Round Two with Dr. Julio Molina Again *lipo of Arm and Back with Possible BBL. Dominican Republic, DO

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So 8 months after my first surgery I am in the...

So 8 months after my first surgery I am in the planning for round two. And I'm as excited as the first time if not more. This time it feels routine I guess because I know what to expect I trust my doctor completely. I know I will look more amazing. OMG I can't wait, my plans are for February 2016 one year exactly after my mommy make over.

I will keep u ladies post about my journey

Current body my before


So I'm here working on my budget for round 2... My work schedule is crazy working about 63 hours weekly but where theirs a will there's a way so if I do arms a back lipo he quoted me at $1800 if I add my Brazilian butt lift it will be $2800 in that case I will oft him $2400 and see if he is willing to work with me on the price I need to put $3500 to 4000 in the bank for my surgery I can do it. Pray for me next two months will be crazy for me when it comes to work..

I am headed to Dom. Rep in two weeks for two day to meet with Molina and have a discussion of what I want and planning and setting everything for my procedure..

Quick update

So no I will not have round 2 in February reason I accepted a promotion and I start in March I will on airplanes 98% of the time so right now all plans are hold but eventually I will go ahead with round 2 I'm happy with my body I will keep the updates coming as they develop.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I had my mommy make over with him February 2015 and I am super happy with my results I would not go with anyone else

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