32 year old female, no kids! Seeking LIPO: upper and lower ab, back bra and FLANKS

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Hello ladies! I'm new to this site. I ran across...

Hello ladies! I'm new to this site. I ran across it by doing my research on Lipo. My first choice was DR.Jimmerson but after checking out his prices, And act usually seeing results from a friend I was good! She actusually mentioned Dra Yily to me. So I have been n contact with her. She have me a quote of 3500 for Lipo: mid area. Upper and lower abdomen, waist , back bra, flanks and arm pits! But I heard about Dra. Duran, sent her a email and have not heard from her yet. But I'm pretty sure I'm going with Dra Yily. Just waitin on her to confirm my date July 21st. If anyone has been to her already please message me I have a few questions! I added a few pics. As you can see I have a shape. I just need this stomach to go away and I'll feel more confident!

long time no talk to ladies

ok after doing a bit of re search I've decided to go with DRA DURAN! but I'm un sure of the day i will be going i know its between Jan - March. will keep you all updated

It's been a while ladies

So after doing tons of research and going back and forth on weather I want it done or not looks like Due to my job and me always being gone because I work for the military sealift command looks like i will be going with DR ALAVI. Getting my whole mid section done July 7th. Super excited and nervous all in one. Praying and hoping it makes a difference.

Dr Alavi currently 1 day post op!

So I just had lipo gone on my upper and lower abdomen, flanks waist and back bra area. Now I'm not in pain just very swollen and sore. Dr Alavi took out 3.7 liters. I wanted him to go for 5 liters so I'm s little disappointed. Check with your dr ladies in how much he/she is able to take out. I have on a garment and a tummy foam pad. It's sooooo uncomfortable tomorrow I'll finally be able to shower . Dr Alavi told me it was ok to use my waist trainer so after I finally shower I'll
Be waist training and next wed I'll
Have the foam pad off to see my results il
Dieing to see so I can post pics.

I've been soo slacking on showing pics

Sorry guys ok let me just say I'm soooo happy I choose dr Alavi and I'm happy I actusually went thru with it. Between me not knowing if I was doing the right thing and my mom being terrified of me going under the knife I almost backed out. I'm going on almost 2 months post op.

2 months post op

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