llorente or Cesar velilla

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Liposuction to full stomach,left & right. waist,...

Liposuction to full stomach,left & right. waist, upper & lower back plus flanks.
Anthony Hasan or Dr.Duran will be one of my choices. I just want my old body back, and to be able to be even more happier. There is no limit to happiness so I am going for it. Help me along the way ladies. Thank you ...

Dr. Hasan has contacted me this morning!!

I talked to Ms. Sanchez and will be sending information for Hasan to review. I'm excited. Lol
I contacted them yesterday evening and they got back to me this morning. She was very nice and straight forward. I just hope continues to be that way when I get there. Lol

I switched to Dr. Jonathan Fisher

I've done more research and im going to stick with fisher. Hasan is great but fisher is also great and perfect with the hip definition I am looking for. So I am awaiting be a fisher doll everyone.

Has anyone ever thought out the box like,

If only it could be be half and half. Like they both could do it, same day, Hasan could do my liposuction and fisher do hips and fat grafting into buttocks right after Hasan has finished the liposuction. Idk, maybe it's me but that would be cool because I do not want to go for a round two and I do not want to be depressed or dissatisfied. I want to be happy like all of the fisher and Hasan dolls.

I've never flew before

I have never flew before so I am kinda scared everyone. I will be putting my deposit down soon & getting a date for surgery. I have been talking to vanity and they have been extremely nice & answer all my questions. Maybe they're trying to change because of complaints & very bad reviews. Also since this is my first time flying. Any suggestions to get through the flight. Lol please help. I am very nervous about this.


Hello realself beauties. Is it possible for me to leave the day after surgery when I have my follow because I'm honestly thinking my job is not going to give me the time requested off. Will I be really sick and swollen? Yes, I do an drainage massage therapist @ home and a caregiver. I'm just wondering what should I do and shouldn't do. Is it possible for me to leave the next day after follow up and massage? Please some one respond. I also might be going in November2015 instead of February2016. I will be posting pre op pics in a couple days.


So has anyone heard about fisher not doing his own surgeries? People waking up to someone else doing theor surgeries??? Humm idk, but I'm debating on my date of surgery still. Vanity is being very nice and updating me with things. And I also do the same. I'm putting up wish pictures again before I post my pre op photos. Idk if I will be staying at their recovery house though. I just don't think so lol. I also started buying my supplies and I am not over packing because half of the stuff we don't even need.

Pre op pictures as promised.

I will post more tomorrow of the back when my husband gets home so he take more angles. As you can see, I néed that stomach/waist of mines snatched, flat with curves. Lol I need a nice booty.

Hire a nurse/Recovery House info.

Hello ladies does anyone have any information on where I can hire a nurse after the bbl in Miami. I also have changed my doctor to Hasan as well. Any good recovery houses with nurse or at least someone who does the massages included? Please list information down below. I need all the help I can get. Because I decided to get a room nearby, I would like to hire a nurse to be there with me. I heard the first 3days are rough. Help ladies. Thank you.

Vanity than pissed me off

I went to put deposit down($400), my first coordinator was shari. Now I have someone with the name of yaritza. She told me my deposit with osak was $300 then switched it to $1000 then when I checked her about it, she switched it back to $300, now she says $500 when I just put down $400. I was going to put down $1000 but was just go use it for garments, supplies, and the booking room. Then put the rest I owe down the January 19th. (Whole amount) she is really irritating me with this bullsh**t she is trying to pull. Why are you switching up all these prices like this for an deposit.

Date Set!

I will start buying supplies Tuesday and book room. I will have my husband and a nurse with me. Since I've been on realself a very long time. I know the do's and don'ts but if I have questions. I sure will ask you beautiful ladies. I have read all types journeys and I have been preparing myself for it loves. I'm kinda scared but Im going to stay positive.

Counting down/surgery&birthday

I have basically most of my supplies but I am kinda having an issue with my portal/labs. I have contacted yaritza, she has been great everysince that bullsh**t with the deposit. I am now looking for a close hotel at least 10 minutes away from vanity. Help ladies. And looking for some reasonable plane tickets for me and my husband. That's my birthday weekend. I have surgery a day before my birthday and I'm happy because it's a gift to me also a gift from my husband.
Help with hotel ladies.. where did you book? How close to vanity and who was your transportation?

The latest you've had surgery

Hello, whats the latest you ladies have had surgery? Has anyone arrived after 8p.m. or later because of flights, hotel, transportation??
Can people answer instead of just looking at the post. Thanks .

Labs are done

Okay, everything is great except my "cmp" so now I am going to get them elevated by buying my supplements for that tomorrow morning then get those labs redone friday 01/29th.. maybe I shouldn't have had my little drinky drink I had the night before I did labs lol but other than that, everything is great.. I do think about this procedure every single day... it never slips my mind... and yes, date is changed to February 16th loves..why? (flights,rooms,transportation) stuff happens. :)

He has contacted me. Yae!!

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