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I had what we are calling a mommy makeover. A TT...

I had what we are calling a mommy makeover. A TT and breast implants. I am not a mommy but after a lap band and 150 pounds weight lost i had some extra skin that had to be removed. I traveled for my surgery to the Dominican Republic. I didn't shower for the first week. I only showered after my drains were all out. I had one at my tt, and one at my breast which was taken out three days after. the TT drain was taken out a week after. My first shower at day 7 took about 2 hours to accomplish with the help of a friend. I used a small hand towel to dry only the stitches area. I used an antibacterial soup only on the tt,and breast. Then I used regular Dove soap on the rest of my body. My Doctor gave me a gel cream that i had to rub on the scars. so drying my scars very well was extra important. Im day 12 post op, i just started sleeping on the bed with less pillows 3 nights ago. I decided to write today because for the past month i have been on and off this site reading everyone's elses comments and tips. I used a Qtip to dry my belly button really well about 3 Qtips each day i shower. I only shower once a day because it takes such a long time to shower. I use a sponge bath for the night not wetting my scars. i want to be extra careful since i hear so many people have had their scar reopen. Well those are all the tips i have on showering.
The compression garment final step was the best for me because its smooth, and comfy(well comfy compared to the first compression garment wrap). My Doctor is great and so are the staff i will travel back home in 5 days. will post again soon.

Stitches all out 14 days later

Today had my stitches removed. I travel back home to the U.S.A. on monday. I will try to load a picture tomorrow once i cut my face out the picture. My compression garment is on really tight and by next week i have to buy a smaller one. Guess thats a good thing. I don't know if i will last the 3 months with the compression garment. Thank God i only have 6 more days left with the compression socks. (yeah my doctor requires you to wear the compression socks for 21 days!!) as precaution to blood clots, circulation problems. ect. I love my doctor. I look so natural i will try to load a before shot and a so far shot tomorrow.

pictures day 15th post op

I uploaded a pic the white stuff is a power that i have on the belly button that i had to use after bathing.(Contractubex is the cream that I was told to use on the scar by my doc. The power is Tecassol 2%). The black and blues are still there so back shots yet sorry. My back is till really swollen. On my last post i made a mistake and typed i fly out Monday but I fly out Friday night. This pic is the day before yesterday before i had my stitches removed i will try to post some more in a few days.

Typos and corrections..

sorry for typos above. was trying to type fast to load pics. The Powder is Tecassol 2% (while i had stitches healing) I am not taking baths just stand up showers. I use two towels a small hand one for the scars to dry them well, a larger one for my body. Tried really hard not to get anything infected. I used a different towel each day.(a little OCD but i was scared of infected stitches) I haven't taken a picture of my back because its really swollen and im using my laptop to take pics, so its kind of hard will try to take pics at a later time. I have a wheelchair on reserved with the airline to fly out tomorrow because JFK has long hallways and i am not sure if i will be able to handle all the people rushing to baggage claim. Sorry everyone will try to proof read before i hit post.

Can't sleep flat still!

21 days later I still can't sleep flat. I keep waking up at 4 am(as i type this) to add pillows and sit up. Wondering how much longer of this. Lower back is till swollen from lipo an is the only part that is sore.

4weeks anniversary so i treated my self to a new compression garment

My 4 weeks post op. I was expecting the swelling to go down in my lower back and its slowly going away. I bought a new compression garment much tighter since my last one was getting too comfy if that makes sense. I was told if i use this one i wont have to worry about the painful massages. The brand im using is Fajate. Its Colombian and has vitamin E in the fabric. Was really hard to find in NYC had to call the website and find retailers. I really like my new compression garment even though i couldn't even sit the first day i think its helped with swelling. I only wear it during the day at 10pm for bed i throw on my previous less tight garment. Im looking forward to buying bras with no under wires this week. I feel really happy with my results so far. I actually can almost sleep on my side. Still sleeping on tons of pillows.

Still swollen, and the lower back is still sore. But im happy

Its hard to say how i feel from a scale 1-10. The lower back is like about a 6 in terms of pain. I finally started sleeping on my side two days ago. I love my breast and love what im seeing in terms of the scar healing. My tummy is still really swollen. I haven't wore any heels just because i was afraid but will start wearing heels this week. My compression garment is still really tight. I am really happy with my results so far. I emailed my doctor some pictures two days ago and 20 minutes later he replied that he also likes how its coming along. I love my doctor. I mean the attention the care and how quickly he replies to everything makes me feel like he is right here in NY with me. My breast look so natural i will post before shots later on today. the pictures Im adding are from two days ago. I think im healing pretty nicely.

my before pics

hey found them so here you guys go. These are the pics i took at home before i left to DR. These are also the pics i sent my doctor when i did my online consultation.
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