New me in October! BBL, TT, Arm Lift and breast lift!

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In July I had a hysterectomy at 27 years old. At...

In July I had a hysterectomy at 27 years old. At that time, I realized that after 11 years of having a huge mommy tummy it was time for me to be happy with my body. I spoke with my husband and he told to go for it so here I am trying desperately to get my surgery done in October before he leaves with the Army again.

I've been trying to reach and schedule a TT, BBL, breats lift and augment with Dr. Baez but communicating with her is super difficult. It takes her up to a week to respond and just recently told me that the Oct. 18th date that she previously told me is available is no longer available. I'm not sure what to do since I scheduled everything around that date.

I'm trying not to get discouraged but I don't know what to do if I can't get it scheduled around the 18th. I really dont want to wait two more years.

Feeling nervous...

So originally my mom was going to go with me to the DR and help take care of me but now I don't necessarily know that she can afford it. I was looking at my finances and I don't think I can afford her ticket and my ticket plus a recovery house stay for both of us.

I'm super scared to go alone but it's looks like I have no other choice. How do you ladies, who have had surgery, do it by yourselves? Isn't scary to go in for such a procedure with no one there to hold your hand? I feel like such a little kid :(

OMG! OMG! It's official!

Okay so it's official, I'm heading to the DR for surgery on Oct. 15th!!!! I'm so freaking excited. I can't wait to see what Dr. Baez does for me!!!

Booked my flight and so ready for October!!!

Okay so my flight is booked and I'm starting to get everything purchased. Can someone give me a list of everything I should buy for my trip. Also what recovery house is the best. I've talked to Yasmin and am just waiting to figure out if I'm going solo or with my mom.

Okay so it's time to grow a pair...

I've been hiding my body for 11 years, Only allowing the ones closest to ever see me with minimal clothes on but it's time. First I have to give you guys a brief history. During my first pregnancy I went from 130 lbs. to 210 lbs and even gained over 30 lbs in a month. My rapid weight gain resulted in over 50% of my body having stretch marks. After a couple years I was able to go back down to 135 lbs doing the Slim fast diet but the excessive skin sent me into a depression. A year after the weight loss I got pregnant again and went up to 185 lbs. took 2 years but I dropped down to 170 lbs which is where I stayed until my last pregnancy. I'm currently at 185 lbs and loosing a steady 1.5 lbs a week. My body has been through hell and back. I can't wait to make this year my year to finally get my body back. WARNING!!!! The pics are horrible!!'

OMG!!!! One month to go!!!

So I've got a month to go and I'm freaking out. I feel like I have so much to do to get ready. My flights are booked and I'm sending my deposit today to the recovery house. I decided on doing my arms instead of breast which I'm a little number about but know that it's for the best. I just wish Baez would consider doing my lift and arms, I would love to just get it done all at once.

I still need to order a second faja but idk if I should just wait till I get to the DR, what do you ladies recommend?

Wish pics

Wish pic

Everything is booked!!!!

OMG everything is booked for my trip!!!! I can't believe I'm actually doing it! Also I downloaded one of those apps and this is what I'm hoping to look like once it's all done.

My app pic

Okay VETS I need your help

I finally got a list together of supplies and need the vets to go over it to make sure I'm not missing anything. (FYI: I did copy and paste from other list that I've seen)

Oral meds:
Bromelain with Quercetin (reduce swelling. Take 3 days before surgery for 7 days. 2 capsules, 3 times a day)
Arnica Montana 30x hpus (reduce swelling, bruising and pain- 3 tablets, 3 times a day)
Pain reliever pm (with sleeping aid)
Iron with ferrous sulfate
GNC Woman’s Iron Complete
Stool Softener
Strong Painkillers*

Boiron arnica cream
Lioton heparin cream
Mederma scar treatment (once a day)
Eucerin intensive healing lotion
Liquid bandage (water proof)*
Densitin Cream (for Faja burns)
Anti-itch cream*
Bacitracin (antibiotic, prevents infection on wound, etc.)

Descansa breast pillow (Purchased over a month ago and still waiting for it, grr)
Tummy tuck board
Boppy pillow
Ensure shakes
Coconut oil for massages*
Sanitized wipes
Baby wipes and no rise body wash
Lysol wipes
Surgical Gloves
Waterproof surgical tape for the incisions*
Maxi pads
Silicone strip
Hibiclens (its rec. you cleanse your skin with this prior to surgery and when you get home, this is the cleanser you should use to prevent infection until incisions heal)
Anti bacterial soap
Lip Balm
Brush and Comb
Tooth brush and mouth wash
Shampoo and Conditioner
Caddy and pillbox
Phone, charger, laptop
Short waist apron (to hold drains)

Sports bra front hook X2
Thigh high compression socks
Compression socks
White Hanes Tanks
PJ pants X2
Maxi Dresses X6
Over sized shirts X2 (to sleep in)
Vendetta open bottom compression garment*

*Need to purchase

17 days till DR and 19 days till surgery!!!!

So I can't believe I'm really doing this and that I'm finally going to have to body I want after 11 years of having a horrible embarrassing body. I can't believe that it's actually happening that I'm going to soon be able to workout and run with out wearing a faja so that my stomach skin doesn't hurt. I can't wait!!!!

For the last month I've been working out for 45-60 minutes a day and I haven't been able to weight myself. I'm really hoping I've lost at least 5-10 lbs. I think I'm going to go but a scale tonight. :)

Oh also, I have a docs appointment on Friday to get a physical and go over my lad results! I peeked at the already and my hemoglobin was at 12.7. I'm taking an extra pill a night now to see if I can get up higher.

Alright ladies have a great day!

15 days until surgery, 17 days until DR and...

My primary physician cleared me for surgery today. She said she wants me to increase my Iron so, I can be closer to 13 or 14. She also did an EKG and said everything looks great.

Chunky thighs...a compliment? Lol!

So this morning, I'm trying to squeeze into my jeans that aren't sliding on easily and my husband is staring at me. I ask him why he's looking at me like that and he says "it's interesting to see you try to squeeze those chunky thighs into those jeans." I'm not sure if he meant it as a compliment or as a, "hey Hun your thighs are getting fatter." Regardless I feel like I'm making progress in the gym. My legs are more defined and my ass is getting a bit bigger too. My stomach however is looking more and more horrible. The next 14 days need to speed up, I'm ready to get rid of my saggy belly!!! Also I'm looking forward to a nice ass, I swear if I didn't have kids I would just walk around naked for the first year after surgery lol.

Counting down, I can't believe I'm in single #'s

6 hours and fifteen hours until my plane leaves!

8 hours and less than 20 minutes until surgery!

Not that I'm counting or anything :)

Sh*ts getting real! Lol!

Okay, excuse the curse word but it just hit me that in less than four days I'm leaving. I'll be on a plane, heading to my new body. I'm trying so hard to focus on work and school but seriously all I can keep thinking about is my new body! I'm packet and I even bought a new computer bag that's a little more compact and has a nice deep pocket to stash my cash in. I'm a little upset that I wasn't able to get any Percocet from my Dr. but I'm sure Dr. Baez will take good care of me.

I also just found the house of my dreams!!! I'm hoping to write a contract on it tonight or before I leave for the DR. I would love to have a nice house for the holidays with all the space for my kids to run around. It also has room for me to start my business back up and provide language classes from my home.

I've also been hitting the gym 5-6 days a week. I haven't lost any weight on the scale but damn I feel good. My wardrobe is also fitting better which makes me aware that I am making improvement. I'll post pictures tomorrow and you guys can help me determine if I am making progress.

Life is great and I think it's only going to get better!

Sleep? I guess not.

So first of all, I LEAVE IN ONE DAY!!!!!!!! Second of all, I wish I could sleep. I've seriously been having the most difficult time sleeping for the last week. I've tried everything and nothing's helping.

Last night I even went out for a bit (until midnight) with the girls and stayed up till one when I got home. Staying did nothing for me, it's now 6:30 and I've been up for 30 minutes. I don't know if it's because I'm excited or worried.

I can't believe that in less than 24 hours I'll be on a plane to the DR :)

I will post pre op pics today because I'm not sure what the internet situation will be down there.

Also, has anyone switched out the SIMS cards before with one purchased in the DR? If not how do you guys use a cell phone down there?

Pre-op pics

Sorry if they scare anyone :-/

At the airport :)

So, it's finally my time. Kissing my babies good bye was the hardest thing ever. I'm not sure how my husband does it :( everything has been going smoothly so far this morning. I'm just a little nervous about my bag making it to the DR with me. Our flight takes us to Puerto Rico first and they just me there is no way to connect my flight to the DR with my itinerary. So, I'm going to have to jump off the plane grab my bag and then recheck it, grrr. Wish me luck ladies, I'm going to need it.

Finally here and my labs where great

So my flight from Puerto Rico to the DR was delayed by 3 hours which was a little nerve racking. We finally made it out of the airport by 10 p.m. and Dominga and her sister were waiting for us. Once we got to the house we hang out for a bit and chatted. In the morning right at 6 a.m. she was ready to give us a ride to the clinic. We got to the clinic a little early and Dra. Fragoso was not there yet but the staff at the emergency room took care of me and sent me to get labs done. Once I was down there it reminded me of hospital back in the early 90's. Ladies, if you are expecting state of the art technology in the hospital you are going to be highly disappointed. They have what they need and that's all that matters. The lady Ruth was really nice and amazingly only poked me once. Most of the times I leave looking like a pin cushion. She drew my blood, I gave a urine sample and then Dra. Fragoso arrived. She looks so young but is a complete sweetheart. Her husband is a little quiet and shy but also really nice and professional. After we chatted for a bit and she jotted down my medical history she examined me. We discussed possible breast sizes and the procedures she would do. Once we where all down the lab results arrived and my hemo was at a 13 :) I was so freaking excited! She did warn me that we possibly wouldn't be able to do all the procedures but the cardiologist would have the final say. We went down stairs to meet with the cardiologist and he said he did not feel comfortable with me doing my breast with all my other procedure. I was a little disappointed but completely okay with the idea that my safety was being put first. After the docs spoke for a bit we said our goodbyes and Dominga was there. She verified the times she needed to drop me off tomorrow at the clinic and we left. We did a little sight seeing about the city and ended up at the mall so I could by a few things. Once we got home from the mall a nice big meal was brought up to my room and I pigged out. It was great! Now I'm desperately trying not to fall asleep but I'm so tired from last night that I think I could fall asleep right now and not wake up until the morning. Well ladies, I need to do some homework but I will keep you guys posted. day!

Alright ladies, I'm so sorry I haven't updated. I've been trying to get myself under control. After surgery my Hemo dropped to 8 which makes sense as to why I've been so tired. I went for a check up today and the doc said I look great and I must say it was completely surreal to see my self with no belly. So I'm ready to start review:

Oct. 15th: Dominga woke us up and took us to the clinic. We went to the emergency room where they did all my intake paperwork. Then we headed to the 3rd floor and I was assigned a room. Once in the room the doctor came in marked me up and took photos. After that, she asked me if I wanted the blue pill. I took it and then meet with the anesthesiologist and he walked me through what he would be doing. Then I was wheeled to the OR, once I got in there I got on the table and then I was out :) I don't remember anything until they woke me up to do my back. I guess when I was half asleep I was telling the doctor she needed to have children soon and I was telling the anesthesiologist he needed to come to Colorado to visit. After that I feel back asleep. When I woke up I was being wheeled back to my room in my new faja. Once in the room my mom was there waiting for me. The doctor came in about 30 minutes later to check on me and talk to me about my drain. She also showed me a picture of the tummy flap that was removed and weight 7 lbs! After she left we got ready for the night. All the nurses had been wonderful until the night time. This girl was such a witch and could have cared less about her job. My mom had to be on top of her to change my IV and to give me pain meds. It was a horrible night but I made the best of it.

October 16th- one day post op

Oct. 16th- The doc came in to check on me and show me how to use the drain. She said all looked well and asked me if I was ready to head out. Dominga then showed up and helped me head out. The day nurses where super sweet and walked me and my mom out to the car. They where so wonderful and caring! Once I got home, I got comfy and took a nap. My nausea was horrible and then my acid reflux kicked in. The water they kept giving me tasted so gross!!! I finally was able to mix it with some juice to tolerate it. After I rested again I was woken up by the masseuse, Gianna, and she told me it was time to do the ultrasound massage. She was so gentle and made me feel so comfortable. I slept like a baby.

Oct. 17th- 2 days post op

Oct. 17th- I woke up with horrible nausea and acid reflux. I tried to go downstairs for breakfast and felt like I was going to vomit all over the table. I quickly made my way back upstairs to my bed. Caesar brought me breakfast and comforted me. Then they realized they could give me something for my acid reflux. Caesar quickly ran out to the store and purchased medicine and bland food for me to eat. She is such and amazing and caring person. After I got some relieve, I was able to nap and get some rest. Then the masseuse, Gianna, arrived. She set up this new table Dominga had purchased that was wonderful. She did the ultrasound massage and then a manual lymphatic massage. I felt bad that she'd have to move her set up that I told her to go ahead and do my RS sisters massage in my room. Gianna did such a great job that it took her a couple of hours to take care of her. I was exhausted by the end if the night and could not wait to get into bed. I felt bad having to cut the end their session a little short but I honestly could not stay upright one more minute.

Oct. 18th- three days post op

Oct. 18th- This morning was busy! Caesar brought us fruit before our doctor appointment. But right I was getting ready to leave I finally felt the need to have a BM. I know this might be TMI but it was super hard to go to the bathroom. I highly recommend any girls thinking about this to invest in a massive amount of stool softener. I was a little late to my appointment but made it . The doctor asked me how I was feeling and what hurt. She asked about my meds and made certain that I was taking all of them. Then she took off my faja and my bandages. I was in shock! In over 11 years I have not seen my belly button or normal stomach. It was completely surreal and amazing! My incision is healing nicely and it's really low and thin. Then she bandaged me back up and we looked at my arms. She was not happy that I'm retain fluids in my arms and asked about my faja. I told her I had to remove them because of the crazy amount of swelling they where causing in my hands. She said she wasn't happy about it but would like to see me at least bandaged up. I promised her I would wrap myself up in ace bandages. After that she got me a fixed up and in my faja. Dominga took my mom and me through the touristy parts and we walked around for a bit. After the walk I was hungry and exhausted but I needed to go purchase the bandages and more stool softeners. They sold me these plum based stool softeners. L We came home and Caesar quickly got lunch under control. I took a stool softener and after lunch was able to get some relief. I took a 2.5 hour nap, I woke up in time to clean myself up before the massage. The massage was great as usual but then Gianna wanted to drain my back and the doctor had given her the go head. She tried and tried but nothing came out. To be honest it was one of the worst experiences ever for me. I don't cry usually and I have tattoos all over my back but this sh*t was no joke. I actually told her to stop and that we could try tomorrow. After the massage I ate dinner and watched a little TV. I was so uncomfortable and just could not get settled. During the night I was able to get up by myself to use the bathroom 4 times and I had to empty my drain in the middle of the night.


Oct. 19th - the worst day ever

So today I woke up feeling great and thinking that a trip to the faja store would be easy. I ate breakfast and then hung out for a bit. The whole time my mother was telling me to call the store and check if they had a faja that would work. I ignored her and at about 12:30 we set out to find a faja. By the time we got to the store they where closed. We drove to another area and found two stores. One was closed but Solemen or something like that was open. By this time, I was hot starting to swell up and forgot my water at home. The girl comes into the changing room with a faja that not not even my calf could fit into. She tried to get it in but not luck. Then she brought an XXL and tried to get that one on. As she was trying I started feeling light headed and out of it. I had to sit down several times. There was also no a/c in this place. As she started to pull my faja over my drain she almost ripped it out. I let out a small scream and Dominga came running in. I told her what happened and we both told the girl that we where done and she needed to put my old faja on. Once she did that I still felt super sick and couldn't walk easily. Once in the car I felt better and agreed to go out to dinner. We headed to the touristy part of town. We found great parking only Two blocks away from the restaurant. However, because of the heat, not having my faja on, and my usual swelling by the time I got to the restaurant I could barely breath or get comfortable. I had to stand up to wait for my food and the minute it arrived I could only take a couple bites. I felt so bad for RS sister and her hubby because I was being such a party pooper. As soon as I could I asked Dominga to get the check. She could see I wasn't feeling good and was very sympathetic. As we walked to wait for the car, Dominga held on to me to make sure I could handle it. Once we got home I headed to my room to lay down with a wet washcloth on my face. My RS sister gave me a Gateraid and I slowly came back to life. Gianna came shortly after and the massage made me feel 100 times better. Attached are pics after my swelling went crazy.

Oct. 30th - day of relaxation and consumption :)

So I woke up with a crazy hunger this morning. Caesar made me eggs and with pancakes and I wanted it all! She also told me that for lunch she would gets 5 chicken livers to rebuild my deficiencies. I was a little scared to eat that much food. But after breakfast I rested and then felt great. I took it easy the rest of the day with just walking around the house and socializing. At about three I told Caesar I was ready to eat and she told me she was working on it but the the masseuse showed up right as my food was done. :( I had to wait to eat. The massage was amazing as usual but the liver was out of this world!!!!! It was the most delicious thing I've had in years. Ladies, if you've contemplated staying here let me tell you about the food . Caesar is an amazing cook!!!! She makes everything from scratch, every meal and even walks to the market every morning to get fresh fruit and freshly killed chicken. She does not like to use store bought meat or produce that's been sitting on a shelf. At home I'm an organic, vegetarian crazy lady and I have been 100% satisfied with the quality of food here at Dominga's. Caesar also caters to all my dietary restrictions and will even make separate meals for me. Also, her home made juices are amazing and her smoothies are to die for. Okay back to my day. After the liver it was nap again :) when I woke up I went for a walk with my mom and then my RS sister and i asked Dominga for rotisserie chicken. She immediately got up, grabbed her keys and went on a mission to find us what we wanted. Meanwhile Caesar made some side dished to go with the chicken. It was delicious! We all hung out and talked for an hour after dinner. It was a wonderful night the only thing that could have are it better if we weren't all post op would have been Some vino :)

The above date was suppose to be the 20th

sate correction for above post. Not the 30th, the 20th.

Oct. 21st - starting to feel better

What a great day! My energy was amazing. So this morning I went with my RS sister to get follow up appointment with Yili. The office is so little but her assistant is really nice. He kept me company the whole time she was being seen and was super sweet, he even gave me advice about wrapping my arms even though she wasn't my doc. After that appointment we went to the fajate store. The girls where a bit rude and stuck up but I got myself an amazing new faja. I seriously felt like I just purchased a new amazing purse or pair of shoes. It fit really snug and comfy. The girl was sweating trying to get it on. After we left the store we went to the mall again. I had a really tasty caprese salad with smoked salmon. I ate the whole thing which was a huge task with the new faja on. Then we walked around for a good hour. I purchased a few souvenirs but then I started feeling my feet itching and I looked down to find I had massive cankles. They where so swollen, I told everyone I was ready to go. We headed back to the house and my room was freshly cleaned. It felt so good to kick my feet up. Caesar came in and asked if I wanted anything to eat, I told her some fresh cold water would be nice. I rested for a bit and then the masseuse came. My massage was just what I needed and she even gave me a foot massage. Dinner was again on point!!! I had a fajita style chicken dish with a nice salad. Attached are a few new pics .

Sorry pics


Oh I forgot about these

I have a follow up appt tomorrow and I'll try to get some with out the bandages. But I have a belly button!!!!!!!

Oct. 22nd - follow up appointment

I had my follow up appointment today and the doc said everything looks great. She asked me if I wanted my drain out, I told her no. I want to keep it in for a few massages to make sure I'm getting all the liquid I can out before getting it taken out. She looked at my arms and said they are scaring nicely. She was really pleased with how fast I'm recovering. I don't think it's going fast at all but she's the doc. I didn't get a chance to snap any photos :( but I did get one from behind during my massage :)

Oct. 23rd - much needed lazy day

I had such an amazing quick back kind of day. I are breakfast, relaxed, ate lunch, relaxed and the got my hair done. This was my second time visiting the salon and the ladies are amazing. It's within a 5 minute walk or a 3 minute drive of Dominga's. Caesar took me and my RS sister walking to get a little exercise, it was perfect. The salon is awesome ladies!!! You can get a was for 100 pesos which is like $2.50 or a mani/pedi for 400 pesos which is like $10. I got a cut and style for 600 pesos. Love it and I can't wait to go back for a mani/pedi before I go home.


One of my arms.

Vets!!! Infected or normal healing

My doc must be a mind reader!

Baez called this morning bright and early! She wanted to see me at 11:30 am. I headed to her office and she took one look at my arm and put all my worries at ease. She told me I must have had a scab that fell off. She gave me a script with an ointment to put in it and one for my tt scar. She also removed my DRAIN!!!! I was so excited but OMG did it burn!!! She was so sweet and took her time and then she pull the two strings she had already stitched in to close the wound. I am in disbelieve that this is my new body!!!! After the trip to the Docs I finished all my shopping and headed back to Dominga's. After I get a new faja and get to see the beach I'll be ready to go home.

Breast pillow for sale!

Ladies I have a Descansa Brest pillow for sale, never used. I was suppose to have a breast lift and augmentation but at the last minute decided not to. It's yours for only $45 plus free shipping.


I'm almost four months out and it's been tough. Before I left I was put into a medium faja and when I got home I had to go back to my large faja. When I tried the medium one again a few days later it cut open and tore the stitches from my drain hole. I went back to the large faja and put butterfly band aids on it. It's luckily closing up nicely.

My right arm is completely healed and looks great. However my left arm still has a quarter size hole in my arm pit. It's starting to slowly heal but it's the slowest healing wound I've ever had.

I love my results but just wish recovery was faster. I love the way I look naked now and hate having to hide my curves under 3 sheets of lipofoam and the faja

Pics, pics, pics

More pics
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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