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Hello Dolls, so ima let you guys know about my...

Hello Dolls, so ima let you guys know about my story, I am a young women only 20 years old I have one child, I am always had discomfort with my body, I will sit in front of my husband and look at my stomach and cry my eyes out of how embarrassed I was of my body, and my husband will tell me your not big, your beautiful. But in my eyes I wasn't the way I wanted to be. Me and my husband were going to go to DR for a vacation in October for our 3 year anniversary and we had everything planned, however my husband out of no where told me, "I want you to be happy baby, if your happy I'm happy", so he told me "baby find a doctor and go get your surgery we can go on vacation next time your happiness comes first", so I started to look for surgeons in the Dominican Republic, I ran into Dr. Robles, and after going back to back on emails with her assistant Laura, she made me feel comftable and with an package that comes with everything it was a great price, My Plane ticket is bought & My surgery is booked. I bought the iron 300 mg, the vitamins to start taking. I will update you guys a week before my surgery and keep updating you guys on my surgery day & my recovery. These post help a lot of us make our minds with who we decide is gonna be our surgeons. See you soon Dolls

Forgot Lady's Before Pictures & measurements

I am 5"6 170 pounds, 1 child, I feel like I have no waist, no ass, I want that little tiny waist, with the big ass, I'm a 36c in bra & I'm comftable with my breast size I just need the ass & the shape in my body, I feel like if I'm a square, I can't wait to be sexy & show my husband he has a sexy wife

Quick update

So I send out money to my aunt who lives in the Dominican Republic so she can pay my deposit and they can give her a manual receipt, I don't trust wiring
Money, so when she gets there she couldn't find Laura that's one and after she finds Laura the person I am booked for that is operating me is not Dr. Robles is some one called Fatima, this is outrages, now I'm contacting Laura to see what is going on, I am very angry and disappointed how they think that they can just play with people's body, after I booked my flight and all now I have to look for a new surgeon that I can trust, help thank god my mother is flying in this week and going to look up doctors for me, don't trust texts and emails. I learned my lesson well .

So it's a go, I'm going with Hector Cabral

Alright ladies I'm going with Hector Cabral, after my incident with Robles it's a no go, I spoke to Cabral via what's app, he's charging me 3500 for LIpo & bbl, i will be staying with family members for my recovery, I ended up choosing Cabral king of barbies, because he goes in on his work, I mean in by when you want a flat stomach little waist and booty he delivers, my aunt went to his consultation and spoke to him as well after I had my conversation with him via what's app, he gave her the forms of vitamins and things I made need to take with me from here, i gave my deposit and on my way I go Oct 8, thank god no more freaking out and craziness with doctors, I know I know, Cabral has had cases with problems with lady's before but we will risk our body's with anyone that we choose to be our doctor anyways, I've had family members with Cabral and Cabral it is, no more changing my mind. 30 days to the big day and counting .


Can someone tell me which pain meds I can buy in the US that I will need, I want to see if I can purchase all my meds here in the states so I can take them with me.

The countdown begins 4 weeks left

I'm so excited 4 weeks to go, I have my doctors appoint to get my blood check up this week, hopefully my hemo is up with all theses pills I'm taking, I need to start buying my summer dresses, baby wipes, little towels oh gosh it's so many thing plus I gotta keep saving money.

Help I need a lympathic message place in NYC prefer Brooklyn.

I need a place that can close late I get out of work @8pm . The places I have seen close early .

11 Days Left till I fly out .

My Luggage is packed and ready Togo, my hemo is @14, and I made some Carrott and Beats juice, that help a lot with your hemo and it gives you lots of blood as well. I drink a glass 3 times a day. My day is coming closer and closer I'm nervous but I'm ready .

6 more days till surgery

I'm so anxious only 6 more days till surgery, I will be arriving in dr the day before. I will deff keep you guys updated & take plenty of pictures and inform you guys with prices and everything. I know it helps a lot, I called dr Cabral office this morning they are expecting me first thing in the morning on the 9th by 630 am so I can get my blood work done so that afternoon I will get surgery, I have to get surgery that same day, I will only be in the country for 7 days. Let my journey begin

list for lipo & bbl

I bought all of these things that are in this list. & I bought lots of wipes since I won't be able to bath until I get to the states .

It's finally here

It's just a matter of hours before I take my flight, I am currently at work exhausted, my schedule is ridiculous and this break would really be a breather for me, my flight leaves the evening, I'm rushing right out of work to the airport hopefully no traffic, than I have to be at cipla 6am to get my blood results I'm running in no sleep, I'm going to take an Advil Pm before I get on the plane I need some sleep really bad. I'm anxious, nervous and scared, I just leave everything in gods hands. Update you guys tomorrow once I'm at cipla, with prices procedures, And all the little details .

Today is the day,

Alright lady's since I barelycan sleep let me update you guys,I'm in the Dominican republic I have to be at Cipla tomorrow at 6 am so I can get my blood work done and X-rays, so I can be cleared for surgery in the afternoon, I am going nuts I haven't aten anything since 7pm, and I'm urging for food but I can handle it, my surgery will run me 3,500, the medications, bloodwork, faja will run me another 600, that's if i wouldn't need blood transfusion or iron after surgery hopefully not. It's almost 3am and I'm still up, I can't lie I took 2 Advil Pm before I got on the plane and slept my whole ride I guess that was it. Alright ladies give you guys another update in a couple of hours

Just waiting for the blue pill

Hey ladies quick update, just got marked up and I'm just waiting on my blue pill to go surgery. I also am going to post the prices of bloodwork and medications, it's in pesos. So idk how much is it in dollars I can say around 600 dollars , I also attached some pics of cipla,so you guys can take a look


Everything went fine

Alright ladies I thank the man above, you guys my family and friends for all the support. I am fine surgery went well I'm just laying in bed not in pain have had a lot of medication given to me. Update you guys later with pics

Quick update picture

This picture shows they still haven't cleaned me up, just waiting on the nurses to clean me

Alright dolls another update

I just got cleaned up my waist is so small and I have a huge ass, yay, I still have a lot of liquid in me and very swollen

Alright ladies some more pictures

The drainage off the liquids is no joke,

I'm in so much pain when I'm getting drained I feel like punching the shit out of the nurse, but every time I get drained I feel better and better

Some more pictures

Alright ladies

Today I had to go to the doctor to get drained and I'm happy as sh* that I didn't have to, since over the weekend I was leaking out fat like crazy, I drained all over the weekend, the hard part is about to start for me to start getting messages, I have a bad bad headache all the time, it drives me crazy, but I'm healing more and more on a daily basis yes, I'm seeing so many results in speechless here's my 4 day post op pictures

9 days post op pictures

20 days post op

First time wearing a dress

1 month post op

I'm feeling better and better every day .

1 month and 2 weeks preop

I'm still very swollen, and I am in a constant diet drinking lots of water and eating healthy, I still have about 10-15 pounds to lose in water weight, by my 2-3 month preop ima b more healed and a smaller shape I started with a large garment in currently in a small and in 2 weeks I'm going to an xs, until I hit the xxs . this process is no joke I'm telling you, and know that I am skinny I can see my strech marks in my stomach more but I'm putting that cocoa butter 3 times a day ima b summer ready next year

More pics

Today got into a size small faja

In 2-3 weeks I should be going down to a XS .

1 month and 3 weeks post op

I put on this same dress when I was 20 days post op look at the difference


2 months post op

My ass is huge


3 month post opp

Couldn't have looked. Better, Cabral is the king of barbies

4 months post op

Love me

The what's app number is 18295488443 he takes a couple days to respond but he responds Cabrals number

Little video



Alright ladies time for an update, I'm officially 6 months post op and I'm in love this surgery has changed my life around I constantly eat healthy and exercise I love my body and I'm gonna maintain it, I can't even stand junk food let's say I'll have a craving for pizza I'll eat it but then I'll want to vomit it because my body is not used to those types of greese food. Ladies keep it up most importantly after surgery is maintaining don't let that money go to waste.

1 year and 6 months post opp

1 year 6 months
After getting pregnant shortly after having surgery done. I bounced back like nothing. However I was taking care of myself during my pregnancy.

Quick update girls 2 years 6 months post op

I just had my 2 baby after my surgery and i snapbacked quick, thats the reason why i keep getting pregnant so quick. I have Irish Twins one born in Jan another in Nov lord
Hector Cabral

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