dr.molina or dra.tanger castillo (pleaseeee help!!!!!!!!) - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi ladies!!! So Ive been on here for awhile just...

Hi ladies!!! So Ive been on here for awhile just reading everyones experiences and "THANK YOU ALL" for that..... So I had lipo and breast reduction in the states about 7 years ago.....My boobs are great but he straight just stold my money when it came to my lipo!!!! (9,000 for both) I've never had a waist (hourglass) so thats what I was looking for with Lipo but that never happened...ANYWAYS!! I'm Dominican and have lots of friends and family that have done their bodies there and OMG they look amazing! Ive been putting it off because I wanted to see if children would come but I'm now 33 no babies and said "fuck it" (excuse my english) I want to look good now not when im 60! Just got engaged and want to have a hourglass shape for my BIG DAY :)........ So after doing my research I have two Dr in mind Dr.Molina who is great with communication and Dra.Tanger Castillo who is great with communication and did a couple girls I know that look great and very natural........ The reason I like these two Dr is first they have no deaths! and they make woman look natural I dont like the vixen (you can tell from far you fake look) nothing against it but its just not me!!! Sooooo if anyone has any info on any of these Dr's or will be having surgery in DR in Dec please hit me up!!!
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Dr.Molina or Dra.Tanger Castillo

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