I wanna look how I feel, with a gastric sleeve

I'm schedule to see Yily on April 6, 2016 to have...

I'm schedule to see Yily on April 6, 2016 to have the following:
Tummy Tuck
Liposuction on Flanks, Abdomen, Back , and Arms
Brazilian Butt Lift

I rounded my budget to be 6grand. After I pay for my ticket, supplies, hotel, and medication it may be just about that. I'm taking Iron pills beginning today and Monday I will begin to change me diet up. I want to safely lose about 40lbs, I have 7-8 months to get it down pack. My current weight is 235. Goal is 190-200. I'll take any advice anyone has to offer as I hope this is the only and last time I have to

Monday Morning

I will post a pic of my front view and possibly my back view monday morning along with my weight.

Decisions, decisions

So, I forgot to tell you gals little about myself. I'm 27, a mom, a wife, a employee, and a college student. Yes I know I have a lot going on. So I have put two deposits down, 1 for Yily for April 6 and 1 for Almonte for March 10. I chose March 10th with Almonte because thats the day before spring break starts. So I can have my 7-8 day stay out there and a few days in the house. I will be taking about a 3-4weeks off work and just be attending school, I study accounting. April 6th would be six weeks before school is over if I go ahead and register for the spring. Almonte works magic I see, I'm not worried about going for round 2 because I will do everything I need to do with my body to maximize my results in round 1. Her work is amazing, its not over exaggerated and the scarring isn't bad at all. So far Almonte has my attention.

Other news, next week I'm going to get my HEMO level check just to see where I am as of now. Afterwards I plan on purchasing liquid iron, vitamin -c powder and drink my 8oz green juice daily.

When your cookie crumbles, pick up and resemble whats left

So much has happened, whereas I won't be seeing Yily no time soon. But that doesn't mean I'm not doing something. I had found a doctor that does Weight loss surgery, in Washington D.C. and guess what...my medicaid covers it. So I'm expecting to get the gastric sleeve this summer. I go for my consult in a couple weeks. And from there, supposedly "I'm scheduled 2-3 months later". Be back ya'll.

Info sessions completed

I went to my info session and I felt reassured that I was in the best care. Other women were there of different shapes and sizes as well as men. Many had asked about the infamous loose skin. I'm actually not worried about loose skin, I may have it but it won't be much. Nothing that will be noticable. Dr.Rickford offers 3 different surgeries, I'm interested in the gastric sleeve only. Hopefully he believes thats the best one for me as well. I had went and gotten my referral today, and I go to my next appt March 1 for my one on one consultation. I first must part take in six nutritional classes, and there on should be a breeze.

Wake up call

Well I got a call from my PCP today and received some news. I'm pre diabetic. Yes I said it. I was so nervous not understanding what it meant. I just knew it sound like I was about to have it though. I asked what should I do, she said these things.
1. Go to a nutrition class. (started that on Tuesday anyways)
2. Exercise daily, at least for 30 minutes. (Tomorrow morning will 1st day)
3.Eat more GREENS (So, because I love a colorful salad I'll be eating a salad twice a day)
4. Go back and get my glucose level tested in 90 days.

Pls support me on this journey, I want to be healthy its bout time I live like it.

My 1 on 1 consult today

So, today I had my one on one consult with Dr.Rickford and his assistant Mel Williams. I must lose at least 15 pounds, and began eating healthier. I also got my list on different specialist I must see before my pre-op diet to get it approved through the insurance. He agreed the sleeve would be the best fit. I began my first nutrition class on April 7, which is an hr long.

Back with a update! 10 pounds down!!!

So I had went to my second nutrition class yesterday 4/14/2016. In this class we spoke about the changes we've made or want to make, weight management, and calories. We were also reminded of the required weightloss needed to be eligible for the surgery. My first weight in was 260 whooping pounds, yesterday I weighed in at 250 lbs. Can I say Yes!!! I am only required to lose 15-20 lbs and I still I got four months to do that. Half of the battle is already won. I have done different things to get those 10 pounds off. I drank protein shakes very often, laid off the red meat, drank much more water, and exercised more.

Everything's going according to plan

So far i have lost 14 lbs, so that means i just gotta lost two lbs within two months. EASY! I now have to start seeing some of the required specialists so that i can be fully prepared. I have two more nutrition classes and then my preop. I'm so excited.

Its done!! Gastric Sleeve in DC

So I had gotten the gastric sleeve surgery on August 17, 2016. I feel like this journey has gone so fast. The first day I felt so bloated, but it got better as the days went on. I was lucky to have my medicaid cover this surgery, because I sure didn't have the funds.

Finally home

So far everything is going great. I have been requested to stay outta work for a month because I do a lot of moving and not too much sitting. I have been drinking much water and between 2-3 protein drinks a day.
Washington DC Bariatric Surgeon

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