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Hi!. I have strongly considered getting surgery...

Hi!. I have strongly considered getting surgery for quite some time. Like most woman, finding problem areas on our bodies is not hard to do. My very first cosmetic surgery ever was back in 2008. I had rhinoplasty done. I was always bothered by my nose since i was 13. When I turned 26, I went and got a nose job. Talk about a confident booster!. Of course, once you get one thing, you will almost always find something else to manipulate, tuck, botch, etc... SO now it's LIPO and BBL. Before I decided on this, I had the NERVE to look into some 'ol butt illegal shots with silicone...EWWW. That to me is the poor mans way of getting a phatty. The girl who was going to do it is well know and I prayed to god that if Im not suppose to have that foreign material in my body, please, god, send me a message. So the girl ended going up on her price and moving my appt to a later date. And she had the NERVE to have an attitude when I spoke to her on the phone. So, that was my sign. I then began to entertain the idea of having lipo/bbl. I contacted a girl I know wo had it done by Dr. Yily. She showed me pics and everything. She mentioned Dr Cabral but she warned me about the girl who died on his table. I started researching and Networking and all of that. Im choosing Dr Cabral because I live how tight his waistlines are and how available he is. I spoke with him abiot five times already. So my appt is November 7. I have half the money saved and by the time my appt comes, I should have the rest. So far, I will try and get into Serenity Recovery for about a week then maybe I can stay at my cousin's house out there in DR. My boyfriend may come with me, Im not sure yet. Dr Cabral says I need to have BMI 32 and Hemoglobin at 12 gr. I want to keep all of you guys updated on this journey. I will still be the same me with just a new body. Im excited to update this blog with pics, any new info, and just network. If anybody is going in November, holla if you need a buddy.

Will this surgery change me?

Whew!....I am four months away from my new body. So far I told about 10 people and they all are happy for me. I have talked to other dolls for advice and they tell me how much their lives have changed after having this surgery. I am looking forward to seeing what exactly will change after sx. I know what Im expecting to change and that is my self esteem. I would be lying if I told you I dont expect my life to be different. My confidence will absolutely increase. I have already did alot to build my confidence by learning how to LOVE myself more. I have also learned how to be more gr8ful in life. I have done enough to DESERVE this new body. I dont feel GUILTY at all. Im excited and I thank God for this opportunity. Lets face it! The facts are that iin 2016, woman who are more shapely and curvy get more attention. Im a business entrepreneur and if getting down with this new wave will give me more confidence, more "ass"ets, and more profits....... November 7th is the day my life will change. I will be NOT a new me but a BETTER me.

pre-op pics

Pics of me before surgery


Looking for flights is making all of this a reality. Now Im really excited. Im leaving from Newark, New Jersey and Im trying to get the lowest price. I was told that Tuesday and Wednesday early mornings are the best time to search and Mon-Thurs is the best time to travel. This is where your savings come into play. So guess who's been on the computer at 12 midnight and 7 am? lol I just can't wait for my time to fly and I aint talking about american airlines (well, that too). I have also been keeping an eye out on my iron levels. Last time I checked, my hemoglobin was at 11. Imma do bloodwork soon and if they haven't gone up, Imma be on a mission. You dont hear me tho.... So I will keep posted. Goodnight for now dolls.

New Date

Hello everyone. Im updating you with my new date. Its now January 11. If anyone is going at that time, if yu need a buddy, Im cool with it.

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