Ready for My Transformation!! Cabral, Yily , Medina or Molina?? Who to Chose - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey ladies I've been a stocker on this page for...

hey ladies I've been a stocker on this page for over year and I'm finally decided on doing my own body transformation after reading so many journals and after reading so many comments and seen so many before and after pictures I don't seem to know what Dr. choose I've gotten quotes from Hector Cabral, Yily De los Santos , Julio Molina, Walkiris Robles, Taina Medina..everyone's price range between 3500 to 6000 which included all areas of lipo( fullback arms inner thighs stomach and BBL)..some included prices with the recovery house, transportation etc and I have to say everyone was very detailed to T.... I am on not sure of who to choose but I'm leaning more towards someone that's not so much so commercial only bcuz they tend to allow the assistant do most of the work...Yily was extremely clear on how she worked. The deposit was pretty much the same 300 nonrefundable.. even though I'm debating who to choose mind top choice Dr. Medina she's not as popular as Yily or Cabral but her sculpting skills are up to point most of her before and after pictures that she sent me of a private link shown me of girls that work more on the thicker side like me .... oh I didn't mention I'm 5'7 , 220lbs.. yeah I'm on the heavier side but this is one of the main reasons why I'm looking into transforming myself as I was seeing Dr. Medina before and Afters that of the one she showed me where of girls that were on the heavier side and they came out sculpted terrific unbelievable actually she only requested for me to lose 15 to 20 lbs but I'm determined to lose more I really want to come down to at least 180 my goal is to be ready to be transform in February 2016... ladies if you just began your journey hit me up maybe we can discuss and trade ideas, weight-loss tips...xoxo

Omg Diet!!

Being on a diet is no joke.. I have cut out all grain rice, bread.. Being Dominican and married this is extremely hard.. I have to cook rice and beans for my husband on a daily basis and seeing it drives me nuts but my will power stronger call me crazy but am obsess with getting my SX i literally hanged my wish pic in the kitchen i just look up and say no eatting if u want that.. LoL my hubby laughs but he is supportive... So i downloaded this app called Loose It iphone it helps you log in your weight and height ur goal wait and it calulates your weekly calorie intake for u to each ur goal. you log in what u eat whats the best part u can scan the barcode of the item you are eatting and it inputs the info automatically so far i been using it daily since and am suprised on some so called diet food are not really low on calorie intake.. Its hard to use cuz u have to be precise with the servings but its helpful. So far i cut out soda, juice, grain , coffee .. For breakfast i eat grapefruit with green tea, lunch salad no dressing just olive oil salt vinger or smootie no milk dinner some type of vegetable with grilled chicken breast or grilled fish lightly seasoned i alternate the meats and of course i drink my Garcinia Cambodia pills.. I started excrising at home youtube has many zumba videos for free.. i only drink green tea with a drizzle of honey for taste or be honest i am straving i eat but u hear my stomach grumbling lol but its all in the name of my transformation... fyi i got more quote from DR. Robles and a horrible insluting email from DR Hernandez Pizzoglio

Choose my doctor!! Dr.Australia Fragoso Baez

so excited I choose Australia Fragoso Baez as my doctor.. her quote was $3,500 US for lipo of arms , full back, stomach, waist, flanks, and BBL.. my original quite ask for tummy tuck and inner thigh lipo am assuming thats probaly amother $1,300 US..she did not give me prices with the recovery house am gonna have to search for that on my own .. I replied back to her asking for full price of everything I want and her bank info so i could make the deposit... What made me decide on her was her history after reading so many post about her the reviews were great plus her ig page blew me away loading some pics... She really knows how to work with thick gurls.. plus i honestly have go say she not one of the main stream doctors like Yily or Duran but her work is flawless and she made it very clear she only does 2 patients a day.. which ia logical most sc take up 6 hrs depending on the job.. alao started the MIltary diet .. its difficult but am already seeing the results!! waist training as well starting to get my body use to wearing tight garmet...excited and happy cant wait for Feb 2016!!

Dr.Australia Fragoso Baez payment info

Hi ladies i want to send my deposit to Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez but she did not provide me with the payment info in my quote does anyone know where to send her the payment?

gettin mad!!

Its been weeks and i am unable to get in contact with Dr Baez.. I want to send her my deposit asap and secure my date!! She did give me a quote but in her email she did not include where go sent the deposit.. Am really looking i to changing my DR choice.... Am gonna call her office agian to see whats going on.. I read on her IG a comment that she was on maternity leave.. has anyone heard about this or spoken tonher recently or someone at her off!!

Back in Action!!

Ladies Dr. Baez is on maternity leave ????????untill Nov.. She just had her baby???????? and is at home tending to her new mommy duties!!! If you whatsapp her she will respond but I honestly think it would be selfish of us to bother her unless its an emergenacy... Lets be patient and allow her to tend to her baby.. Back in action am excited that i didnt have to change Dr!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????

excited found my recovery house

so I phone my recovery house and I'm really excited it's pretty good deal they have a special deal going on until November 31 it's called The New Life Recovery home it's six minutes away from Dr. Baez's office ...there on Facebook and I found the review on here that was pretty bad but it was over two years old but according to their Facebook page the reviews are excellent and they also have a private group that you can request to be part of the reviews on there are pretty good as well well here's the prices that Massiel has provided me with with the special $80 single room $70 double or triple room $15 massages hundred dollars transportation it includes three meals a day including snacks fresh juice bottled water air condition 24 hour licensed nurses laundry I reached out to other recovery houses as well luxury recovery house stiletto recovery house Maria recover house and and about five other houses the majority of them have an answered me back but since I was on a time constraint and money constraint have to make up my mind ASAP before my hubby says to stay at his mothers house...don't get me wrong having a family member to take care of you is excellent but I prefer to have professionals that have dealt with this situation before and are experience...,especially with the draining I've read so many bad painful stories on here regarding the draining.. so there is my choice the new life recovery home if I don't get a buddy I'm going to decide on a single room i'm planning on staying for 10 days and getting two massages per day so it's a little bit over $1000 but it's OK I don't remember if I mentioned I got a News price quote from Dr. Baez the first quote she didn't include that Tummy tuck nor lipo inner thighs so now my new price quote is $4000 and it includes lipo of the arms full back stomach hips inner thighs flanks of the arms full back stomach hips inner thighs are flanks tummy tuck and BBL and she honors what she wrote on realself free medical insurance so it's an official XOXO

Spoke to soon

Hubby found a betta recovery house only takes 4 girls at a time 24/7 nurse and is an expert with Dr. Baez patients!! $85 a night!! switch my recover home to Relax Recovery House!!


Ladies I am unsure of what vitamins i should be taking?
I read that some vitmins are nr good to take for the surgery.. I email Dr. Baez waiting on a response... Can someone help!!

Sooo My Mother in Law

got me thinking about price differences.. she has been very supportive of my SX (not like my mommy)... My mother in law back in the day use to be a hustler/ con artist she is still on the low key not with drugs but with items clothing jewerly furniture hair products anything you can sell and make money from LMFAO... I dont judge her.. you do what you do to survive in Dominican Republic.. when i told her about the price quote I got from Dr Baez she was shocked!! she said Mi hija no sea bruta, yo tengo amigas que se an echo todo por me menos de ahi ( my daugther dont be stupid i have friends who paid less and has gotten everything done) lo puedes hacer ella no sabe quien eres piensa a lo dominicano ( you can do it she doesnt know who you are think like a dominican) tirate al suelo ve a la DRA y dile que tu tiene X cantidad de pesos y no tengo nada mas , dile que tu trabajaste much para cosinger eso hasta viendete tus cosas (throw yourself on the low side visit the doctor and say you only have X amount go little bit under your quote don't mention dollares convert to dominican money pesos go say you worked hard to earn this even sold a few household items) ensenale el dinero (show her the money) y te aseguro que te rebaja el precio cuando ella vea el dinero no va decir que no preferen hacer una barata que perder lo todo.. ( once she sees the money i can assure you she will lower the price, the doctor will prefer to do the surgery at a lower cost than to loose all the money)... Basically she telling me to hustle the Dr so i could save myself a few thousand dollares, it could work in my advantage i am dominican and my apken spanish is excellent.. I did not send pictures of my face just my body these doctors view 100 of emails she not going to remember bodies.. Got me thinking its worth a try ...In the end saving a few bucks dont hurt Dra Baez is not going to do a botch job her reputation is on the line... Its worth a try.... am moving my SX date to March 2016 only because Feb is tax season and most of us ladies are waiting for that as well as my hubby wants to go now!! He more excited than me lol.. Set back with weight loss i been dieting and jogging for the past month and I only lost 5 lbs , I jog daily as soon as i drop off my daugther at school , i jog in the park behind my house 10x around the track according to iphone app i jog about 3 miles daily, I am doing the miltary diet to a T exactly how It saids i measure and weight everything.. i only drink grapefruit juice , water the diet saids coffee but am not a big fan... on the days you can cheat i dont go over board i still eat light... but only 5lbs at this rate am not going to be ready for my SX .. whats worst is that i went to my doctor she ran all sorts of test and she tells me my metibolism is fine , she recommends to go see a nutritionist agian... I am unemployed due to my husband promotion we had to move .. even so that he is earning more money my hubby does it all for our family and i think its is unfair for me to add on unnecessary bills such as gym membership.. I even cut back in shopping ????????...This SX is my Christmas / birthday gift.. so for me am not considering it a selfish act... Where we moved its either you walk long distance or get a car , you need a car for everything ( we only have one) and its a extreme change from City life... I could travel back and forth to my old job but its more trouble than having my daugther in school out in CT while am in NYC i dont think its a good idea ..hopefully i get a call back from jobs out here.. any how back to losing weight shit is hard!! i asked my Dr if she can refer me for the gastric bypass surgery ( am willing to do this and wait for my sx) but her eyes widen and said tou young and in good health you dont qualify for it unless you want to put on 80 more lbs .. I looked at her with horror 80 lbs i cant stand to look at my self now at 215 lbs imagine at 300 i die!! no way!! loaded only pic i feel comfortable showing once i get my SX i post before and after.. I wear my weight well lol everyone saids all my weight is in my boobs am loke hell naw ya havent seen the gut!! Gut !! no butt big boobs pretty face typical !!

Frustrated !! ????????????????????????????

havent been on in a long time.. its crazy how fast time passes so minor set back!! My SX date has been postpone due to my weight lost.. as much as i try dieting excerising i dont seem to be dropping pounds i started this at 220 lost 5lbs and been stuck on 208 for the past 2 months. I actually gained 3 lbs am so pissed off.. dont know what to do!! I asked Dr Baez to push my Feb 16th date to May.. am set for May 31st.. Ladies any weigh loss tips? Am gonna start taking these diet pills called Ultra Light is causing sensation in Dominican Republic a seen a few dolls on IG that i follow saying its working for them.. I need to shed weight fast!!
Dr.Australia Fragoso Baez

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