain because it rubs you the wrong way. Panties--- forget about them!!!! There is no way that you will even begin to wear these first becasue of your drain and second because when you have to go you have to go! I have really big thighs and a big butt along with big ol boobies ( the faja cut me all around my arms and my boobs were brusing and it was impossible to wear a bra for at least 2 weeks)so imagine me being squeezed into a size large stage one faja. Yes it did stretch as the weeks went on which was a good thing because this is what it is supposed to do but each time I took it off to use the toilet or get a massage and have it washed trust me when I say I didn't want anything to do with it anymore. I have worn girdles in the past and those are a piece of cake compared to the fajas! Moving on you will need to used those jumbo sized pads as a mean of comfort between the faja your tank top and your incisions-- folding up chuxs also works and is less bulky. Using the padsxand the CHUX are a relief but then you are walking around feeling like a sumo wrestler! Also remember each time you have to number two you have to peel the faja off along with the pads/ CHUX and they fly every wear--- good luck getting someone to help you pick them up because you will not be bending down for awhile!
Moving on to the stage two most Drs. In the DR are charging $140 for the stage two fajas and they are putting you in them at your last appointment before you leave to go home. I ordered mine once I got home only because they were cheaper and I wasn't going to wear mine until my drain was taken out. You can order the Maria e ones on amazon anywhere from $70 to $90 and that saves you because we all have spent a lot of money in the DR already! The stage two compression is very different from the soft stage one garment. Stage two is very durable and not as strechty but you will definitely appreciate the compression that it gives you. You will eventually miss wearing the garment after your body gets used to it because you feel naked and afraid without that compression-- at least I did lol!!!!! I only take mine off to use the bathroom and wash it and trust me when I say I can't wait for it to dry! Please take measurements especially if you have a body type like mines. I have found it very difficult to find a faja to accommodate my big thighs and two of them that I ordered have short torsos. When they arrived and when I say they I mean the four different fajas that I ordered on various websites( amazon,eBay,shape secrets, and all about shapewear) I had the most success with the ones from shape secrets. I ordered from them first before I left for the DR and the 3x that I ordered fit like a glove again this was pre surgery--- my sis in law said to send it back because it would be way too big after surgery and you need the compression. So I returned it and ordered the Maria e that was the one with the small torso ordered an XL since I was squeezed into a large stage one no go not even for my sis in law who was smaller than me-- I returned it via amazon and ordered from all about shapewear. I ordered a size 2x from this company and the faja was way more expensive and I knew it would fit--- a representative from the company even called and text me to be sure that I ordered a size up and I told him I ordered two sizes up and it was shipped. Once this faja arrived I thought finally a stage two that will fit! I was wrong! And the measurements on this package said I needed a size 5x and to my knowledge 3x is the biggest size that I have come across! Any who I have since purchased again from shape secrets once my return was processed I decided to go with this site because the first one was actually comfortable but too big so I ordered an XL size40 faja I even got free shipping and five dollars off since I purchased something from them before. I was so ready for my stage two because my stage one was breaking down on me the hooks were loose and I felt like I needed more support becasue now the large was fitting me a little too comfortable!
I got my faja in the mail yesterday and it was nothing nice trying to squeeze my self into it especially over my thighs but I was so determined not to return yet another faja! Once it fit over my thighs the next challenge was getting the hooks to close and the zipper. I had my niece help and I was once again sucked and squeezed into a faja!!! Success yes it was uncomfortable but my body needed that feeling. The stage two give you more support and so far my legs and my cookie are not happy one bit but my stomach and waist are thankful. The stage two is supposed to help with swelling and I took it off to use the bathroom and second guessed sending it back to order a size up. I spoke with a friend and she assured me that this too would stretch the more you wear itvand get into and out of it like the stage one faja. So in a nutshell measure measure measure and order from shape secrets if you are shaped like me!!!

Faja pics

Order from amazon to insure free returns and shapesecrets.com also they will allow you to return your item no problems!!!!(30days)

Three week update

So I am glad to be sleeping back in my comfy bed( still being supported by lots of pillows)!
For the most part I still have trouble staying asleep once I'm in bed because of my stomach tightening and the limited mobility because of the stage two faja. I tried to sleep without the faja even more discomfort as I am used to wearing it 24/7. So everything feels a little bit better with the support at night. I am also so still stiff once I am getting out of the bed or a seated position or even when I am driving--- I expect this to improve as each day passes. My incision has healed and I cut almost all of my hanging stiches and I am applying my cream and antibiotic ointment daily. My drain tube opening is covered with a waterproof band aid and so is my belly button. I have tried really hard to get the belly button stitches but that spaced is really tight. I plan on starting the scar treatment next week to see if the bio oil or ROSE OIL will help to diminish the appearance. I also have some swelling and am really hoping that this diminishes in the up coming weeks as I am wearing my faja. My back hurts a lot especially after a long day. I enjoy walking my dog and this is difficult as I have to still walk slow. I am going to see my primary care dr-- maybe some muscle relaxers will be good to help relax the muscle in my back. I take Tylenol every now and then when I fell like I need it. I am trying to do as much as I can without over doing it but I really hate LAYING around all day in the bed. Walking is supposed to help a great deal but when I do it my stomach tightens up a lot.

5.5 Weeks

I am five and a half weeks post surgery! I can honestly say that each week my body feels better and stronger. I wear my faja consistently and I have purchased two of them. I have also incorporated the use of an abdominal board. The ab board helps me at night as well because I have not flashes when I sleep in my faja so here lately I have been wearing the abdominal board with high waist compression panties while I am sleeping. I find this comfortable and it still gives me the support that I need for my stomach. I have tried to sleep with nothing but I find that without the faja or a abdominal binder or an abdominal board aka(support) I am extremely uncomfortable!!!!
I have gained enough strength to walk further around the neighborhood and I try to walk at least once a day sometimes twice. I have noticed that my swelling has gone down over the past week and I apply the arnica gel in the mornings along with the rose OIL/ bioil in the evenings. My incisions-- are turning pink some areas and of course itching! The faja still rubs a lot but I am a pro and taking it!all off to use the bathroom and a pro at putting it on and off all by myself!!!!! Hoping I can get through a work day with all that gear on--- I'm sure to find out in less than two weeks!

Six months post op

I am really happy with my choice of deciding to get a tummy tuck. The best thing of all is no muffin top and an actual waist that I have not seen in over twenty years! I am dealing with a lot of swelling mostly after a long exhausting day but I am planning to get back in the gym to help with defining my new abs and hopefully the swelling will subside as I reach one year post op.my overall healing process was great especially after the removal of the tubing. I even had a breast reduction at six weeks post op here in the US. No problems and I wore my garments at work every day for fourths months post op. I still wear my compression panties with my ab board and I also have a compression tank top and ab support that I ordered from Tommie Copper. This is supposed to help with muscle fatigue and aches. I am really hoping that the swelling will subside as I incorporate all of these things. Please let me know of any suggestions that you may have.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I decided to have my procedures completed by Dr. Tania Medina as she was one of the firsts Drs. That responded and had availability around the dates that I selected to have my surgery. The communication between Dr. Medina and her assistant/ myself has been great. Dr. Medina also had great surgery outcomes and reviews from others on real self.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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