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After reaching out to several doctors I am...

After reaching out to several doctors I am confident that I am ready to move forward with Dr. Luis Mejia! So far his assistant Lefny has been very tactful and prompt with her responses. Keeping aware of everything. I am anticipating Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, and Breast Lift w/o implants. Can anyone share their experience with me from Dr. Mejia. Also, can anyone give me any advice on things to bring? My appt is set for March 7, 2016... I will share photos now and later...

Packing in Process!

Wow! I can't believe it is almost time for me to take this life changing trip! I am anticipating meeting other lovely dolls when I arrive! Prayers going up for a good hemoglobin level!

Iron'N up!!!

So I am officially done with all the vitamins but still trying hard to eat foods that are loaded with Iron. Drinking Vitamin C (orange juice) with it to make sure the Iron absorbs greatly. Not happy about this liver tho :(

All marked up and ready to go!

Arrived at the Clinic about 6:44 am. It is now 12:28 and I still haven't had my surgery done yet, well neither has the other lady that arrived with me, however I am not in a hurry. She is going first because she has less work that she's getting. I am not nervous just trying to relax. Everyone that I have met so far are very nice ESPECIALLY Dr. Mejia! That man! Lawd! Lol I was taken to a different recovery house last night than I was originally assigned too, but everything was sorted out today and I will be going to the Rio Ortego as planned! That's just a small update. Oh...if any one is ever coming to Ceclip Clinic...please go next door and try out the food at Chef Pepper! DELICIOUS! Trust me. Okay that's all... Here are my photo markings :) READY NOW!

Well here you go ladies!

Hi Dolls! I am finally on the flat side, however still swollen. Had just a lil scare on yesterday as one of my boobs was sitting up higher than the other and very swollen. Went back to clinic, Doctor thought he was going to have to do emergency surgery again but later determined that it was simply inflammation and would go down. The panic was real tho because this is new to me so I didn't know what to think. I'm like why one boob is sitting up high and the other is not and one is swollen and the other perfectly fine. Dr Mejia explained everything to me and expressed his deepest concern. Afterwards I felt comfortable even because honestly I was scared for them to cut me open again. So now just allowing time to pass and the swelling to go down. Everyone is nice and caring, I took pics with my nurse and of my driver. And also Dr. Mejia! He brings all his recovering patients a rose which I think is very nice! :-) Here are some more pics as promised!


Soooo....I had my first shower in a week on yesterday! :( Can you say THANK YOU LORD! I also got a chance to look at my incisions. My breasts are still swollen. Dr Mejia says they will go down more. I asked for C cups but this far they are definitely double D's. We will see what happens in a couple of days. Here are a couple of photos...

Think happy thoughts!

So I purchased this dress in the DR and decided to put it on today and did not realize the energy that it is giving me! It says "Think Happy Thoughts" and that's what I am doing today! So far things are going good! My pain level is low, breast size is reducing slow but surely and I look great! So I want O to encourage each and every one of you that are preparing to be snatched---Think Happy Thoughts! Because when your time comes you will look great also! Good Luck Dolls and Queens! Big kisses! :)

My fiancé cleaned and dressed me!

Okay Ladies...I took all of my bandages off today with the exception of the nipple dressing and the line under the nipple and my fiancé cleaned them, put neosporin on them and bandaged me up! I thought I'd share some photos of his handy work! He is so excited about my breasts! He Loves them :-p He enjoys helping me keep everything cleaned and changed...He also gave me a nice massage that felt great! I go for another Lymphatic drainage massage on 2mara! I am on massage number 7 & they are starting to feel better every visit. I had to Minister tonight at Church so I am resting after all of that. My fiancé says I should rest the balance of the week after my massage. I'm going to take his advice on it. I Love that man! WOW! He takes great care of me! Well here are more pics! Healing well! Can't wait to see some of you dolls once you get snatched! Be Blessed Queens!

Hey Queens!!!

It gets better and better!!!

Pics Pics Pics

Feeling good...Feeling Great!

It's been along time!

Hi Beautiful Queens! I know it's been a long time since I updated! I have been so busy planning for my wedding. I hope everyone has had successful journeys and recovery's!

More pics

Just a lil happiness to live here!

Hey Queens I hope everyone has had their opportunity to get snatched in these streets! If you have share some of your results with me, I'm looking forwar to enjoying the journey with you! Mine has been awesome!
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