Lipo Sculpture and BBL with Dr. Australia Baez in D.R. 2013 - Dominican Republic, DO

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I've found this website so helpful that i decided...

I've found this website so helpful that i decided to go ahead and document my journey to maybe help another woman going through the same thing. I just booked my flight for august 16th and my sx is on the 17th. I decided on dr. Baez honestly because her price is great and because she replied all my emails within 24 hrs and was very nice and informative just all around a great vibe from her even spoke to her on the phone! Im having lipo in arms,back,flanks,abdomen,inner thighs and a BBL all for US3,000! you cant beat that. Im not getting a TT as i have no kids im 5'3 and 155lbs. Now i have to just buy everything i need and ill be set to go. I promise i'll be updating u guys with before and after pics once i get it done. i'm just praying to be a success story after.

Before pics

Before pics

Nothing new as of right now

Nothing new as of right now just waiting on all my supplies that i ordered. They're getting here pretty much one by one so its a little annoying i wish i would just get one big package with everything but yeah...once i get everything ill post the pic of everything im taking with me which is pretty much the same that everyone else buys. I cant lie im getting pretty nervous as the days get closer i've been having weird dreams and im not a dreamer so i think its the nerves. I had a BA last year so im not new to plastic surgery but i know this is going to be wayy different and hurt a lot more so i dont know how to mentally prepare for it, im trying though. Anyway ill keep updating you ladies and thank you so much for your support.

Finally got my package

So i got almost everything the only thing that didn't arrive was the bromelain but that should be here tues at the latest. I also need to buy a few more things but not for me, for my family since they are being nice enough to let me stay at their house and i bought a plastic cover for the bed because i would hate to stain their bed! Other than that I'm pretty much set to go I'm still nervous and worried about my blood level not being high enough even though I've been taking my iron and vitamins but who knows when i get there i might be unpleasantly surprised. As for my expectation of this surgery i don't want a donk like most women do my interest is more on my waist i want a nice curvy hour glass shape but the butt is not too important its more like a bonus for me. Not even my belly is too important (not saying i don't want it gone though lol) because i haven't had kids and when i work out my belly is one of the first things to go but since i have no shape i just lost interest in working out hence the belly! Its like why work so hard at losing weight when I'm still a box u know? Once i have my shape i know i will work hard to maintain it and keep healthy. My mom is going with me because i need her there and also because we are staying with her side of the family and I've never met those people and she needs to break the ice but she says they are really nice so we'll see lol I'm going to post a pic of what I'm taking with me. Ill probably update one more time before i go and i do really appreciate all the good wishes and prayers ladies.

Leaving for DR tomorrow!

Well ladies its almost time to go I'm very thankful for all your support and good wishes. I will try to update as soon as i am able. I know first hand how anxious one can get waiting to see results of the surgery performed by the same doctor you are going to :) like i said before i don't know if i will have wifi so if i take a while to update its not because i forgot its the wifi issue. I thought i would be more nervous the closer it got to the sx date but honestly i feel like if I've been studying for a test for months and i just want to get this over with lol

Ttyl lovely ladies :)

quick update

Hi everyone this will be very very brief i just want to say im fine and to thank you all for your prayers. my body looks great i cannot upload pics i can barely work with computer in spanish i have no wifi here but i go back home tues. and will give a very long and detailed review with 7 days post op but healing has been hard ill get into that later ttyl and thanks again.

Im home!!

Im soooo happy to be home im still healing slowly and im very swollen im not doing my review just yet because im feeling very drained from the long trip since i didnt use wheelchair assistance but i will put pics up and just say i absolutely LOVE dr fragoso zero complaints. If you want to ask questions you can or if you want to wait until my review thats fine too. here are my before and afters that the dr sent me these are 9 days post op. also some from 1 day post op

More pics

Ladies here are a few more pics 2 weeks post op i loveeee the way my body looks i think it looks very natural considering my body before and my butt is nice and normal. like i said before i didnt want a donk so she hit it right on the money! I know i should be writing my review i apologize i really havent had the time but in the mean time i will provide pics and try to answer questions here and there.

Review/3 week update!

I'm sorry for taking so long for this review!
ok i guess i should start from the beginning. The day i arrived in DR my mother and i were picked up by a family member and we went straight to their house that was at around 6am. (sorry i have no info on recovery houses as i stayed with family the entire time) at 10am was my pre op appt to get my labs done and everything. When i finally see Dr. Fragoso she is this tiny but very pretty woman and looks so young my mom was like is she really a Dr.? lol she took a look at my body and we discussed what i wanted she told me i was definitely a candidate for a tt but since i had no kids she was not going to recommend that just lipo which was great for me because that's all i was willing to do. The Dr. told me she would be calling me the next day (day of sx) at 11am to let me know how my labs were but keep in mind that was a holiday weekend in DR so she explained it might be a little longer and i understood. She ended up not calling at 11am or 12 that's when i got a little impatient and decided to call. She was busy but i spoke with her husband and he said to get over to the clinic. Didn't give me the blood results or anything so i was a little worried also STARVING! i wasn't supposed to eat anything and in DR people eat at 12 so while i was smelling food my stomach was killing me. So we get to the clinic i fill out some paper work then they send me upstairs to a private recovery room that's where they brought me back after sx too. Then the anesthesiologist comes in and wants to start prepping me with the iv and the blue pill i rejected both because first no one has told me my blood levels yet and i haven't been marked up! im not about to go under without knowing exactly what is being done to me that got me a little nervous/pissed. but nonetheless he understood then after like an hour the Dr comes in says my blood is at 12.5 which is ok but not great and it had actually gone down it was 12.7 a few months ago which is weird because before i wasn't taking anything and for this i started taking iron and all my vitamins but oh well. she begins to mark me up made me feel very comfortable because i was super nervous remember i didn't take the blue pill then right after comes a young man with a wheel chair to take me to sx! i could see the look on my moms face she was more nervous than i was poor thing :) so in the sx room the anesthesiologist puts the iv in and him and the young man are making conversation with me they were quite funny helped ease my nervousness. the young man then holds my head towards his chest and the anesthesiologist is behind me with a needle i remember feeling some discomfort but it wasn't too painful. then they lay me down and off we go. i do remember waking up in the middle of the sx which i was praying didn't happen because im terrified of that i felt something pushing my left shoulder and im not going to lie it didn't feel good but it wasn't for too long they immediately put me under again it was maybe a few seconds. when i woke up i was in the recovery room again and my mom was there. Ladies if you can bring a familiar face with you please do it helps a lot at a time like that. i wasn't in pain probably still the anesthesia but i was very uncomfortable. they took out the catheter and the Dr. came in took off my faja and took some pics before releasing me. oh but not before i threw up a couple times. the ride home wasn't as bad as i thought it would be because they injected some pain killer in the iv before releasing me i would suggest you ask them to as well. when i got home i was out! i slept for a while then the real crappy feeling started for the next few days i couldn't keep anything down not even water i was taking the pills the Dr. gave me but i would just throw them up so i had zero pain relief since i couldn't keep down the pills i didn't know what to do. im not saying this will happen to anyone else im just speaking about me. it took me 3 days of eating/drinking and then throwing it up to finally keep something down. it got to the point where i would eat with a bucket next to me because i knew where it was going sorry for the tmi. i thought i was going to die because i was already weak and probably anemic after losing soo much blood and STILL draining because the first few days the drain is pure red meaning its mostly blood coming out and nothing was going in i felt so sick and tired and in pain just plain miserable. but ladies Ensure saved my life please bring that with you that was the only thing i didn't throw up after that my stomach began to normalize. the massage therapist Brunilda came over (oh i began getting the massages 2 days po) and to be honest i didn't like her to much she makes some smart comments and is very rough with the hands it was extremely painful! she would also remove my faja while standing and massage me standing up! after i would practically faint then she would lay me down. i don't recommend her at all. the next few days we ok i guess just trying to recover. on i believe 5 days po i went to my first po visit in the waiting room there were a couple of her patiens who had already gotten sx and they were like a month po they looked really good a lot of curves. the Dr. pretty much just took a look at me and said i was healing well still a lot of swelling which was normal then she says i need to go get a small fajate faja and she gives me the address to the store. it was raining so it was hard to get around when we get to the store they only had a small with the bra which i didn't need but took it anyways since i needed the faja. the woman put it on me it was sooooo tight i felt like my ribs were breaking. now that ride home was super painful due to the faja i didn't have any pads on me and i was scared to take it off because i didn't think anyone but brunilda was going to be able to put it on me again so i took the pain (i cried a little lol). 10 days po i went to my last po visit and gtt the drain removed which was hurting very badly since i didn't have much fluid left and you could clearly see the tube under my skin the removal of the drain didn't hurt just like everyone says its a weird feeling but the stitch afterwards....that did hurt! i think its because that hole is already very sensitive. but i felt sooo good afterwards i felt brand new! Our flight was that night and i decided i didn't want wheelchair assistance because sitting was less comfy for me than walking a lot so i walked. it was exhausting but not that bad just take it slow. Since I've been home i feel better and better each day i'm 3 weeks po today and i'm very happy with they way my body is looking my waist is not too small/fake looking and my butt is not too big either which is what i was going for. i e-mailed the Dr. to ask how many cc she injected because I've been asked that she said 1300 each cheek including hips so im guessing like 1000 each cheek and 300 in hips. i think I've made this long enough sorry about that but if you have any questions that i didn't answer just ask i'll try to answer them all. Ill also post some pics.

10 week update

Hi everyone! As you can tell i don't update much and i apologize for that. Everything has pretty much been getting better day by day although when my stitches were drying out they were kind of painful because the faja would pull and tug sometimes. I feel great so far except my back is still half way numb and when someone touches it like for a hug or something it hurts! Like i scream a little inside lol i still wear my fajate small faja most of the day and sleep with it with the lipo foam and on the tightest buckle. Im actually used to it now. I do take it off if i'm going out at night because i want to wear sexy clothes of course lol i don't go to a masseuse i have my bf give me massages with arnica and i give myself massages as well it seems to be working since i don't have any lumps or edemas thank god i do get a bit swollen if i dont wear my faja for long periods of time but it goes down eventually. Pain wise i have been totally fine like i said except for my back thats still kind of an issue. Overall im very happy im starting the gym soon I've been bad about that i should have been going already but better late than never right? :) oh i still use a boppy pillow to sleep not because of the fat on my rear end but because the pressure of my body on it still feels uncomfortable if i sleep on it all night. Well if you have any questions feel free to ask, except for my measurements i didn't take them before or after im sorry :/
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is not only the best plastic surgeon she is an awsome human being and cares for each patient like they are her only patient all month. I cant express enough how talented she is and you will be in great hands with her. I love Dra. Fragoso

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