31 Two Kids Ready to Wear a Two Piece - Dominican Republic

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Hey guys I've been doing some research on two...

Hey guys I've been doing some research on two doctors in DR has anyone heard of them dr Camilo or dr hungria I've been wanting this surgery for years now I finally got the courage up I need a tummy tuck and lipo so I was told but one dr (camilo) said she wouldn't be able to do my back bc of my weight and I might need a blood transfusion dr hungria told me he can do everything my weight isn't a problem so now I'm stuck I don't know if I should go to either one and find another opinion or don't go but I need to know if anyone knows any of these dr and there result ughhhh help me out guys I'm trying to go in a couple weeks thanks in advance

Soooo confused

Now I've been in contact with dr estevez I'm in love with him and he's so much more attentive I've read a couple of people's reviews and I think he's the choice for me I trying to go the middle if the month

Making my flight plans

Heyyy guys I'm so excited I'm booking my flight tonight for march 9-15 and I changed my mind again I'm going with dr hungria lol but I'm so excited

Iv'e finally made my mind up

hey guys I want to let you guys know since I last posted I was so admit about the doctor of my choice but I just didn't feel dr hungria was the right choice for me it was minimal contact one word emails and no phone calls so I looked at my other to candidates (dr camilo and dr Estevez) so I reached out to both and only one responded REEEAAADDDDYYYY guys of course dr. Estevez I was so excited to talk to him and go over EVERYTHING from the transportation to the safe house he listened to me and that's all I wanted and I feel like im making the decision and I cant wait btw MY FLIGHT IS BOOKED so nothing but vitamin C and water for me with a little cardio and SMALL PORTIONS until I leave now I gotta start looking for different hotels or resorts just in case I don't like his safe house but I will keep you guys posted GN

Shopping UGGGHHH

I love shopping but looking for specific things can but a hassle I'm trying to find comfortable things for dr it will be here before you know it so I picked up some sport bras 11 each and I brought 4 I'm looking for two sweat suits so comfortable slippers especially on a budget btw but I'm carrying on so I brought a north face bookbag so I'm almost ready

Minor struggle

My nipple ring willi have to take them out or nah? I do not want them to close OBOY lol

I need some company

Who's going over in march I'm going on the 9th

No girdle

Going to try some vegan food pray for me my friend said it was vegan chicken and Mac and cheese Loki gotta see this will post pics by the way no girdle on ill be glad when I don't have to wear one at all

NYC red bamboo


Two weeks away

Getting excited and nervous at the sametime but it's really about to happen I'm upset that I'm going by myself but I guess you really see who's there for you when you get back but have a good day ladies and gents

Physical tomorrow

Off to the dr in the am last min weight in and I'm gonna have him check my hemoglobin I can believe I'm leaving in a couple days I will check in tomorrow have a good night

Promise to always give you me the real me

Just finished packing just figured id add some more pics before I go I'm focusing on my surgery and praying that everything goes great so you might not hear from me until I land or I might check up on my peeps at the airport so GN guys

I should of stayed home

Lol why did I go to work today by the way two jobs I'm at the second one now I don't leave til ten I hate hockey lol but I love my paper but they did have arugula salad yeaaaa baby that was a plus but I'm tired but a red bull will do the trick lol

The name of the safe house

Finally I just got word that I'll be staying at the silhouette recovery house from what I've seen and your guys post it's really nice omg I'm packing the kids clothes then a car nap for me tie change messed me all up but I'll keep you posted


Well guys I got up this morning made it to JFK now I'm on my way


Did my labs and everything I'm at Angie's safe house the traffic is crazy here but tomorrow is the big day and then recovery

Ok guys

Heyyyyyy guys so I recived my surgery yesterday dr estevez was very nice and honest with me I almost getting get my surgery bc my xray stared that my heart was to big but I had a sonogram and it worked out fine I landed at 3pm I didn't finish my labs til 10 UGGGHHH but better safe than sorry but I went to the recovery house the name is silhouette recovery very nice Angie and Patricia are great Tati does your massages I think I'm jumping a around the place lol but he took out 5 cc I feel real tight I also vomited and a slight diarrhea which was embarrassing but hey what are you gonna do I have to extend my stay til Monday and if I left anything out let my know I have pain but it's on my lower back ohhhhh I had an epidural didn't get full anasteshia but ask me anything I left out keep me in your prays

More pics

Hello guys I recived my first massage it felt wonderful but he's the before and after keep in mind it's only two days after

9days post op

So whatcha think guys my back is still tight but I'm so happy with my results so far I finally start my massages tomorrow but haven't been doing much but online shopping eating smaller portions enjoying my babies and life but hmu

Two Months Post Opt

Ok everybody wants pics here you go btw I'm soooooo happy with my results again dr Rafael estavez is the truth the summer is mine this was again the best investment I could had ever did in my life but ladies ITS YOUR LIFE YOU ONLY GET ONE SO LIVE IT DONT LISTEN TO THE HATERS so I hope you like my pics it's a big difference and I'm indeed happy with the overall experience

Summer time fine

I felt so good today didn't have to wear a cover up I'm still so happy with my results thanks again dr estevez


Hey ladies here is my scar it's fading fast and eventually I will get a tattoo but again he didn't botch me he went under my panty line

From the back

I also had my Back done this picture speaks a thousand words I'm getting teary eyed bc I was soooooooo unhappy and everyone that followed me with this journey knew how much I wanted this for me and I've become so in love with myself even more so in a but shell THANK YOU ladies and gentlemen ESP jeccey even though I never met you guys I feels like I know each and everyone of you I WENT to DR BY MYSELF scared to death ( I'll never do that again) and I would check up with you guys everyday so I can keep you posted from the floors on the wall to how handsome dr estevez is lol but not to drag on any longer I will answer every question everything you need please don't be afraid to ask I keep it REAL but it is the best investment EVER thanks for reading this xoxo


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