33 Years Old, 1 Child, Need TT ASAP - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey world, I'm 33 with 1 child and in desperate...

Hey world, I'm 33 with 1 child and in desperate need of a TT. I really want to do a mini TT with lipo of my tummy and sides. I'm afraid of the scar from a full TT. I recently had mayomectomy surgery to remove 5 fibroids & 2 ovarian cysts. So I have a cut the size of a c section cut. I'm not sure if I need muscle repair. I've been stalking this site for about a year now & I'm just getting the courage to do my surgery. Im sick of people asking me if I'm pregnant. It's depressing. I'm 5'1 & weight 142. I love all of my other curves but this stomach needs to go. I'm looking into Dr. Duran, I've emailed twice and filled out the form on her website. I know Duran is great at BBL's but I don't want that. She can take this fat and extra skin and toss it in the trash lol..... I see a lot of the "Duran Dolls" say call before 7am I've also tried that but none of the ladies who answered speak English. So now I'm just waiting for her to email me with a quote. Wish me luck .......

Ready for a new tummy

Ok so the other day I was having a talk with one of my cousins and honestly I wasn't going to tell any family members about me wanting to have surgery & especially the fact that I want to do it in DR. I just didn't want to hear anyone's negative or judgemental remarks. Well anywho my cousin and I were talking and I asked her her opinion on surgery and guess what, she practically finished my sentences about going to DR and she wants to go to Dra Duran also..... Go figure :) I was sooooo happy & now we've decided to be surgery buddies. I'm even more excited about this process now. She's like my lil sister so I'm glad we'll have each other. I've been reading so many reviews from post Duran dolls and taking information. I swear I probably emailed her 300 times yesterday smh. Yeah I'm that serious. But I think I'm going to just go through Bellavita. I haven't contacted them yet but if I don't hear from Duran today I'll be hiring Bellavita tomorrow. Yeah I'm that focused.

Got my quote from Duran and surgery date for next week

Oh my god, I'm soooooo happy. So on Sunday I emailed Dr. Duran probably like 300 times, I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not & guess what ladies? IT WORKED!!!!!!! She emailed me back with a quote the very next day. Thank god for that ???? in her email she said call her secretary for a date. So I called for 2 days with no success but then today I called around 2pm eastern time and I got the famous Elizabeth. Now when my cousin called and spoke to Elizabeth yesterday she was told that the next available date was May :( i was not trying to hear that, I didn't want to wait that long. I wanna be healed with a banging ass body And a flat stomach by May. So I made my own phone calls today and asked Elizabeth if I could be squeezed in the end of this month. She said I can fit u on the 26th of feb if your ready now. U already know I jumped at that. So my surgery is now set for the 26th. Then I begged to get my cousin in, she couldn't give us both the same date but she gave my cousin the day before. So we have the 25th & 26th...... I asked Elizabeth if she knows a great RH that they speak English and said the only recovery house that Dr. Duran reccomends is "Haven of Peace" ..... Has anyone heard of them. I need reviews ASAP.... I'm currently writing a "things to get list" plus I'm trying to book my flight.

Im here

I'm here and I am having so many positive emotions. I've met so many positive ladies today. I couldn't have had a better group around me. Everyone is so informative & friendly & that makes this process so much easier. My flight was great, and the lady I was sitting next to on the plane is having sx tomorrow with Dra Duran also. I felt like that was god keeping me around positive people :-) oh and let me say DR looks a little like Miami to me.

Ok so now let's get to the good stuff. I'm staying at Recovery Armonia. Mayra is the owner and she speaks English and is sooo sweet. She reminds me of a like a favorite older aunt. Such a sweetiepie Mayra. I'm staying in the triple room upstairs and honestly it's "ok" but not as nice as the rooms downstairs the downstairs rooms are much better and Friday I'll be moving down there. The house is clean. The staff is very friendly & they go above and beyond to accommodate u. The only advice I have is to bring your own sheets towel and washcloth. Also please be aware that the water in DR is contaminated with bacteria and sooooo many people have said that. So tonight I asked the ladies in the kitchen if they could give me some bottled water and warm it up and they did and I stood inside the tub and took a bird bath with a lil bucket. And that's how I'll be bathing while in DR. I did my labs earlier when I arrived so in the morning I have to go to Dra Durans office at 7 to have my consultation and surgery..... So say a prayer for me and I'll try to update tomorrow. Good night ladies & god bless :-)

I had my surgery yesterday

Ok I had my surgery yesterday with Dra Duran she said I didn't need a TT so I Only got lipo. I'm not gonna lie when I try to move it feels like fire in my back. As long as I lay still I'm fine. & when the put that faja on ???????????????????? omg that shit hurts I think I passed out into the chair. I was sweating dizzy lightheaded smfh that crap. was no joke. Right now I'm waiting for a blood transfusion because my hemo dropped to 7.12

Having a problem posting my review

Well I typed this whole long review only for it to be deleted somehow ???? so ask me anything ladies I'm an open book I'm posting new pics now
Dr. Duran

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