Dr Medina Lipo and More lipo. Dominican Republic, DO

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Here are the pics. I will get Dr Medina to do my...

Here are the pics. I will get Dr Medina to do my breast lift and lipo. Im 50 years old. I had a BBL in Dec 2012 by Dr Jimerson in Atlanta. I happy with my booty. I wanted my waist sucked to death. Now, its Dr. Medina turn to work her magic. Ill be staying at the recovery house. I'm also making the trip by myself. Right now I wear a 36DD and I still have pop over. I'm so ready to get smaller breast that are perky...Lol for real. I really would be happy to go down to a C cup. Ok now I have to get my plane ticket. Ill be there for 10 days. So all together I want my thighs and arms, waist flanks, back lipo. ill keep you updated....

A few helpful things.....

Ok. My surgery date us June 30. The time is getting close for me. I went to my primary care Dr. And told him about my plans. WTF DID I DO THAT ISH FOR. Anyway it didn't go well for me. He was not please about my decision to go to the DR for surgery. Back at the ranch...he wouldn't write any prescriptions for any meds for me. So I went online to Indian pharmacy after watching 20/20 or 60 minutes, can't quite remember. i ordered my antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds there. The price was reasonable. I have Hydrocodone from surgery not too long ago. I'll be good with the pain after about 4 days usually. I feel better about having my meds before I leave home. I'm planning to add just a little fullness to my botany. My girls told me it needs to be just a little rounder...I agree. I read a few reviews about folks having. Only missing , or stolen. I just ordered a personal safe. I took a few pics of some things that should work out for you. I also made a bbl cushion out of a regular but cushion, I have that pic as well.....please ladies lock your luggage up...I rather you be safe than to come up with your ish missing.

Butt cushion

Ok I cut off the part of the cushion and made my own bbl cushion. I found one used for $26 I think on Amazon. It look good. I took it to my lady who does all of my alterations. She she did a fabulous job. She only charged me $6. You can't beat that with a stick. I just could not spend $60 or $100 for something I could figure out myself and do. Now I just have to get a pillow for my back....I tried it out today in a chair...it does the job.

Butt cushion

Let's heal you quick...

I got 1000 units of vitamin C from cvs orange flavor
Individual packet of protein shakes powder cvs brand.
Use your cvs coupon when it's 30% off. I got scar strip, scar gel, scar oil...all what cvs brand and 30 % off. What...I'm trying to tell you. This will help to heal you quick along with lots of rest and water....now I done with the alcohol...you know...I'm talking about my lovely cocktails...that's beer and wine....please this will definitely be a challenge for me.

Meds from india and stuff

Well...I had to order my meds from a pharmacy in India. The price was right.


I just got my email from Dr Medina, I'll be staying at My home recovery house. I'm very please with that. I'm packed and ready to go. I western union a $1000 US , I'm bringing $1800 US, and using a credit card for the rest. All the rest of money are in the envelopes ready. Such as massages, medical insurance, misc and $300 for each additional area for Lipo. I want my arms and inner thigh Lipo for sure. I'm just saying. It's late now. Good night ladies. I'll have pics for you tomorrow.

The office

Pictures of Dr Tania medina surgery center and My recovery house.

Here are a few pictures I took when I first got to the surgery center.

After surgery update

My hemo was low, so I couldn't do my breast reduction and liposuction . Dr. medina told me to pick a surgery , just one. O.k so I choose Lipo. Now, we had to sit down and calculate the price. I packed all this stuff I didn't need or use. First off when you get to the airport change $100 US into Dominican Peso. Do not try to us you US dollar...You Will Get Got. Don't take any of your expensive jewerly when you go for surgery. Leave all of your expensive stuff at home. Period.
So I ended up getting inner thighs, back of my legs, stomach, waist, back and arm pits liposuction done. Day one was the worst. I spent one night at the surgery center. The next day I was taken to My Recovery Home. The recovery house staff took good care of me. I met many other ladies that also were there to recover. I thank God for the company. Make sure you bring a wash cloth. Pain pills, protein powder, and 1000 unit of vitamin C. I didn't use any gloves or gause, or socks.
Translate. You will need google translate. Also get the wassup app. It is the best and easiest way to communicate . I tried to write this review will I was at the recovery center , but the internet was very iffy. Sometimes it worked a lot of times it didn't. Don't expect the Internet to work in your room. The pain is real. Don't think that this surgery is a cake walk. Be prepared to get your face cracked. I thought I was good and stopped taking my meds. I woke up delirious pain. That will not happen again. Please take your meds. Drink lots a water. Wear your compression suit. Period. If you take it off you will swell. The sit back made me feel like day two after surgery . Not good.
Many ladies came for multiple surgery , but their hemo levels were also low. So , that being said...do what you got to do. My Roomate from Chicago was the only lady to get all of her surgery. She got three surgeries. After surgery I was purple all over. Like Barney. The struggle is real.

More pictures

More pictures for you. The surgery center is nice. The recovery house is nice. The staff is caring. Bring spray for the Mosquitos. I got a few bites

Picture after surgery

That blue pill is no joke. Once you take that pill. Lights are out. All I remember is waking up in bed after surgery . Done!
Leave all of your valuables at home . Don't bring any jewelry when you go for surgery. One of the girls at my house ring came up missing and she was not compensated for it. She was pissed. I'm showing my purple and bruising. I know I look like Barney. The massages do help.

My home recovery home video

My home recovery home
My home recovery video
A video for you.

What you need

$100 U.S. Changed to Pesos
3 t shirts
Sleeping pills
Pink dukalax pills
Wash clothes
Vitamin c 1000
Protein powder
5 massages
Front zip up robe
Three long dresses
Flip flop
What to expect......Pain....pain and more pain. Give your body time to heal.
Be reasonable. Don't be fat and a size 20 thinking you're going to look like a size 10. That ain't going to happen. Lose your wait, then get your surgery. I met way too many big girls getting tummy tucks and liposuction. So, if you're happy with the size you are, then get surgery. I'm just saying.
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