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After numerous sleepless nights and heavy research...

After numerous sleepless nights and heavy research I think my search is over. I've Choose A New Doctor (Dr. JOSE LEON) & I'm Looking To Stay @ Janet Recovery House. I've already started racking up on my vitamins and took a blood exam with my primary doctor here in the states.

I'm so excited, anyone leaving from JFK THE first week of December?

P.S (Mini TT,LIPO,BBL,BREAST LIFT/IMPLANT) My price isn't including flight or RH Stay. I also get massages everyday which is included along with Testings,Medications & follow Up appts. So far the only thing I need to purchase extra is my 2nd stage Faja.

Random Update

Okay! So I'm really feeling Dr.Jose Leon he's so informative and I really think he's gonna be the ONE. I emailed Dr. Leon for the 1st time on October 8 , 2015 and received a phone call from him the next day around 3pm discussing my evaluation. He speaks PERFECT English and that alone to me was a huge plus. I didnt feel comfortable going to a Doctor that didnt speak english or BARELY knew how to comprehend. All this money these doctors are getting and some of them won't invest in Rosetta Stone (that raises eyebrows for me especially when majority of your pt's are from the states ). I'm spending alot of hard earn money so I have a right to be picky. Anyways first off I wanted LIPO (stomach, arm, back, flanks & waist) with BBL, but after my evaluation some things has change.

My lower stomach has a great amount of fat stored in that area so I wasn't sure if Lipo would be enough but I'm so happy Dr.Leon brought to my attention that there's a possibility that I may have some extra flab if I only just get the lipo. I've been evaluated by (7) different doctors before and Dr.Leon was the only one who strongly recommend a (MINI TUMMY TUCK). So on that note MINI TT it is and along with that I added a BREAST LIFT W/ IMPLANT (I couldn't help it the price is right Lol). OH YEA I'm Getting Lipo in the Inner Thigh Area as well * chesse* ????????????.

So that leaves me with MINI TT, BREAST AUGMENTATION, LIPO, & BBL (UNDER $6,000) he also included my massages (which I'll be getting everyday) and transportation (to & from airport, & ALL post op app) and post op medications. Today is October 12 and I'll be calling him in the morning just to brief up on some things because I'll be sending off my deposit ASAP (I'll post a pic of my receipt when I do ????).

As for my RH, I think I spoke to soon. I did emailed janet and she contacted me back very fast but informed me that she doesn't take pt's who didn't undergo sx with her doctor. So basically she only takes the patients for the doctor she works with. So she strongly recommend I contact Ms Ruth (Real Tropical Deluxe) which I did , we spoke for hours on whatsapp and I just might send her my deposit as well. I'm so over hunting for a recovery house but I'm glad I'm taking my time and really waying out my options. I've been reading about Ruth thru Real self and I must say people are saying good things about HER & HER MEDICAL ATTENTION so I just might go there ????????. I'm staying in DR for 12 days (Sunday - Thursday)

In total my Deposit Fees Are $300, $200 for the down payment for SX and $100 for my RH. I'm crossing my fingers for December (my job hasn't approved my time as yet) but I'm hoping for the best. As soon as I get word I'm BUYING MY FLIGHT ????????????. I pretty much have majority of my items but I did make an updated list tonight. I even packed my clothes away and tuck my suitcase under my bed LOL.

Anyways Dolls Have a goodnight I'll update later on in the week. Ciao????

Things are going so good for me I made my deposit...

Things are going so good for me I made my deposit lastnight to Dr.Leon and Now Things are getting REAL.

As for my RH, His Assistant is Taking Care Of That For Me So I'm Not Worried And Honestly I Don't Recommend Ppl To Search Around For Their own RH, Go with Who Your Doctor Recommends.

I'm Staying in DR For (12 Days) , I'm No Longer Going With The "Implants" Just Breast Lift. I'm Still Young So If I Choose To Do the Implants In My Later Years I'll Do it But For Now The Lift is Just Fine. Nor Am I Doing Lipo In My Legs (I'll work that out in the gym) So It's Just Gonna be My (Arms,Stomach,Back,Flanks and Waist). I want about 1200-1400cc into my buttocks , I'll Post Some Wish Pics.

New Doctor .... Better Feeling .... Now I'm Ready

Good Morning Real Self Sisters !!!!

It's Been FOREVER & So Many Things Have Changed . I Started Working At the Post Office and it's Not easy ... I work 6 days a week 12 hr shifts. I'm also moving out of  Nyc into Pennsylvania for the new year so I have alot of things going on other than this surgery. I haven't logged onto real self in about a month and half but I have been on my Sx Instagram page (MoneySha__futureluismejiadoll)


I'm no longer going to have my surgery with dr.jose leon, I changed doctors last week and I already sent out a new deposit. I was very much confident in dr. Leon work but I seen a recent lipo & bbl he did on someone that posted on real self and I DIDN'T LIKE IT AT ALL, the person still had fat rolls and most of all NO BOOTY before I changed I asked Georgiana numerous times to send me some pics of his big butts or at least the body frames I'm looking for and all now she has yet to send me anything. She would always respond and say "your in good hands , he will do the job". Well it doesn't matter anymore because I'm no longer rocking with him and I didn't care about losing my deposit either , my gut feeling was telling me from there "he's not gonna give me the body I'm looking for" so with no Hesitations I SWITCHED.

I went back to the drawing board and ran across Dr.Mejia Instagram and Contacted His assistant Paolo,  I'm booked for January 27th but I'm flying out of Jfk on the 26th. My boyfriend has also decided to come along with me so I'm soo excited for that and we will be staying at the same recovery house I would of stayed at with dr.leon *Rocio Ortega ???? *

I've also looked into my massages for when I get back into the states and I'll be going to @plastymunecas. There charging me $700 for 10 massage sessions. *check out there instagram*

Honestly this journey is no joke with having to save all this money & preparing yourself physically and mentally it can really take a toll on you. I thank my boyfriend everyday for his support , he has my back 150%. I'm leaving in less than 30 days and I couldn't have been more ready , my bags are packed & my money is already in my carryon luggage. God is so good and most of all he's an on time GOD, I Don't know where I would be without his grace and mercy.

Continue to follow my journey and feel free to ask whatever questions whether it's on Instagram or real self.

May God bless all the surgery sisters *xoxo kisses*

26 More Days !!!!!!!

Wasted my Time and Money with Dr.mejia

I wont even go into detail because writing this review is already getting me pissed off. Dr mejia didn't follow what I asked for NO HIPS , NO BUTT .... I ASKED FOR 1,000 CC OR MORE and he only did 900. I stressed to him I wanted hips and I have none. There's still alot of fat in my upper back and stomach.My wish pics That I showed him I don't even look close to it, I'm not happy with my results at all, to me it just looks like I lost alot of weight. The worst choice I made!!!

Planning for sx in December w/ Dr Manon!

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