41 Year Old Single Mom Who Would Like to Put on a Pair of shorts After 20+years and Feel Good About the Way I Look.

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My weight has yo yo'd so much over the past 19...

My weight has yo yo'd so much over the past 19 years that it's done a number on my body! I've been blessed to have a nice figure so no matter if I was big or small my figure was always in tact. I decided to take the next step in my journey to a "bathing suit body". I've requested quotes from 5 surgeons, with 4 of the 5 being in DR. Dr. Yily's team responded immediately and I received my quote within a day. I'm nervous, scared, anxious and excited because I'll taking this journey on my own, and by myself with NO SUPPORT. Pray for me y'all and please feel free to share your thoughts and experience. Much appreciated!

Here´s your quote:

• Liposuction of abdomen, back, armpits, sides, and waist.
• Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) across, fat grafting to the buttocks and hips (optional).
• Arm Lift
• Thight lift
For a total of $ 6,500 USD

My "borrowed" wish pics!!

I want a pretty body again????????

That date is all wrong

I'm not looking to have ps until February/March (2017) I was unable to update the date on my original post.

Obsessed with this damn RS site :-(! Updates..

Hey all! Well, I've gotten a few more replies from other surgeons. However, Yily team is awesome in responding in a timely manner and in answering my questions unlike most of the other surgeons that I've contacted. I was asked to provide pics and answer questions (in a VERY impersonal manner) from Duran, but 5 days after sending what they requested, I still can't get a reply/quote. I was contacted by Almonte with the procedures they thought would be best but I've yet to receive a quote. Dr. Cardenas was very kind in her email and even congratulated me in beating breast cancer (12 years ago), which I really appreciated. Her quote was quite a higher.

Thank you very much for your inquiry, hopefully your questions were answered and you were satisfied with Dr. Cardenas suggestions.
Below you will find the Quote for the procedures Requested and also for our different Beauty Care Recovery House options:
1- Arm Lift: $4,500 US Dlls
2- Liposuction to Thighs 270 degrees: $3,500 US Dlls
Altogether 1+2: $7,000 US Dlls
- Posterior Body Lift: $5,000 US Dlls (more liposuction to thighs if needed will depend on the need).
- "T" vertical Thigh Lift: $6,000 US Dlls

It seems that the more research I do and the more I share my plans for going to the DR, the more worried I get!! I've heard and read SO MANY bad stories about Yily in the past few days but she was my surgeon of choice. I'm so confused right about now. With that said, it didn't stop me from applying for my passport!! Lol. I just wish I could get some kind of reassurance that I'll be alive and well after going to DR but the reality is that it's very risky......

What happened to the ladies after surgery???

Who else finds it extremely EERIE that some of the ladies who were posting and updating to RS up until the very day that they were having their procedure, is now M.I.A.???? That scares the hell out of me!! I wanna call the police, call their loved ones, google their names just to know if they're okay. Of course that's not an option, since we don't know their personal/contact info. but DAMN!!! Scary.....


Oh my gosh!! I can't believe I'm actually going through with this!!!!!! GOT MY PASSPORT & MADE MY DEPOSIT TODAY!! I'm scared shi*less????????????????. Okay, I'm having an arm lift, liposuction & bbl. I'm looking to go around March 20th!! Anyone else going to DR around this time??

Okay, post surgery ladies.....Please let me know what I should be doing in preparation for the ps....Anything that I absolutely need to buy to help with the recovery process???


Paid my deposit and booked my flight for March with Yily!!! Lipo, arm lift, bbl...

I can't believe I'm actually going through with this!!!!! Ladies, can I get some support, some tips, advice "suhhinnh (something)"!?!?! Help a panic'd sista out!

Anybody going to DR around March 20th??

Soooo, just 2 months before my sx with Yily!!!

I'm still shell shocked, nervous, anxious and scared but but in 2 months from now IT'S GOING DOWN!! Whoo Hoo!! I did my 2017 vision photo. Notice the "Not so thick" phrase. Lol. I started my vitamin regimen 2 weeks ago but I feel lost, like there's some important ish I should be doing in the meantime????????????????

2 weeks away, this is CRAZY!!????????

Sooo, I'm scared as hell right about now!! I REALLY NEED to have a thigh lift but I'm not sure if having it done by Dra Yily is a good idea. I think her Tt's, lipo and bbl's look nice but I don't feel great about her performing my thigh lift. My family is giving me the blues about having sx in DR which doesn't make this process any easier...I would love to lose another 10lbs but that's unlikely at this point... Anywho, I'll be journaling the entire trip in DR so stay tuned and keep me in y'all prayers!! Btw, I'm scheduled to stay at Luxury rh.

My stuff!! 6 days to go!!!

I don't know if this the correct video

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Requested quotes from Almonte, Yily, Duran, Cardenas. Looking like team Yily

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