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So I’ve been back and forth for some time...

So I’ve been back and forth for some time debating on if I wanted to create a profile and here I am. I am 29yrs old (can’t believe I admitted to this) and will be getting married by the end of this year (super excited). I decided to get liposuction with Dra. Yily. My date is set for March 25th 2014. I have never been so nervous and excited in my life. My concern is my blood pressure. I have been battling high blood pressure for several years now and the past two month is when it became really stable; I changed my doctor. I am currently on two different medications and my last reading was 179/96. For me this is controlled compared to where I’ve been. My number were crazy in the past; we talking 200/120 ranges. In reach I know if it’s controllable she will still do surgery and my PCP said its ok. I was wondering if any girls who have seen Dra Yily in the past had this same issue but had successful surgery…….. Between surgery and my wedding stress is expected or nah, lol. I have one week to get this BP down my iron levels are fine.

Once I have more time I will post more with pictures; I am at work.

?Wow! we are a few days away...

Wow! we are a few days away and I will be SNATCHED! I can not wait and I am so nervous. I has a few set backs but somehow someway I am making sure that my wedding day will be perfect. I weighed myself yesterday and my BMI was 35. Dr. Yily said you had to be under 35 so I hope this will not hinder my operation; salads and water until Tuesday!. When you see my body frame I do not look 225lbs..smh I pray this will not be an issue or time will be wasted. Any other girls had a bmi of 35 or a little over? did she still operate?

And the clock is ticking

I am going through everything possible financially at the wrong moment.. Account is frozen but my friend are family are trying to get me to yily on Tuesday! Anyway, I've uploaded pics of my stomach now. I read another girls profile she said people over the bmi of 35 were turned away. I am at exactly 35... Guess I'll starve until Tuesday!

I love my circle

So financially I am set... I'm off, work phones off, and resting. I see my pcp in the morning for a medical clearance. I hope my bp is steady.. I plan to workout all weekend to help maintain my bmi at 35. My bags are packs and i can't wait..

Finally something good

I am at my doc office and I weight 219; bmi 34.3! My bp is 132/82! I'm so happy not just bc of surgery but my bp is finally controllable! She's writing my clearance letter and I am all set!!!!!!

Medication packed

Made my last trip to walgreens and I think I'm all set


So just a quick update... I've been 5'7 and a half lol all my life. I come here I'm 5'6 which would make my bmi 35.4 yily will NOT operate. Did a consultation with Robles hopefully I'm seen in the morning.. Oh I will provide a detailed update on my account at cipla tomorrow; not so great


I am currently at recovery house armonia and let just say the ladies here are great. They give you your medication as prescribed, go to the store, assist when going to the bathroom, change your dressing, and most importantly make you feel comfortable. I arrived at Robles at 6am and didn't get the infamous blue pill until 7pm. I wasn't mad at the wait because she was squeezing me in since yily couldn't take me. From the moment I met her I was comfortable and she speaks a little English; her assistant is fluent in both languages. The only thing I didn't like was the 2x faja I literally can stick my arm between the faja and my stomach. When it was put on me I kept saying it's too big but no one listens. I go back in 3 days and will bring it up again. Once I woke up from surgery I kept vomiting until about 6am for what seemed like every 2 hours. Also I did wake up during surgery and could feel them working but no pain. I kept yelling out for help until they put me back to sleep. A nurse stayed by my side at night bc I was shaking when u woke up and to assist with my constant vomiting. Funny part; I kep saying I need to pee and she kept saying so pee... Not knowing I had a catheter. I am currently laying on my side as my ass hurts. I went for lipo only but she recommend adding fat to two areas in my butt for roundness.


Excuse them but I'm sure you get the point

6 days post op

So guys I came home on Sunday because I felt being home was the best thing. At least home I know my pcp is always available. On Saturday Robles took my front drain out but left the back. I had wheelchair access on the flight but when I got off I noticed my back was wet; I was leaking. The night before my drain detached in the middle so I'm guessing I tugged the back in doing so. I was worried all night and as soon as I got up I started making calls. I found a lady named Marie in Washington heights who took it out. She said the part in my back came out a little which is why I wasn't seeing anything in the drain.. Didn't hurt much btw. Anyway she did a massage as well and it was painful. I will say she made me comfy and talked to me the who way through. After the massage I was sluggish and my fiancé took me home... Somehow I had all this energy cooked dinner and cleaned. Anyway, of asked would I do this again...... Hell no!!!!! I still feel fat and don't see much change but let's see how my second faja and massages help...
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