Lipo and BBL with Dr Tania Medina - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi dolls, I want to get lipo and BBL with dr...

Hi dolls,

I want to get lipo and BBL with dr Tania Medina in DR.
I have been doing research now for about 6 months and I really like her work and I also follow her on Snapchat and she shows her surgeries etc. I don't want to do an extreme butt. But nice and perky, small waist and flat belly :)

She sent me the links to a recovery house - my home recovery.
Has anyone been to that recovery house? How was your experience there?
I am not sure I want to to go there or to a hotel.

As far as dates, I am looking into end of July. how long do you have to take the vitamins and Iron?

Thanks in advance for your reactions. I appreciate it.
Much love

Finally got a date for my Lipo, BBL

I finally have a date. I just made my $500 deposit. I wanted a date in August/ September but the doctor said she was full. So next available date was October 19th. I took the date.....
I must say I am excited and nervous at the same time. I promised to upload pics. And I will, I need to dwnl them from my phone and I had to take more recent pics....

Anyway so far Dr Medina's response is quick. I talk to her via e-mail and via what's app and she answers all my questions. I like her so far.
Now it's time to start taking the vitamins. I bought, Vit C, Vit B6, Vit B12, Iron and folic acid.
So far so good...I will keep you updated.

Let the countdown begin !! 82 days to go :)

Traveling before surgery date

For those who had surgery with dra Medina. How many days before did you go to DR?

Thank you in advance

Ticket is bought so we are set

Hi dolls

Finally I bought my ticket so there is no turning back!! LOL
I am going 2 days before my operation date...this is to get all tests done.
I am so excited but also scared at the same time....mixed feelings


Finally my before pics

Finally I am uploading my before pics.
I want a flat stomach, all the rolls gone, small waist, the back needs workkkkkk, everything that does not need to be there got to go!!! And as far as my BBL I want a nice perky butt. Not huge but it needs a lift :( My hips are a mess! I want to fix it as well.
OMG I hope I look good when I'm done! This will be my birthday gift to myself this year!

From what I read Dra Tania Medina is I hope my dream comes true :)

Cheers dolls

Countdown continues...46 days to go

Anyone having their surgery in October??

Recovery House

So Dra Medina was suppose to take care of the recovery house , it was in the e-mail with the quote.
I wanted to confirm that the recovery house was all set because I never received an actual confirmation. She told me to e-mail them my self to make a deposit to be sure. So I did that and now they e-mail me saying they are full.

Do you have any recommendations of a good and clean recovery house?


Oasis RH

After reading a couple of good reviews on Oasis Recovery House... I decided to contact them. I received a quick response and my dates they have availability. Tomorrow I will send the deposit and I will be set.

Anyone else going to Oasis in October around the 19th?

Ab board nessesary ????

Hi dolls...
I am purchasing and ordering everything I need. I found this website , this website has everything for after surgery. And the prices are reasonable.
I ordered the foam for under the faja and also the pads sheets for on the bed.
Now I am wondering if I have to also buy the ab board.
From your experience ladies is the ab board also necessary?

The countdown continues.... 29 more days to go :)

Hi dolls
Anybody familiar with
What are your experiences regarding how long it takes for them to send you the products?
Thank you


So I received an e-mail from Dr. Medina last night with a list of supplies I might need.
The list is longgggg lol
But it is helpful. I still need to get some of the things on the list but I wanted to share it with you all

What to bring list below:

*****************Stop using Multivitamin (because the Vitamin E and A) at least 2 weeks before surgery******************

What you should bring:

Iron, Vitamin C, Complex B. omeprazol
Feminine Pads
Compression socks
Body wipes
Face towels
Tooth paste,
tooth brush,
mouth wash preferably the travel size.
Flat Shoes
Summer dresses about 3 or 4
One cotton tank
Your laptop or iPad or cellphone
If you have diabetic bring your Gluco Test. They could be required during the stay at home recovery.
Bring constipation pills, usually after surgery is necessary. ALso you can buy here.
If you have asthma bring the drugs for nebulization. They could be required during the stay at home recovery.
Abdominal Board
Epi Foam
boppy pillow (BBL)
Other extras thing you may need:

1. package of 6 white tees
2. 1 package of 6 cushion ankle socks
3. 1 plush throw
4. Arnica cream
5. 3 bars dial soap
5. Neosporin
6. Antibacterial hand wipes
7. wet cleansing towelettes.
8. Dulcolax
9. Tylenol, Advil
10. Rose mosqueta oil
11. Bio oil 2 oz.
12. Adhesive tape
13. Gauze pads
14. Latex gloves (2 box)
15. Travel size toiletries at walmart comes with toothbrush/paste,shampoo,cond.,mini comb,deodorant,lotion..will also take makeup and hair bands)
16. Adult diapers (if you will has BBL)
17. Loofa
18. Female urinal

For all the extra that is not included and you may use or need during your stay here can be cover with US$600.00

*** By the way the countdown continues..... 20 more days to go ***

Hemo update

I got my blood work done and my hemoglobin is at 13.5
I'm so happy. I will continue my Vit B12, B6, C, folic acid and iron pills and of course eating spinach and beets.

Sick :(

Pfff I have been sick for 2 days now.
I have a cold. I am so mad at this cold. My Hemo was so good now I'm scared it will go down and I have about 2 weeks to go. I am doubling up my Iron and Vit C intake. I really hope to stay on point with my Hemo.... :(

feeling a bit better

I am feeling a lil better now. Still not 100% but it's getting better!
Now I'm in the stressing phase. I am so worried my hemo went down! Uggg I'm eating beats and spinach like crazy....
Today I received my BBL pillow and my compression socks. Also my pee-z came in today. I will post pictures later tonight!
The countdown continues .... 14 more days!!! OMG dolls it's getting closer!!!

BBL pillow etc...

Hey dolls
Just wanted to show the BBL Pillow ( it comes with a small black "bag" which makes it easy to carry around. The compression socks ( I couldn't find black in my size, so ordered beige) The Gogirl , this is the female urination device. Very helpful when wearing the "faha" compression garment.

What happened to Dra Medina's snapchat ??

I follow dra Medina on snapchat. But honestly for the past 3 weeks she hasn't been posting anything really.... Is it just me or does she have a different snapchat now? anyone??


So I am packed! I finally received everything I ordered from chiseledlux. Everything came in just fine. It took a little bit longer then I expected but they finally arrived!Today was the last day I took all my vitamins. As you are supposed to stop 1 week before surgery and only continue with iron.

Furthermore, I am nervous about my hemo dropping because I have my period and I believe tomorrow is my last day with my period. I just hope it does not drop my hemo.

This weekend is waxing, manicure ( I am taking off my acrylics nails) , pedicure and we are all set!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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