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Eeek I'm so excited that I get to start this...

Eeek I'm so excited that I get to start this journey! After lots of researching and a bit of soul searching I've finally decided to take the plunge and have some work done. I'm not doing this because I hate my body, on the contrary, I LOVE it! I've worked hard over the past few years through diet, exercise and consistency to lose 80lbs and to not only change my body but my life. Now it's time to take it to the next level. I'm a young 29 without kids or a lot of obligations. I spent most of my twenties over weight. I want my 30's to be different. I'm turning a corner in my life and ready to make the outside match the inside. I want to have abdominal Lipo, breast lift and augmentation (they have always been big but never perky) and maaaaaaybe a bbl but I'll hold off on that tip after the Lipo. Hoping the smaller waist make my butt look bigger. I don't think I need a TT. Since my weight loss was gradual and a lot of the skin bounced back but I want to lose more weight so that is up in the air. I seriously hope not though and the Lipo just does the trick. Will attach photos soon.

Before pics

Taking these pics are an EYE OPENER. I never realized my butt was lopsided! lol Bbl is def happening.

I weighed myself this morning and I'm 184.4. At my lowest I was 152. I want to get down as far as I can before the surgery to take the best advantage of it.

I decided since this is my first venture into any type of surgery I would go with a consultant company to help guide me through. I paid Phenom Beauty Consultants and they have been wonderful so far.

I'm looking for inspiration photos. It's hard to find bodies I like cause I just want to look like me... Just enhanced lol but I will try to attach some pics as them as well. We'll see what I come up with.


Just got my quote. It was a little more then I was expecting based on what I've seen her charge others but still WAAAAAAAAAYYY cheap then I was quoted in the states. Waiting on a quote from Almonte before intake a final decision.


Some of you are saying the quote I received from my consulting company seems to be too high. I will contact the doctor directly and see if anything changes and get back to you guys. Waiting on her reply...


I finally got a quote from all my top surgeons! Baez was the cheapest but my date wasn't available : ( so I think I'm switching to Medina. She quotes me about the same as Baez $5000 and $5700 with a 10 day RH included. Now to just secure with date! I'm ret-ta-go!


Ahhhhhhh! So I just did it! I paid my deposit and come Aug 26 I will be a Medina doll! Now the fun part, getting the rest of the money! I'm cutting unnecessary expenses and picking up extra work. Nothing will stop me now! I just love her work and can't wait until my turn!
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