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Hello RS, after much time admiring other beautiful...

Hello RS, after much time admiring other beautiful transformations i have decided its my turn. 

Im on team BELLO!! She is the ish on making small waist lines and that is exactly what i desire. I received a response and quote in three DAYS time. I will be enduring liposuction on my full back, abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs. I don't want the tummy tuck ( i hate the scar :( ).... and this surgery is only a fix to jump start my weight loss and toning journey. I want a more sculpted and smoother look, w a little a$$ on the side lol! its time to take care of me :) Wish me luck!!

wish pics !!!!!

just wanted to post some wish pics and give y'all an idea of what look im going for. in all actuality im not trying to be a model, i just hate my dimply cellulite filled skin!! I mean it wouldn't look so bad if it was smooth. You know how you see girls that are plus size but have like the smoothest looking skin ever... then their are those that look like a golf ball lol.. if i don't do something now will be on my way to PGA tournaments. N-E-Who right now i weigh 220 will be 200 before surgery.. im gonna add in pics of me at 180 so RS can see how big my butt and shape was then. Well that's all for now hit y'all up soon!!!

photo insemination lol

Just dropping by to add the pic i did today... this an idea of the look im going for lol. Went super early this morning to apply for my passport thinking im getting a head of the game, man it was like 6 people n line outside the office before it opened had a three hour wait :\ glad thats over with... started a 30 day juice fast to lose this extra 20 pounds. Wish me luck! I hope your all doing well

found a video about the deaths n dr... smh its sad... their are many news videos


So its been some time since my last post but here is my latest and greatest! My surgery date is confirmed may 19th 2014! I will be flying in on the 18th and departing on the 27th. Instead of staying at a recovery house, im rooming at an apartment with two sx buddies. We have saved a great deal of money going this route. I found the apartment on and my property owner is an AMERICAN guy names Mitch. He has awesome properties in upcoming areas that are just jaw droping. And the prices are much cheaper than the recovery homes. He also has an ENGLISH speaking taxi driver for us and the apartment has a maids quarters w the maid for 12 $ a day, added into the contract. Im so excited to get the body i desire with doctor bello. Im going to post before and afters of her work because i know many people bypass her because its hard to find. LET IT BE KNOWN her assistant ROSSA IS A BEAST! She gets things done! No delays and will stay on top of the whole process!I love her! She speaks good ENGLISH and is a sweetheart. Exactly 14 days before Showtime! Pray for me!

the apartment by Mitch 89$ PER night 3/br 3bth plus the maid quarters that has two twin beds

You do the math for recovery. 89 per night your own room/ w queen bed and bathroom

Or 70 a night to share a room and have a twin bed :(

Just some food for thought!

more wish pics

I want a natural booty not the big projection... like. Thick Barbie: )


Grils can you please help me with what to pack!?!? I see do many different items. Veterans let me know the real scoop PLEASE! Could you post your top 5 items.... thanks

day one post opt!!! i made it to the flat side

Just an hr ago u got to see my results for the first time! They r not great pics but u can c improvement

3 weeks

My doctor! Silvia Terrero

So i know its been awhile. But i really wanted to give an update on my doctors performance.


I will never forget her bedside manner, as a nurse i guess i expect the up most but i have no complaints. From the US to the DR she kept in close touch with me. I mean from sunday morning until the evening when i arrived she was on top of making sure i was ok every step of the way. She had me come directly to CECIP after i landed in the DR. When i arrived i was amazed that the office is located directly across the street from the presidents palace, it was beautiful! The inside of the clinic was nice as hell.. idk why i was expecting some BS lol. She greeted me with a big hug and welcome, felt like the southern hospitality im used too. From then on it was smooth sailing. She preceded to explain the procedure blah blah blah, then the infamous make up took place. I mean it all happned so fast it was surreal. All that night i did labs galor. Everything came back great, but here is the kicker i weighed 237.... YES 237! She didnt even complain so i was all doing the happy dance! Lol i checked into my room at 1:30 am.. she told me to get some rest she would be back at 5:30am for sx. Thats when it me my insides were like wtf are u doing!?! I said a prayer and tried to rest! Those where the longest four hours ever but ironically when she arrived at 5:30 sharp i felt ok. I was really calm, i was rolled to the OR and thats all i remember! Next i woke up shivering violently! But hell i was like THANK YOU JESUS! I tottally understood why my body was bugging out... it was just traumatized! So after the sx i just slept for hours on end. The nurses were very attentive and caring.. the actually spoke english. My doc came in like every 3-4 hours checking me, she was awesome.~~~

My phone about to die i will post part 2 soon!

CECIP and Dra. Silvia Avil├ęs Terrero pics

I'm feeling myself

It's been soooooooooooo long! Sorry yall but here is a lil update. So it's been 4 months! Yayyyy time flies (happy fall!). My skin is great not lose. The soreness has completely subsided, and the incision site are all closed. I woke up n was like damn a lady is feeling sexy lol! I took this updated pic for yall.. the first is me at 180 pounds the second is me today 4 months post opt. U tell me what u think ;) luv yall


See i was trying to post some pics but this new shit is not working... wtf, I promise to get them up my sunday!

more pics girls

I'm down to 203 from 235 pretty sx 220 post, enjoy the pics!

50 pounds down

I just wanted to post how I'm looking a year post opt! That liposuction was the best 3000 I've ever spent

my doc

Hey I been getting Hella Inbox messages about my doc info
18099173581 is her whatsapp number
Her name is Silvia Terrero
I paid 3000 for everything sx meds garments and stay at cicep
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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