Can't Wait to See my New Body!!!!! - Dominican Republic

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I have had liposuction before in Houston what a...

I have had liposuction before in Houston what a waste nothing was satisfactory. I was so depressed after seeing the failed results. After talking to a friend we decided to travel to Dominican seen we did our homework on all the skilled doctors producing amazing results. I am planning to have tummy tuck with full body contouring. With doctor approval will add inner thigh liposuction which will give me a complete body make-over.


I can't stop thinking about my surgery. I am excited and scared. I am asking for the prayers of the Realself community as I prepare for change on Dec 11, 2015. Dr Luis Tactuk Simon is my choice. I am also thankful to be traveling with a buddy who will have surgery the same day. We have decided to get a hotel that's approximately 15 minutes from the doctors office instead of a recovery house. I have noticed several post with many supplies being packed when traveling to Dominican Republic. I communicated with my doctor mentioned since he will be changing the dressing and drainage there would be nothing needed. I will pack only scare treatment, ointment, baby wipes, MaxiPads and additional pain medication to use if needed. Thanks for reading this post please pray for myself and surgery buddy.

DrTacTuk Before/After

More Pics

Not Sure If I Should get bbl

Not sure if I should let my Doctor perform a Lite Butt Lift. I fear waking up after surgery with a big butt. A big butt is just not me!!!!! I don't need volume but feel shaping is needed to give a more fluffy look. What do you think? How many cc do you think? I want your honest opinion.

Dec 11 My Surgery Date

I am nervous surgery in two days. I have received several post wishing me well. I appreciate my RealSelf family with a hug of thanks.

Traveling to airport. Sadness on my mind

Plans have changed.Traveling alone to Dominican Republic. Surgery buddy did not receiveve PASSport. Thankful will travel on later flight.

Dominican I am on my way!!!!

Currently on plane. Thanks for all the support from my Realself family.

GETTING BETTER EVERYDAY!!!!! Dr.Tactuk and surgery time 5 star rated.

I got a little frustrated with communicating with nurse staff at hospital no one spoke English. The hospital did good during my crucial recovery days. My doctor oh my wonderful doctor and his surgery team took excellent care of me. Dr. Tactuk is a doctor with experience treating his patiences with care. I highly recommend a recovery house over hotel. I am currently in Yasmin recovery expetienced anxiety the first night. The staff are extremely attentive to your needs after surgery. It might not be the most attractive in appearance but the service is five start. The food is good. I am experieced normal swelling and soreness. Sleeping has been extremely an experience with multiple sore areas it hard to find cimfort.

Dr. Tactuk Surgery TEAM 5 Star Rated.

I highly recommend this doctor he has been pleasant, helpful and experienced when answering all questions. He truly has his patients best interest at ?.

Dr. Tactuk has his Patients BEST intetest at HEART

Simply the best.

Soreness And Swelling slowly improving

I am posting pics 12days post op. Since I had lipo previously which was a complete failure required my doctor to work extra hard due to scare tissue which added to my swelling.

Before and After

Feeling Better & Better. Swelling & Soreness Less

Twenty- Two Days Post op.

Challenges Keeping My garment smooth

My body is looking better an better. But i notice when sleeping my garment creading which cause my skin to be uneven in that area. Dont know how to resolve this concern

Results Looking Better and Better

I purchased the lipo foam which helped to control issue with garment not staying smooth. Swelling still in areas which is to be expected.


I cant be nothing but pleased with my after results. I will travel next month for 90 day follow up. My doctor is just awesome.


Wonderful Results!!!!!!!!

Sorry its been awhile. Just working really hard with little leisure time. My swelling is 85% gone, I was told that it could take up to approximately six months to see the true final results. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. My Doctor, My Doctor Tactuk really worked a miracle. I didn't think I could look this good. I feel so confident with higher self esteem. I am so glad that I decide on this procedure. Yes I was nervous and scared along the way. I didn't have a surgery buddy and relied solely on my doctor and Yasmine recovery they were awesome. I understand that there are many doctors but please check out Dr. Tactuk. You will fall in love with his attentiveness, kindness, knowledge, professionalism, smile, swag, and patience.

I will post some pics to update my recovery and results.

1 Year Update Lipo and TT

What a wonderful surgery experience I had in Santo Domingo with Dr. Tactuk. My recovery went well. Real Self family there are several good doctors out their but I must say I had the best doctor. He made me feel comfortable during the pre/post surgery. He is truly dedicated to his patients , provides realistic feedback, and has the best patient care manners. My friend will be traveling next month for her surgery it was unfortunate she had to cancel when I had my surgery he has stayed in contact with her during this time answering all questions to help relax her anxiety. He is simply the BEST. Thanks Dr. Tactuk
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tactuk great doctor. Informative with all question. Wants the best for his patients will require at least ten days so he can follow recovery. No deposit needed which was different most require and its nonrefundable. Pleasant to talk to. Can't wait to see his amazing work on my body. I am just going to cry for days. Happy tears of course.

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