44 Yr Old Looking to Get my Self Esteam Up and thats exactly what happened!. - Dominican Republic

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I have 1 child and i unfortunately let myself go.....

I have 1 child and i unfortunately let myself go... I started taking care of myself about a year ago and began loosing a little weight, simply by just walking.. Now I have the extra/extra hanging stomach skin... I am looking to rid of my belly stretch marks (TT), bbl and get some kind of waistline with lipo. I am planning on going by myself initially so I could stay at a RH, and then having my husband and daughter meet me maybe in Punta Cana, hopefully i will be up for a little sight seeing after 8-10 days in RH.

So I finally did it.... this will be quite a long review so bare with me....

So after finding and being addicted to this site I decided to consult with Dr. Mallol after seeing some of his patient before and after pics. He was very quick to respond with a quote and any questions I had leading up to my surgery. There was a select group of friends and family that knew that I would be leaving the county for this procedure. Some were supporting others not so much, but in the end I am very happy I did it.

I flew out 08/06 and arrived in Santo Domingo DR on 08/07. I chose Armonia Recovery House because It had good reviews and that was one of the choices listed on Dr. Mallol premium package price. I ended up going by myself, I speak Spanish so I felt comfortable. Since I had been in touch with Armonia I was informed that their driver would be waiting for me with a sign that had my name on it after I picked up my luggage. I was picked up with another young lady who was also going to Armonia but having a procedure done with another doctor. Talking to her sure put me at ease, because she had been through it the year prior. I was taken to the recovery home first. I felt very welcomed by Mayra the owner and the nursing staff. The home was very nice and clean. I was settled into my room and Dr. Mallol called me that afternoon. Dr. Mallol's English was very impressive. He told me to get some rest and to shower that night and again in the morning so he could see me in the morning.

The following morning I was picked up early and taken to the clinic where the surgery was performed. I met with the cardiologist and then had blood work done. Dr. Mallol came in about an hour or so afterwards and told me that I was cleared for surgery. We discussed what I wanted done and what expectations I had. I really just always wanted a tummy tuck the rest (lipo and bbl) was just a bonus. He spoke to me for close to an hour or so and marked me up. A hour or so later I was being prepped with an IV to head over to the operating room. I met with the anesthesiologist who also had several health questions and soon I was being wheeled over to the operating room. The room was fairly small but appeared well equipped and clean. I was asked to sit on the bed and the anesthesiologist then began prepping me. I did not get a blue pill It was all done via epidural. I had never had an epidural before and I did not feel a thing. The only thing that was strange to me is that there was only men in the operating room. Shortly afterwards all I recall was me waking up and being on my stomach, at that time I could hear a female in the room which made me feel a little better. I felt nauseated and told the anesthesiologist that I wanted to vomit. He told me to breath and try to relax it was just the anesthesia. I then remember waking up on my back and the doctor asking me if I wanted to see what he had removed. Of course I said yes!!!!! There were two large chunks of meat that looked like good sized filleted tuna pieces...that had been removed from my belly (finally). I then recall him telling his assistants to put my faja on. After that I fell back asleep and I was back in the recovery room. Soon after, another doctor and her nurse came in to check on me and help me get up out of bed. I was giving a few sips of water because I felt very thirsty and vomited immediately . The pain at this time was not so bad. I had a catheter and an IV fluid bag was still in place. The doctor asked me to attempt to get up and take a few steps in the room. My legs were wobbly. That night Armonia had sent a nurse over to stay the night with me... which really I did not need one. That nurse, by the way, told me that she usually goes to Cipla to care for patients overnight and she had not experienced a doctor or nurse coming in to check on their patients as they were checking in on me throughout the night. There was a doctor and a nurse that were checking in on me every couple of hours or so. The following day Dr. Mallol came in around noon time to check my incision which I could see was very low. He told me that the surgery went well and that he was releasing me, he would see me again in a few days unless I had complications. He gave me a prescription for a couple other medications and a some pain pills that he provided. I was transported back to the recovery house. The next few days were very painful and uncomfortable. The nurses were great with getting my medications on time and making sure I tried to eat something. I did not have any appetite day 3-4. I think laying on my back day in and day out with a drain in my back was the most uncomfortable and painful part. Day 4, Irma Dr. Mallol's masseuse came to give me my first massage. OMG as painful and uncomfortable as they were they really helped. Irma was like my momma that was not there. I finally saw Dr. Mallol on Friday and he left the drain in because I was still draining quite a bit. On Sunday I sent him a message and asked him what time he could see me on Monday before I left, and he requested that I come to see him that morning after he got out of church. I saw him that Sunday morning and his assistant removed my drain. It was painful and I had burning sensation on my lower back when he was pulling it out. Once it was out I felt soooo much better. Irma came back early Monday morning and gave me a final massage, I had started to develop a seroma to my lower back which she drained before I left, that was not painful at all. I was told to keep my faja on daily and keep it tight.

My next stage of rest and recovery came when one of the Armonia driver's Pedro drove me to the Punta Cana airport, which was 2.5 hours away from Santo Domingo to pick up my husband and daughter. Pedro then took us to a resort that I had booked. AlSol luxury resort was right on the beach and had a breath taking view. I chose to stay in the country for an extra week in case any complications arise while I was still close to the doctor. At the resort it was just room service and views for me. Dr. Mallol made sure to reiterate not to take a shower or get into the ocean while in the DR to prevent infection. I listened to his instructions and had sponge baths at the recovery house and the resort. After 13 days in the DR I flew home. Dr. Mallol gave me a note so I could get a wheel chair at the airport, which I did not use because I felt I needed to walk. Since being home I must say I am still in some pain especially to my lower back area where he did lipo.. My tummy tuck and belly button is healing very nice and I am loving my results. I have had to sew my faja and use a tighter one on top of it just to get the extra compression and to shape my body. I still get some fluid build up on my lower back but I have it removed easily with a needle syringe by a family member.

I am back to work after 20 days, and still see myself walking hunched a little, not because of the tt but because of my back lipo. My back still feels numb, sore and TIGHT! I have gotten a couple more massages since being home which have helped a little.

Would I have done anything different....NO, there is no way I could have had the care I had at the recovery home at my home... They girls went above and beyond caring for me...Its humbling to be in the first days of recovery when you cant even wipe your own butt!! All the people I met and the country is BEAUTIFUL. Now I must go back to get in the ocean !!! The doctor and his staff were very professional and caring. I do not know how long my back pain from the lipo will last, but I have heard it could be months. For now I just take it slow and have co-workers help me at work if needed. I really don't even take pain meds maybe just an ibuprofen once in a while. My body has done a 360, and I am amazed and in shock when I see my before pics. I thank God that I stuck with my gut feeling on sticking with Dr. Mallol and that because of his care and attention I did not have any complications.
Consulting with Dr. Mallol, DR

I went with Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes in DR and am very excited. He is board certified and has had nothing but great reviews. Some of his before and after pictures are amazing, so I cant wait to look and feel great about myself.

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