Less Than 10 DAYS!! Cabral Surgery. TT, BBL, BA, LIPO - Dominican Republic

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Ladies ( and gentleman ).. I am ashamed to admit...

Ladies ( and gentleman ).. I am ashamed to admit how many of these posts I have actually read in the last hour. Its like an addiction and as soon as you get started reading- you cant stop. On a impulse move, I scheduled my surgery for 10 days from now! I have been researching and wishing for over a year now and I finally have the funds and courage to go through with the surgery.

I am 25 years old, 187lbs and 6'0 tall. I will be getting a breast agumentation/ lift, Tummytuck, Lipo, bbl and lipo on my arms. I am going with Dr. Cabral because I love his shaping work! The price Cabral quoted me was 5,800$ without Tummytuck or $6,800 with Tummytuck. He said from my pictures he thinks I may need a Tummytuck but he will be more sure during the consult. Either way, I am prepared to pay $6,800 even though the receptionist said that usually the price is lower than what the doctor quoted. I will be prepared to purchase the other items needed on day of surgery ( faja, meds, labs, massages etc.) so I will be bringing an extra $500 for those items.

I will be staying at Essence Recovery home and I have been very pleased with their communication and transparency so far. I will be staying for 9 days and the total was 750$ with supplies and transportation included. I know I may need extra massages etc. and they offer them at the RH for 30$.

I AM SO NERVOUS. I do not want to have unrealistic expectations about recovery or results but the posts I have read make it all seem so brutal. I will be traveling alone and this is the first time I have been away from my husband for an extended amount of time. It all is so much to take in.

I am stressing about packing all of the supplies i need. The RH sent me a list of the things I should buy so I am fuguring out how to get the best price on pads, chux, meds etc. One thing I am struggling with is finding dresses/ PJs to wear. It is not summer anymore and I have not been able to find anything online. If any of you dolls have a good online link- please please share!

One thing that seems unclear is if i need to start taking any pills or vitamins now before surgery? I have read of some ladies taking iron etc. weeks before surgery and I was wondering if this is necessary.

If anyone is planning on getting sx on the 11th-- please please comment. I would be great to go through this process with someone who understands my anxiety.

I will continue to post!

2nd Thoughts about Cabral-- thinking Team Yily

I have been going back and forth between Cabral and yily. I know Cabral is the king of snatched waists but I like Yily's breast procedures!! Who is better? Plus my quote from yily was 1,000$ cheaper than Cabral!!

Any thoughts?

Does Yily Quote include RH?

Hi dolls

I was going with Cabral- my sx date is in 1 week???? I started having second thoughts about Cabral because of his language barrier and Not detailed quotes. I contacted Yily for a second oppinion and her quote was 1,100$ Less than Cabral!!! That's a big price difference. Then I started reading reviews and I really like her work!! Especially her boob jobs!

I am getting TT, BBL, Liposculpt, and Breast lift/implants for 5,700!! Communication with yily has been great. She is so responsive and sweet- plus her English is great which makes asking questions way easier!!

I am only 7 days out and my mind is all over the place. What do you all think?? Reviews on Yily vs Cabral?

Tonight is the night! Flying out for surgery

I feel like I am so anxious and nervous! My sx is Thursday and I'm flying out tonight. So far, my recovery house has been great! Super responsive and sweet in answering all of my questions and concerns. Yily's staff has been amazing also. Constantly reassuring me via whatsapp and taking care of all of the scheduling with my RH essence. I really hope that yily is able to give me what I want. Nonexistent waist and D cups!! Wish me luck!

Flight was exhausting! I'm here at Essence RH!! SX tomorrow!!

I have been up for 24 hours and I'm exhausted. My flight got me to DR about 4pm. I got on the plane at 6, airport at 3am= exhausted. The drive from SDQ wasn't bad, traffic but I enjoyed sight seeing. My driver is sweet and I appreciate it.

My recovery house is beautiful. I think I'm the only girl here but the owner and house manager is great. Finally took a LONG shower.. ate a delicious, healthy meal and now watching Netflix. I will probably fall asleep in the next few minutes. My driver is scheduled to drive me to Cipla at 6:30am. If all goes well (only positive energy and good vibes) I will get my sx tomorrow after my labs!! I'm so nervous. I keep looking at wish pics and just trying to stay positive. Gonna get some rest! I'll check in tomorrow.

Here at Cipla

I'm here at Cipla and starving! Idk how I can go the whole day without eating or drinking. God give me strength

1 day PO- my SX and experience so far

When it was time for my sx, everything went so quick. One minute, I was waiting for the doctor to get there (9:30-10am) the next I was giving all my paperwork to the nurses desk and getting on the stretcher. The little blue pill is a crazy thing!! I remember taking it and feeling like it wasnt going to work on me. I was joking with the other surgeons- the next thing I remember and waking up in my recovery room at Cipla and screaming for help. Idk why I was screaming for help- probably because the pain was so bad. My RH hired me an overnight nurse and thank god for her. She was sweet and really helped. They tried to feed me soup and I didn't want it. I literally felt like I was going to die. I wasn't- but the pain is no joke. My TT feels so damn tight. Like I feel like if I sit up I will literally rip open- is that normal?

I slept most of yesterday. I think I got out of sx around 3 or 4 pm and I just slept, cried and slept. Today has been better than yesterday. My boobs don't hurt that bad- just my stomach and back. I snapped a really quick pic as they were putting on my faja (painful to sit up and have them put that on). My waist looks so small. Even with the swelling. So small. Dr. yily is sweet. Her English is a bit broken but she understands a lot. Now I'm waiting to get discharged from Cipla and go back to my RH. Essence Recovery House is amazing. Kathy (owner) messaged me last night to check on me and came in the morning to see how I'm doing. The drivers are attentive and sweet also!

Day 1 update- end of the day

So today i got discharged from Cipla at 10am and got picked up To go to my RH- thank God. The staff, the food, everything has been amazing. ???????????????????????? I highly recommend Essence for anybody looking for a RH. Everyone speaks English and it's been great. As for pain, it's getting a tiny bit easier as the day goes on. My back really hurts and my stomach is tight. But it's better than yesterday and better than this morning. One of the girls here at a TT and BBL 6 days ago and she looks great. Up walking around and everything!! That is giving me hope because other than going pee, I haven't been out of this recliner. As for my body, the only thing I can really see is my boobs!! They are giant!! 500cc's!!! My butt looks round!! I asked Yily to NOT make my hips big.. and so far, it looks like she delivered. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow to be easier.

Day 2- moving better & faja break

This morning was ROUGH! Sleeping in bed makes me so stiff and sore. I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning- it was so painful. My nurses were great. I found myself about to breakdown and they encouraged me to get out of bed and walk. It really really helped me. My faja is getting washed so I'm getting a much needed faja break. I'm enjoying being naked and just being able to breathe without that thing. I saw my body today and it looks good for day 2! It looks like Yily's sculpting lived up to its reputation because I have like ZERO fat in my stomach, back, flanks. My ass is round and compliments the old shape.

Day3-- better than I have been

Day 2 was no joke. Last night I was truly miserable. My hemo must of been extremely low because I literally slept all day. My back was so stiff I couldn't move without assistance from the nurse. I was sweating and having chills and draining ALOT. Thank god for my nurse. I swear she is an angel. She gave me meds, unhooked several notches in my faja (helped a lot) and made me comfortable in bed. Even the chef came to check on me several times during the night and I thought that was so sweet. After that, I slept well.. I had a side splitting migraine but I was just so weak I needed sleep.

Today has been better. I woke up with a little more energy. My nurse gave me a sponge bath which I desperately needed. My faja got washed so I had a good hour just being free. My energy level is still very slow but it's so much easier to walk around today. Now for the bad news...

I'm 90% positive yily did not do my breast lift like she was supposed to. All she did was the implant. Now, maybe she determined during sx that I didn't need the lift given the size implant I was getting 500ccs- but nonetheless I paid for a lift and implant. I have been emailing her assistant all morning about it and they said tomorrow during post op she will check. If the lift wasn't done, they owe me money back. I'm pissed about it, yes my boobs are sitting right now but what happens when they settle? In all they don't look low now but it's so hard to tell from swelling and stuff. I've heard of yily "forgetting" stuff during sx but I didn't think it would happen to me. I will update more after my post op visit tomorrow.

On a positive note, ladies after day 3 things seem to get easier. I had a TT, Lipo, BBL and BA and my body feels worn down. Keep faith that it will get better with time.

Help!! Why am I so itchy? After 3 days PO

Omg can someone tell me why I am so itchy after 3 days PO? Please!!!

Faja break and pic

Before after

Filled in hips

PO visit 1

Why do they make us come at 7 when there is so many other patients here and seeing yily will be impossible anyway. Sitting here on my ass all morning is so uncomfortable. It would be so much easier to just have appointment times. Rant over.

I'm praying I get my drain out today so I can start massages. I slept ok last night- up a lot because my RH roommate couldn't ????. I'm tired!! My back is still very tight today and I'm still itchy. Thinking about treating myself to the salon after my PO visit (they have one here at Cipla). My hair needs to be washed and roller set!!! Took a quick pic last night when my faja was washing. I'm still so swollen! I know when this swelling goes down my waist will be nonexistent????????????????

Day 4 PO update- Massage Day

Today was my first post op visit. Yes, I hated getting there at 6:30 to have to wait 2 hours to be seen but it's fine. I spoke with Dr. Ana about yily not preforming my BL and she agreed that Yily decided I didn't need the BL during surgery. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate not having the extra scar. But what bothers me is yily and I discussed the BL during consult (only 1 hour before the sx). I paid for the BL! So if it wasn't done, I should be getting that portion of my money refunded to me. My total quote listed ALL procedures I was getting including BL- that is the price I paid. Now Yily's staff is going back and forth with me saying that I was given a cheaper quote originally than I was supposed to so they are trying not to give me money back!! 1- it's not my problem staff originally gave me the wrong quote. I listed all my procedures in total and that's the quote I was given.
2- if we discussed something in consult only to have it not happen and nobody bother to tell me why- I think that's unethical. If I would of never brought it up, nobody would of said anything.

I love Yily's work. My breasts look ????. But this side of customer service post op is night and day from what I experienced pre op.

I got my first massage today. It was heaven. Idk why people say they are miserable. They feel really good to me and really helped with swelling. Originally I was really stiff in my back and now I'm walking so much better. Im on my 3rd hook in my faja and I may try to get my faja taken in before I leave Friday. I wish I was going home sooner, honestly I would do fine with going home like Wednesday. But I guess these two extra days will really give me time to be at least 80% before I go home Friday.

This BL issue or lack thereof is really pissing me off. But on a positive note, I feel good today????

Day 5!!! Post op

My day 5 PO update.

Things started off to a rocky start this morning. I woke up at 4am with a side splitting sharp pain in my right side on my rib cage. Like my rib was broken. It was an consistent sharp pain that hurt even when I took a breath. I thought I had broke one of my ribs. Fast forward to some crying and breakfast. I decided to lay down and rest before jumping the gun and heading to Cipla.

When I woke up I did feel 60% better. My rib still was in sharp pain but it had gone down a lot. I had some lunch and got ready for my massage. It helped so much!! My lady was able to push out so much fluid on my back and on my sides. I felt back to normal. My walking is better today. I am standing up straighter and mobile. I am the only girl in my RH able to get up and move. I just can't wait to go home. Yes, I love my RH but being here is kinda depressing. I miss my husband and my shower ???? took a few pics before my massage today. My waist is really coming through. I feel like my butt could be bigger but I'm praying that things will really take shape in the coming weeks. ???????? good job yily
Dr. Hector Cabral

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